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Mac Wired Keyboard Not Working

We have talked a lot about wireless keyboards. But what are your thoughts about the wired ones? Do they always work properly? Not really; wired keyboards too fail at times!

And if you are a new Mac user and see your Mac wired keyboard not working, you might get annoyed! Well, we have the solution for you! Have a look at the easy methods of solving it!

Methods of Fixing Mac Wired Keyboard

Methods of Fixing Mac Wired Keyboard

Method 1: Restart the Mac

Everything starts with a restart if you want to end the silly glitches. So, whenever you see your Apple wired keyboard keys not working properly, the first step is to settle for restarting the mac.

For this process, go to the Apple Menu and then search for Restart. After restarting, in most cases, the problem with the wired keyboard will be no more!

Method 2: USB Connection

As we are dealing with a wired mac keyboard, there is a chance that the USB connection isn’t working properly. And this might lead to a keyboard that doesn’t work!

  • For this, you have to go through the cable of your keyboard and connect it to your Mac. However, here, do not use the same USB port that wasn’t working. Go for another USB port to check if there is any trouble with the previous USB port or not.
  • Now get the keyboard cable into the USB port and unplug it. And then, once again, you have to re-plug the keyboard into the Mac. Make sure that the connection is firm and secure. While doing this, check the inner part of the USB port too.

In some cases, if there is debris and dirt stuck, it will not let you connect the keyboard properly. Remove the dirt and debris before reconnection.

Method 3: Other Devices

In some situations, some other devices connected to your Mac can also be the reason behind your keyboard not working. For this, you have to go through all other devices that are connected to your Mac and one by one, remove them.

No matter it’s a mouse, printer, keyboard, speakers, etc. disconnect them first. When you are done, get your hands on the wired keyboard once again and connect it to the Mac.

Check if it works or not. If it does, you have to understand that the problem is in any of the other devices that you have removed lately. And there’s nothing wrong with the keyboard.

Method 4: Reset the SMC

Resetting SMC in some cases will solve the keyboard issues too. Here’s a way to reset the SMC.

  • Go through the Apple Menu and Shut Down the Mac. Now, unplug your Mac from the power outlet. After unplugging, wait for about 15 seconds or so.
  • Once you are done waiting, hold the cable and plug it once again into the power outlet. Press the power button of the lac and switch it on. The keyboard will start working.

Method 5: Batteries 

Some keyboards include batteries and if your keyboard has one, check the battery. If the battery isn’t working properly, how will the keyboard work?

First of all, go through the battery part of your keyboard and open it. After this, have a look at the batteries and check if they are positioned properly or not. If needed, you have to replace the old batteries.

Method 6: Restart in Safe Mode

Another method of solving this complicated issue is to boot your mac in safe mode. Check the easy steps to make it work!

  • First of all, you have to turn your Mac off. While turning it off, you have to press the Shift key and keep holding it. Make sure you are quick while doing it.
  • You don’t have to release the button instead, keep holding it. After a while, you will see the Login screen. At times, this mode will take more or less 10 minutes. So, you have to be a little patient with this!
  • Now, it’s time to test the keyboard. Check if the keyboard is working or still not working. And after this, you have to restart the Mac once again in the standard manner. After it starts, check the keyboard if it is working or not. Most probably, it will work!

Method 7: Update the Software

Well, you never know when the previous update starts creating issues! So, whenever you see keyboard issues, have a look at the software update.

For this, get into App Store and from there, you have to click on Updates. Follow the process of updating and hopefully, the problem will be solved.

Mac Wired Keyboard

FAQs on Wired Keyboard Fixes for Mac

How do I reset my Mac wired keyboard?

To reset the Mac wired keyboard, you have to unplug all the other devices that are plugged into the Mac. And then, power down the Mac and hold the power button. Holding it for 5 seconds will be enough. And then, the system will reboot and you can connect the other devices. The keyboard will start working.

How do you fix an unresponsive keyboard on a Mac?

First, ensure that the keyboard is clean and plug it out, and plug it in once again. After these, check for updates and try removing the newly added apps. If these don’t work, try to restart the touch bar and turn off the slow key. At times, turning off the mouse keys work too!

Why is my keyboard not working?

Unclean keys of your keyboard won’t work. But at times, if you don’t update your Mac, the keyboard might not work. Also, there can be USB port or batteries issues too. Check out the fixes to make the keyboard work again!

How to Connect a Wired Keyboard to a MacBook 

Wrap Up

Having issues with the keyboard is very common-no matter it is wireless or wired. But for new Mac users, it can be a bit tough because already Mac is different than any other PC. No worries, after you go through these methods for your keyboard, your keyboard will surely start working!