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How to Change Color on Corsair Keyboard K55

Do you want to give a new look to your Corsair K55 keyboard? Change the color of it with the help of an impressive RGB lighting feature. Wondering to know how to change the color on the Corsair keyboard 555?

With software customization’s flexibility and keyboard shortcuts’ convenience, you can create stunning lighting effects.

Customize the coloring effect according to your preference by reading this comprehensive guide.

Corsair Keyboard K55
Credit- ITJungles

How to Change Color on Corsair Keyboard K55

I will share 2 methods: using the Corsair iCUE software and keyboard shortcuts. Read them carefully and give a vibrant look to your Corsair k55 keyboard.

Method 01: Using iCUE Software

One of the most common and convenient ways is utilizing the Corsair iCUE software. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to change the lighting on your Corsair keyboard using the iCUE software:

Step 01: Download and Install Corsair iCUE Software

  • Visit the Corsair website and download the iCUE software compatible with your computer.
  • Follow the instructions provided to install the software on your computer.

Step 02: Connect Your Corsair Keyboard

  • Use a USB cable to connect your Corsair keyboard to your computer.
  • Ensure that the keyboard is properly recognized and installed by your computer.

Step 03: Access the Lighting Effects Tab in iCUE

  • Launch the installed iCUE software on your computer.
  • From the top menu of the iCUE window, select the “Devices” tab.
  • Locate your Corsair keyboard from the list of devices.
  • Click the “Lighting Effects” tab to access the lighting customization options.

Step 04: Choose a Lighting Mode

  • You will find a list of preset modes within the lighting effects options. These may include static color, rainbow wave, color shift, color pulse, color wave, type lighting, reactive typing, or custom mode.
  • Click on the desired lighting mode to select it.

Step 05: Customize Your Lighting Profile

  • If you have selected “Static Color,” click on the colored square to choose a specific color. You can also use sliders to adjust the saturation and brightness of the chosen color.
  • If you have chosen “Custom Mode,” you can create your lighting profile by selecting individual keys and assigning different colors, effects, and animations. You can even set up multiple layers to create more intricate lighting patterns.

Step 06: Use Customization Options

  • Use the available customization options to design a lighting profile that suits your preferences.

After customizing your lighting profile for your Corsair keyboard, it’s essential to save it and assign it to your device. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 07: Save Your Profile

  • Once you have finished customizing your lighting profile, locate the “Save Profile” option and click on it. This will save your profile to your computer, allowing you to access it later.

Step 08: Assign the Profile to Your Keyboard

  • To apply the saved profile to your Corsair keyboard, select the “Assign to Device” option. This will ensure that the customized lighting settings are applied to your keyboard.

Step 09: Switch Between Lighting Profiles

  • If you have created multiple lighting profiles and want to switch between them, navigate to the “Profiles” tab within the Corsair iCUE software.
  • From the list of profiles, choose the desired profile that you want to use. Each profile can have unique lighting configurations, allowing you to have different lighting setups for various purposes.

Method 02: Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts is another convenient method to change the color and lighting settings of your Corsair Keyboard. Corsair provides a range of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to modify the lighting mode, color, and brightness quickly.

Here’s how you can use these keyboard shortcuts:

Lighting Modes:

  • You must be familiar with the available options to switch between lighting modes on your Corsair keyboard. Corsair keyboards offer various lighting modes, including static, rainbow, color shift, and more.
  • To cycle through the available lighting modes, simultaneously press the “Windows” and “F1” keys. This will allow you to explore the different lighting effects.

Lighting Colors:

  • You should know the color options available to change the lighting color on your Corsair keyboard using keyboard shortcuts. Corsair keyboards offer a variety of colors, such as red, blue, green, and more.
  • Use the “Function” (Fn) key in combination with either the “Left” or “Right” arrow key to cycle between the different colors and adjust the color of your keyboard.

Brightness and Speed:

  • Corsair keyboards often have dedicated keys on the top row above the number keys for adjusting brightness and speed.
  • To make your keyboard brighter, press and hold the “Function” (Fn) key along with the “Up” arrow key simultaneously.
  • To reduce the brightness, press and hold the “Function” (Fn) key and the “Down” arrow key together.
  • To increase the speed of the lighting effects, press and hold the “Function” (Fn) key along with the “Right” arrow key.
  • To slow down the rate of the lighting effects, press and hold the “Function” (Fn) key and the “Left” arrow key.

Release the keys once you have reached your desired brightness or speed setting.

Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • If you wish to personalize the keyboard shortcuts on your Corsair keyboard, you can do so using the Corsair iCUE software.
  • Within the iCUE software, you can assign different commands and actions to specific keys and key combinations, allowing you to create custom keyboard shortcuts to suit your preferences. 

What are the Lighting Modes of the Corsair Keyboard?

How to Change Color on Corsair Keyboard
Credit- ITJungles

Corsair keyboards offer a range of exciting lighting modes that allow you to personalize the RGB lighting and create captivating effects. Let’s explore the different lighting modes available:

  1. Static Color Mode: In this mode, you can select a static color for your keyboard backlighting. Choose from a variety of colors and adjust the brightness to your liking.
  2. Rainbow Wave Mode: A favorite among gamers, this mode displays a vibrant rainbow effect that moves across the keyboard, with each key illuminated differently. You can control the speed and direction of the wave for a desired visual effect.
  3. Color Shift Mode: This mode smoothly transitions between different colors, creating a dynamic and ever-changing backlighting effect. Customize the speed and direction of the color shift to suit your preferences.
  4. Color Pulse Mode: With Color Pulse Mode, the keyboard backlighting pulsates, creating a subtle yet captivating effect. Adjust the brightness and frequency of the pulses to achieve the desired ambiance.
  5. Color Wave Mode: Experience a wave-like effect as colors flow across your keyboard, lighting each key differently. Modify the direction and speed of the wave to create a visually stunning effect.
  6. Type Lighting Mode: Enhance your typing experience with Type Lighting Mode, which illuminates only the keys you press. This dynamic effect adds immersion to your typing sessions, and you can adjust the brightness and coloring of the lit keys.
  7. Reactive Typing Mode: In this mode, the keyboard backlighting responds to your typing, lighting up and fading away as you press the keys. Customize the speed and intensity of the reactive effect to match your style.
  8. Custom Mode: Create your unique lighting effects in Custom Mode. You can design, and store presets with customized colors, patterns, and transitions, allowing you to showcase a personalized lighting effect on your keyboard.

How to Change The Light Color On Corsair K55 Keyboard

Final Words

Advanced lighting customization is one of the crucial features of the Corsair k55 keyboard. If you are unaware of the process regarding how to change color on the Corsair keyboard k55, this guide will help you do so.

You can create an exceptional lighting profile by choosing from the wide range of customization options. Reflect on your personality and improve your working, typing, or gaming experience.