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Lenovo y700 Keyboard Stops Working

Lenovo laptops and keyboards are incredible when it comes to work and gaming. But there are tons of complaints that the Lenovo y700 keyboard stops working in between work! It is not always possible to take the laptop or the keyboard to a professional. What can you do to make sure that it works fine?

Yes, we have come with some easy tricks that will help you learn how to deal with the y700 Lenovo freezing issue without any extra stress!

Lenovo y700 Keyboard not Working

Specific Keys not working on Lenovo Laptop

Sometimes, the whole keyboard doesn’t stop working; instead, some specific keys don’t work. The G and H keys not working on Lenovo Laptop is very common to the users of this brand. Here, we will tell you how you can solve it!

  1. Your first work is to go through the Device Manager and check the Keyboard Driver. There, you will see options for uninstalling the keyboard driver. All you need to do is uninstall the keyboard driver in the first step.
  • Once the uninstallation is completed, make sure you save the changes by rebooting the Lenovo laptop. Do not make the mistake of installing the driver once again and then rebooting. You must ensure that you have rebooted the device before you reinstalled the keyboard driver.
  • After restarting, the laptop will start installing the driver without any confirmation. After this is done, your keyboard will surely start working! If you see your Lenovo Yoga Keyboard some keys not working, you can still follow this method. This almost works for every keyboard!

System Restore

Whenever the Lenovo y7000 keyboard freezes and the previously mentioned methods don’t work, the best thing you can do is a system restore. Here are the steps that can help you out!

  1. First of all, go to the Start Menu and type Control Panel. When you see the options named Control panel, get into it and check the list of options. Among them, you will see an option called System. Clicking it will take you to a new screen.
  • Now, check the left part of the screen. There, you will see System Protection. Clicking it will bring a new tab before you. Check out the divisions and go for the System Properties. After getting into System Properties, you will see an option called System Restore. This is what we are searching for!
  • Clicking it, press NEXT so that you can go forward. You will be given options for picking up a date and time. Select it according to your preference and press NEXT and then Finish.
  • After this, Windows will tell you that once the System Restores starts, you cannot interrupt it. Also, it will ask for your permission. Press YES and you are done! To save the changes, all you need is to reboot the laptop! All you Lenovo keyboard issues will be solved!

FAQs on Lenovo y700 Keyboard Not Working

How to turn off and on the Lenovo keyboard backlight?

Yes, the Lenovo y700 keyboard backlight color change is fun and all. But do you know how to do it? To do this, first, you have to search for the light icon on the Space button of your keyboard. If there is, the system has a backlight option. If you want to turn it on, you have to go for Fn and Spacebar together. Press the same duo button for changing the backlight modes from high to low and switch off with the same buttons!

How can I unlock the keyboard on a Lenovo laptop?

If you want to unlock the keyboard of a Lenovo laptop, you have to get your finger on the SHIFT key and keep it there for about 8 seconds. This will turn off the filter keys of your Windows. If you see that the keyboard is not typing the right letter, the NumLock is switched on or the language has changed. But with the Shift key, you can easily unlock it!

How can I turn off the Lenovo keyboard?

To turn off Lenovo’s keyboard, first, you have to settle for the Start menu of your laptop. There, you have to type Device Manager and click on the option that comes up as Device Manager. It will take you to a list of several options. From them, you have to search for the Keyboard option and besides, there will be a + sign. Click it and check the new dropdown menu. And there will be options to disable the keyboard. Whatever changes you make, make sure you restart the computer.

Wrap Up

Yes, dealing with the problematic keyboard is tough. But all you need is to be careful and play some tricks to get the keyboard back just the way it was! Every device has problems, it is always better if you know the tricks to fix them!