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How to Disable Function Key in HP Laptop Without BIOS

The use of function keys (Fn keys) makes completing numerous activities more efficient and faster. You can turn on your Wi-Fi, increase the loudness of your speakers, and do a variety of other tasks with the appropriate set of keys. On the other hand, your keyboard could be bothering you, and you’d like to modify its function. This article will discuss How to Disable Function Key in HP Laptop Without BIOS.

What are Function Keys?

A group of keys on your computer’s keyboard are known as function keys. Usually, 12 are designated as F1, F2, and so on, up to F12. They are the instruction buttons, which serve as shortcuts as well as performing certain duties. They’re a type of soft key that allows you to launch many applications with a single keystroke.

They can be coupled with other keys, for example, CTRL and ALT keys.  Finally, they are a useful time-saving tool that enables the user to perform more productively. They can save files, print data, refresh a page, modify volume, mute your laptop, change the brightness, and much more.

The Fn keys are located just above the number key row. On your keyboard, it’s the top row. Laptops and PCs typically have 12 functional keys, ranging from F1 to F12. Keys ranging from F1 to F24 are found on some sophisticated computers.

What are Function Keys?

What do Function Keys do?

Each key is in charge of completing a certain duty. Although each laptop model may have its own set of features, some of the most common ones are listed below.

  • The F1 key is also known as the “help” key.
  • The F5 key enables you to refresh the screen.
  • Microsoft Word is launched by pressing F6+CTRL+Shift.
  • F7 double-checks spelling and highlights grammatical errors.
  • The safe mode is activated by pressing F8.
  • In Microsoft Word, press F12 to launch the Save As menu.

Disabling Function Keys without a BIOS on an HP Laptop

It’s pretty straightforward to disable Fn keys on an HP laptop without a BIOS. It only takes two easy steps. First and foremost, switch on your laptop. After that, press and hold Fn, then left shift, finally release Fn.

Disabling Fn Keys on HP Laptop Windows 10

Using the BIOS configuration on your HP Laptop, you may deactivate the function keys. Follow the procedures provided below to accomplish this.

  • Turn off your laptop.
  • To launch the BIOS Setup Utility, turn on the laptop and continuously hit the f10 button.
  • Hit the right or left arrow buttons to open launch System Configuration window.
  • Utilizing the up and down cursor buttons, pick Action Keys Mode.
  • The Enabled / Disabled choices will appear after pressing the Enter key.
BIOS configuration on your HP Laptop
  • Press the down arrow to choose Disabled.
  • To save your choice and restart your laptop, use the f10 button.

Disabling Fn Keys in Lenovo Laptop

If you don’t have an HP laptop and instead have a Lenovo laptop with a problem with the function keys, don’t panic; the method for disabling the function keys on your Lenovo laptop is also covered in this article. Follow the instructions to disable Fn keys.

  • Hit the F12 key twice to launch BIOS settings.
  • Under the menu bar, choose configuration.
  • From Configuration menu, choose HOTKEYS mode.
  • Afterwards, turn off the hotkeys feature.
  • Save it, and you are done.

If you are still unable to disable it, you may contact Lenovo Support, who will be able to assist you better.

 How to Enable Function Keys

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

On HP, how do I disable the Fn lock?

Choose Advanced from the option. Select Device Configuration from the drop-down option. To enable or disable the Fn Key, click the right or left arrow keys. To save your changes and restart your laptop, use the f10 key.

Without the fn key, how do I utilize function keys?

Simply seek for any button on your keyboard that has a padlock icon on it. Once you’ve located this button, synchronously press the Fn key and Fn Lock button. You may now use your Fn keys to do actions without hitting the Fn key.

What is the procedure for activating the Fn key on my keyboard?

To activate fn (function) mode, simultaneously hit fn and the left shift button. To trigger the default operation while the fn key light is lit, hold the fn key along with a function button.


Knowing how to disable function key in HP laptop without BIOS can save you time and effort if you ever have an issue with various function keys on your HP laptop. It will also help you avoid unwarranted stress if your function keys start operating strangely.