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Computer no Signal to Monitor or Keyboard

You are up from a good sleep and now you are planning to start working with a cup of coffee. And when you switch the computer on, what if you see the computer no signal to monitor or keyboard?

How can you join your meeting? No worries, you do not need to take it to a professional any more! You can fix it alone! How? Let’s tell you the methods of fixing the no-signal monitor and keyboard!

Computer no Signal to Monitor or Keyboard

Methods of Fixing Computer with no Signal to Monitor or Keyboard

Here are some easy techniques for dealing with a PC that has no signal to the keyboard or the monitor. Dive in and learn how to fix it!

Check the Monitor

The first job you should do is check or test the monitor. If the screen is black or there is no display, make sure that the monitor is working first. Sometimes, the monitor can be the main reason for the display not working. If you see that the monitor is the reason, you must go for a professional. And if it’s not, you have to go through the next methods for fixing it.

Check the Restarting Process

At times, the screen of your PC can go to Hibernate mode. Sleep mode or Standby mode is common to happen if you keep the computer switched on for so long. In that case, the display will be black and you won’t be seeing anything.

To check it, click your mouse anywhere on the screen or just press any key on the keyboard. There will be light both on the monitor and the keyboard! But if the computer turns on but no display on monitor or keyboard is seen, you have to move to the next technique!

Check the Restarting Process

Power Supply Voltage

The power supply voltage can be the reason for such problems too. In that case, you have to check it properly. Sometimes, depending on the country, the input voltage of your power supply might not be appropriate. And in these rare situations, the computer will turn on but there will be no display on the keyboard or the monitor! Make sure you pick up the right switch.

Hard Resetting

Another way to get rid of the PC turns on but no display or power to keyboard is to get a hard reset. Yes, hard rest can be very helpful if the previous methods didn’t work. All you need to do is boot in the safe mode! And after booting, you have to repair the Windows. In that case, you can use the Automatic Repair or System Restore. Or you can reset the computer too!

According to the users, some of them faced Windows Automatic Repair not working trouble too when they tried to go for a rest after the monitor or keyboard not turning on. In that case, an expert can be of great help!

BIOS Memory Clean

In some rare cases, the monitor or keyboard not getting any signal can be the act of the BIOS misconfiguration. For sorting it out, you have to clear all the BIOS memory from the motherboard of your PC. After this, the BIOS settings will turn into the default settings once again.

The Hardware

Yes, the hard part is the hardware! If you cannot get a solution in any of the previously mentioned processes, you should understand that the problem is connected to the hardware. To test it, you have to go through all the devices and the peripherals of the PC and disconnect them all.

And after it, you have to turn the PC on. In most cases, it works. If in your case, it doesn’t work, you have to go through the port connectors of the PC and the monitor and search for damage.

computer turns on but no display on monitor or keyboard


Why does my monitor show no signal when the PC is on?

If the PC shows no signal when it is already switched on, you have to understand that the monitor is in an accurate state but the computer isn’t able to provide a signal to the monitor. All you need to do is troubleshoot and get back the PC as it was before!

How do you turn on a PC when it says no signal?

To turn it on, first, you have to turn it off and then check the cable that is added to the monitor and the PC. Unplugs this capable and plug it in once again. The connection should be firm when you plug it in. Add the capable to the monitor and then replace the monitor with a new one. Or if the previous one works, it’s amazing! Switch it on and everything will be solved!

Does no signal to monitor or keyboard mean both of the devices are damaged?

Mostly, NO, the problem arises from the PC and not from the monitor and keyboard. So, it is always better to check the PC after you have checked the basic damage concerns of the monitor and the keyboard.

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Wrap Up

A computer with no signal to the monitor or keyboard after switching it on can ruin your whole day. And this is the reason you must learn the basic methods of overcoming the difficulty. With the methods we have mentioned above, you can avoid these sorts of problems regarding your keyboard easily. And if not, you can check out the blog for more detailed information and other techniques!