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Keyboard Port Not Working- Easy Fixing Methods

If you have a modern laptop or pc, a USB-enabled wired keyboard is a perfect pick. When your keyboard doesn’t function, it may be quite aggravating. Your device’s keyboard is its principal means of data entry, and it’s impossible to do basic things like log in to your computer system or even access the BIOS of your device if you don’t have a keyboard. Because of this, the keyboard port not working concern is addressed in this post.

Methods for Resolving a Problem with a Keyboard Port

There are a few easy ways to repair a keyboard port that isn’t functioning, which are detailed below.

Methods for Resolving a Problem with a Keyboard Port
Resolving a Problem with a Keyboard Port

Verify your Connectivity

An easy fix isn’t inevitably the finest one. Make sure the keyboard is firmly connected. Remove the keyboard from the pc and plug it back into the corresponding port. Try a separate USB connector to identify the problem if you’re using a USB keyboard.

Examine the Wireless Keyboard’s Power Button

The majority of wireless keyboards may be turned off to save battery life, if not all. Examine the keyboard’s power button to verify whether it is switched on.

Ensure That the Batteries in Your Wireless Keyboard and Adapter Are Good

Double-check that the batteries haven’t run out if you’re utilizing a wireless keyboard. Also, ensure the wireless reception (typically a USB) is correctly attached to the system and nothing interferes with the transmission.

PS/2 Port-Equipped Keyboards

For PS/2 keyboards, consider connecting another PS/2 keyboard in the similar port (assuming you have one). If a known functional keyboard is connected to a device’s PS/2 port and it does not operate, the PS/2 equipment may have expired. Replacing the motherboard may be necessary to fix the problem if this is indeed the situation. Alternatively, consider using a USB keyboard if your system has USB ports.

Hub For USB Devices

Consider plugging it straight into the computer’s back panel rather than utilizing a USB hub to link your keyboard. If the keyboard still functions after that, the USB hub is probably broken and has to be repaired.

Examine the keyboard without Windows

With some instances, a keyboard won’t operate in Windows due to a problem with software that immediately interfaces with the keypad. Try restarting the system to test if hitting Num Lock, Caps Lock, or Scroll Lock turns on or off the keyboard’s lit LED indications. Try pressing the BIOS configuration key to see if your keyboard works. F2, F12, or Del are the most common choices for this function key on a computer. The right key is specified in the computer’s boot messages.

If you can type on the keyboard while the machine is starting, Windows is interfering with the keyboard’s functionality. Verify whether the issue remains in Safe Mode. A minimal number of applications and device drivers are loaded into your operating system when you boot into Safe Mode. Any newly installed program might be causing your keyboard to malfunction in Safe Mode.

If your Num Lock and Caps Lock keys don’t function and you can’t go into BIOS configuration, your only option is to try a different keyboard. It’s possible that your device’s motherboard has to be changed, in which case you should consider purchasing a new computer.

Examine the keyboard without Windows

Installing Drivers Directly

In some instances, a device’s inability to work is directly related to an outdated piece of software. In the event that you’re using a Windows PC, Windows Update will keep your driver downloads up to day for you.

Visiting the manufacturer’s web page to obtain keyboard drivers is the best option if you fear Windows updates were unable to locate your keyboard drivers. If you’re using a specialized or customizable keyboard, you’ll need to download keyboard drivers.

Change the Keyboard

If the diagnostic techniques above fail, or if you don’t have a backup keyboard, we suggest purchasing a new keyboard. When compared to the price of a brand-new keyboard, keyboard restoration is almost always more expensive.


The last thing you need is a keyboard malfunction while you’re trying to finish an essential task or a last-minute project. Because of this, understanding how to resolve a problem with a keyboard port not working may be really helpful. If everything else fails, consider investing in a new keyboard.