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Lenovo Wireless Keyboard not Working

Nobody cares about the keyboard unless they find it not working all of a sudden making the projects delayed and the mind frustrated! No worries if you are dealing with a Lenovo Wireless Keyboard not working! We can help you with some easy tricks and techniques that can help you fix the Lenovo keyboard without any professional! Don’t forget to skim through!

Methods of Fixing a Lenovo Wireless Keyboard

Method 1: Power Supply Checking

As we are talking about the wireless keyboards for Lenovo, we have to keep in mind that the wireless ones usually run with batteries. And if the battery has no charge left, the keyboard won’t work. On the contrary, even if the keyboard is switched off, at times, a low battery can be the reason for it not working properly.

This is a very common problem that you should check out before you dive in a go through the other methods. To make it work, all you need to do is charge up the keyboard properly and it will start working once again!

Method 2: Restart

An easy restart can sometimes fix your problem! All you need to do is take the Lenovo laptop and with the help of the mouse, go to the Start Menu, and there go for the power button. When you click it, you will see an option for restarting. All you need to do is restart the computer and when it is switched on again, the problem might be already solved.

Fixing a Lenovo Wireless Keyboard

Method 3: Power Cable Reconnecting

At times, you can solve the issues just by taking off the power cable and putting it back once again! In this case, you can see all the keys are not working. But in rare cases, you can see that only the Lenovo laptop number keys not working Windows 10. In such a situation, this method can be bliss.

  • All you need to do is get your hands on the battery of the Lenovo laptop and remove it. Make sure that it is not connected to any power cable. In short, the laptop will be restarted by taking away power.
  • Switch off the device and then remove the battery power cable. After doing it, you have to get your hands on the laptop’s power button and press it. Here, the pressing period should be little long.
  • You have to hold it there for more or less 60 seconds. Once you reconnect the battery, put back the connection, and switch it on, the keyboard will start working!

Method 4: Checking the Problem Keys

An easy trick to solve the specific problem regarding some particular keys in Lenovo is to tap the keys. Yes, you heard right.

  • All you need to do here is hit the buttons that are not working. But in this case, make sure that you are hitting them diagonally.
  • You only need to tap the lower left part of the keyboard keys. Run your fingers like this for some seconds.

Method 5: Cleaning the Keyboard

No matter you are using a regular keyboard or the wireless one, most users have mentioned of Lenovo laptop keyboard working after cleaning! So, here, all you need is a good cleaning session!

In most cases, water or other beverage spills can cause your keyboard to stop working. With a brush, clean the keyboard. If necessary, use a hairdryer to make it dry.

Method 6: Filter Keys

When you are dealing with Lenovo Wireless Keyboard not working kbrf3971, you can plan on switching on the filter keys if they are switched off. At times, it works amazingly; check out the steps!

  • First, get into the Control Panel and from the several options, you have to find out the Ease of Access. Once you get the option, get into the Ease of Access Center.
  • Now, your work is to make your keyboard easier to use than before. For this, go to the option named Make the Keyboard Easier to Use. There, you will see another option called Turn on Filter Keys. All you need to do is ensure that it is checked.
Filter Keys
  • And after checking it or ticking it, you are free to leave! Click on APPLY and OK if required and all of your problems will be solved!

Method 7: Keyboard Troubleshooter

At times, the laptop keyboard stops working and this is when you will need the keyboard troubleshooter for Lenovo. Let’s check the steps one by one.

  • First, go through the keyboard as press the Windows Key and the I key together. This will take you to an app of Windows Settings for the PC. Search carefully and you will find options named Update & Security. Get into it.
Keyboard Troubleshooter
  • Under it, you will see the Troubleshoot option, go for it, And then, you have to search for the keyboard that is the problematic one. You will find it on the right part of the screen. Check it and then go for Run the Troubleshoot.
  • After the troubleshooting is done, you have to restart the PC so that you can save the settings you just made. In most cases, this solves all the keyboard issues along with the wireless keyboard difficulties.

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FAQs on Fixing Lenovo Wireless Keyboard Issues

Why is my Lenovo wireless keyboard not working?

updated device drivers, other keyboard interference, there are hundreds of reasons your wireless keyboard for Lenovo might not work.

How can I turn on my Lenovo Wireless Keyboard?

First, check and certify that the keyboard is powered off and take off the batteries. Now, go through the dongle, unplug it, wait for 10 seconds, and re-plug it. Now, check the key combinations and press them so that you can pair them up. On the keyboard, press F2 + F3 + F4 together and keep holding them. Now, you can power on the keyboard!

How can I reset a Lenovo wireless keyboard?

To reset the wireless keyboard, you have to turn off the keyboard first and then keep one of your fingers on the ESC key. Keep holding it and then switch on the keyboard. While switching it on, make sure you are still holding the ESC key. Wait for 5 seconds and release the button. This will do the work of resetting. You will know that the work is done by the flashing of your keyboard.

Wrap Up

So, isn’t it easy to fix the keyboard when it is misbehaving? But always try to keep the keyboard safe and spill-free. Clean it every day and make sure you keep your Lenovo updated!

And even after this, if you see that you are not able to fix the wireless keyboard, take it to a professional. Of course, they take care of it more than we can!