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How to fix stuck keys on Laptop keyboard? 4 Easy-To-Do Methods!

Sticking keys is so annoying while you’re doing any important task on your computer. Especially, If you have a Lenovo laptop then this issue might bother you. 

Disconnect the keyboard from power. Shake the keyboard to get rid of dust. Pull the keycaps. Wipe the surface with soft wet cloth. Rubbing alcohol is the best liquid solution to clean. Reset the keys in their places. Update the keyboard driver. Lenovo keyboard keys sticking because the keyboard is getting old. 

We are going to talk about how to fix stuck keys on laptop keyboards through this article. Also, the Lenovo keyboard keys sticking problem will solve with these effective solutions. 

Let’s see what is waiting for you.

The stuck key, what is it?

It means the keys are not working properly or not going down. It’s like a hard one. It may happen for several issues. 

Before knowing the reasons we can fix the keys first, okay?

Common ways to fix keys on laptop keyword

It is obvious that when you face the problem, you want to resolve the issue as early as possible. We are gathering some easiest and familiar methods you can do by yourself. Here they are,

1. Clean under the keys:

First, disconnect the keyboard from the power supply. Pull up the stuck key from the keyboard. Do not push hard while pulling. 

Clean under the key area with a damp cloth or wet tissue. If you have the rubbing alcohol, that would be great. Make sure that there is no dust or crumbs left there. 

Replace the key as it was. Check the key if it is working by turning on the computer. 

If the issue is your Lenovo keyboard keys sticking then how to fix a stuck key on a Lenovo laptop?

Do these two steps before applying the above method. Take out the battery Hold the “power” key for a minute to release the remaining charge within the laptop. 

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2. Do a Startup Repair:

Keyboard keys sticking is a hardware problem. Though, you can try the startup repair option to fix the matter instantly. 

Go to the start menu. Connect the CD, DVD, or Pendrive from where you will boot your computer. Start the booting and wait till the repair options appear. Click on the option “Repair your computer” and then choose the “Troubleshoot” option. 

Then click on “Startup repair”. After completion, the repairing reboots the computer. We hope the problem will vanish. 

3. Reinstall or Update the Keyboard Driver:

Sometimes it happens because of the outdated driver or corrupted version. It’s a better idea to reinstall the driver or update the version from the web. 

From the device manager, find the option “Run as administrator” and write “keyboard”. Select update driver. Choose the compatible driver for your laptop from the list “Display Adapter category.” 

4. Reset Windows:

Sometimes it seems like the laptop key stuck but not stuck physically. Then there is a last attempt to do. Reset the windows version of your laptop. Your current operating system(OS) may not work properly in certain cases. By removing current settings, files, documents, or anything else you will get a new version of the OS. So, the keyboard driver should be fine and the stuck key will work properly.

This is how to fix a stuck key on a Lenovo laptop as other laptops. The above methods may not work at one time. That means the keyboard has internal mechanism problems which need an expert. 

If the keyboard is working fine, you need to be aware of some things. Also, It’s applicable for your new keyboard. What’s that?

Prevention is better than cure!

We said above there are many reasons behind the keyboard keys sticking. We recommend some of these to look after.

  • Dust, crumbs, and splitting liquid from the keyboard.
  • Keyboard driver is outdated.
  • Other hardware part is getting overheated.
  • Corrupted BIOS.
  • Slow internet connection.
  • Motherboard issue.
  • Sticky keys command on. 
  • Long time use of Lenovo keyboard.

The above tricks will surely help you to get a better result.

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Q1: I have been using a Lenovo keyboard for five years. The Alt key and F1-F4 keys are not working. What can I do?

Ans: It looks likely to be a mechanical issue. If the mentioned methods are not working then you should take this to an expert.

Q2: I have no rubbing alcohol or any cleaning solutions. What would be a better option?

Ans: You can use water easily, But make sure that there is no extra water drop and dry the surface properly. You can wipe the area with dry clothes after cleaning with wet clothes.