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Lost USB for Wireless Keyboard

It is not uncommon to lose the wireless keyboard receiver you have. Yes, we are quite careful when it comes to such devices. But life isn’t easy and so is not finding a new receiver! If you lose it, you lose the keyboard! However, you can still use the keyboard with the help of a unifying or universal receiver! We have it all listed for the lost USB for Wireless Keyboard.

Regular Wireless Keyboards

Regular Wireless Keyboards

If you are using a regular wireless keyboard and you have lost the USB, it’s necessary to get a new keyboard. In this case, your computer can’t recognize the keyboard without the help of a receiver.

Some people think that it’s possible to turn the wireless keyboard into a wired one. However, it is not possible. In that case, the only option left for you is to find the right electrical schematics for your keyboard.

Then, you have to check out the place where you can attach multiple wires inside your keyboard cable. In this way, it might be possible to turn it into wired if you are a pro in it.

How to Work with Lost USB Wireless Keyboards

We have already told you that it’s not possible to work with a wireless keyboard that doesn’t have a receiver. But if you are planning to replace the keyboard, hold on for a moment. You can solve it by using Unifying or Universal Technology. Both Logitech and Dell have come up with receivers that can help you use keyboards that do not have a receiver.

Dell Universal USB receiver

Dell Universal Receiver is a device or receiver that will help you to connect more or less six different keyboards along with the mouse you have. You can easily connect the receiver and then add several devices and finally, the keyboard will get connected to the PC or laptop. With this one, it is effortless to switch between devices and use the keyboard and mouse of your choice. Get into Dell Universal Receiver Control panel and manage wireless keyboard, mouse, and other such devices with it. But for this, the devices should be compatible with the receivers.

  1. Your first job is to buy the receiver and download the necessary settings from the site.
  2. You have to get into the Keyboard selector page and select the model of your keyboard. There, click Driver and Downloader tab and get into the Show all option.
  3. Here, you have to search for the Dell Universal Receiver Control panel and Download the Dell Universal Receiver Control panel Section. Save the File and get into the file and then Continue. Go for Ok and then Yes.
  4. Get into the Control Panel you just downloaded and then plug in the new receiver.
  5. After you have removed the previously paired devices, go for Add New Devices and follow the provided instructions.
  6. After this, as you need to add the keyboard, you have to hold any key of the keyboard and then press the ON button. Keep holding the key for about 3 seconds.
  7. After a while, the pairing will be done and you will be ready to use it!
Dell Universal USB receiver

Logitech Unifying Receiver

If you are using Logitech products, you can simply settle for Logitech Replacement Receiver and deal with the lost USB for wireless keyboard Logitech. These are great for connecting more than six devices to your need. The Orange Unifying Logo will tell you that you can unify your device with the help of this one.

  1. After getting the Unifying receiver, search for the keyboard you are using. Go for free Unifying Software beforehand from the official site of Logitech.
  2. Right after installing the software, you have to switch on the device and the software will search for the possible connections. When it will see the specific device, connect to it and use it the way you want! 

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FAQs on Lost USB for Wireless Keyboard

Can I use the wireless keyboard without a USB?

No, you cannot use the wireless keyboard without the help of a USB. The wireless keyboard or mouse is not designed for using Wi-Fi. And to connect it to your computer, you need a receiver that bids the connections. You have to use the receiver that comes with the keyboard in this case. However, Logitech receivers are different.

What to do if I lost the keyboard receiver?

If you have lost the keyboard receiver, you have to get a new receiver. In the case of a regular wireless keyboard, you might need to replace it and get a new keyboard with a new receiver that comes with it. Otherwise, the keyboard won’t work. But if you are using a Logitech and Dell, the Unifying or Universal technology might help you.

What is the Unifying or Universal Receiver technology?

With Logitech’s or Dell’s Unifying technology, you can replace the lost wireless receivers. And in some cases, it’s also possible to free up the USB port. Connect the unifying or universal receiver to the USB keyboard. To do this, you will need the Unifying or Universal Software by Logitech or Dell. Check Dell and Logitech’s site for this one.

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Wrap Up

It was almost tough to recover the wireless keyboard if the USB was lost before. But now you can simply get the receiver and make it work. However, we recommend you to keep your USB receiver carefully because not all devices are compatible with the universal technology Dell and Logitech provides.