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Battery Stuck in Apple Wireless Keyboard

Well, well, well, just the day a new iPhone releases, the next day the YouTubers start to break the phones on their channel! Things should be equal for the other devices by Apple too! We must know which will last, right?

And that brings us the exploded batteries; yes, Apple has a reputation for this. Today, we will deal with the battery stuck in Apple wireless keyboard and how you can replace it with care!

Battery Stuck in Apple Wireless Keyboard

Apple Wireless Keyboard and the Battery Problem

Once you charge a battery and place it inside the keyboard, it will last more or less 2.5 months. But someone’s Apple Keyboard battery exploded is a very common story nowadays. At times, you can see the batteries swelling too!

And keep in mind that you have to be fast when it comes to removing the batteries. The worst part is if you wait a good deal of time to get them out and make the process late, there’s a chance that you can never get them out!

Especially, if your wireless keyboard by Apple has an Aluminum body, you should work faster than ever. There are situations when no matter how many times you have changed the batteries; they will keep swelling every time. This is when you need to change the wireless keyboard.

Apple Wireless Aluminum Keyboard

Apple Wireless Aluminum Keyboard

If you have an Apple Wireless keyboard that has aluminum construction, this method can be bliss for your situation. Follow this and take away the stuck battery from your keyboard.

  • In this method, we will use a coin to remove the battery. First of all, get your hands on a coin and slowly, loosen the battery compartment cover. Make sure your hands are steady and slow. While removing the compartment, removing the cover is tough. And this is why we recommend you a flat-tipped screwdriver. First of all, you have to align the screwdriver to the right of the groove on that compartment cover.
  • Now, you have to take the help of somebody. Let him hold the keyboard for a while. On the other hand, you have to slowly tap the end of the screwdriver. For tapping, you will need a hammer. A few hard knocks will do the work. Trying to open the compartment.
  • After loosening the compartment cover, you have to remove the cover carefully. In most cases, you will find the cover on the side of your Apple keyboard. All you need to do is remove the batteries now.
  • If the batteries are exploded, the process will be lengthy and you have to be careful. We recommend using a Dremel tool for the process. Get this tool and after removing the cover, you have to cut narrow slots into the battery channel on the keyboard’s bottom part. Here, it won’t be seen properly.
  • And now, you have to take off the corroded batteries. Tap them out. For tapping, you will need a sharp tool. Get a small screwdriver for this. Or you can also settle for a pocket knife. Once it is removed, you are free!
  • Once you are done taking the old batteries, you are free. Now you can easily get the AA batteries and place them into the battery compartment. If you know how to place batteries, we won’t need to elaborate on it!
  • Once you are done, you have to change the battery compartment and place it in its right place.And when you have already placed it, turn the keyboard on. Test it if it is working fine or not.

Wireless White Keyboard

With the Apple wireless keyboard battery life problems, there are exploding issues too. And so, here, we will talk about the wireless white keyboard only. Let’s learn how to remove the wireless white keyboard batteries that are stuck inside the keyboard,

  • First of all, just like before, you have to take off the battery compartment. It is placed at the bottom part of your keyboard. After loosening the cover, take it off and then, remove the batteries that are stuck just the way we have mentioned above.
  • After removing, you can again add the same ones and check if they work. And if they don’t, you have to get your hands on the AA batteries and place them in the position of the previous batteries.
  • It’s time to place the battery compartment cover in its accurate place and test the keyboard. Switch it on and check if everything is working fine or not.

FAQs on Apple Wireless Keyboard Battery Stuck

How to remove an exploded battery?

If the battery is stuck or exploded inside the wireless keyboard, you have to remove it immediately. For this, take off the compartment cover and then remove the battery. For the cover, use a screwdriver and a hammer.

How do you open a corroded battery compartment?

There are several methods of removing the corroded battery compartment. You can get cotton sabs or a toothbrush. Hold any of these and dip them in vinegar. Lemon juice will do the work too! Scrub on the corrosion and it will come off gradually.

Wrap Up

We won’t deny that Apple keyboard batteries at times get stuck inside the keyboard. But it isn’t possible to change your Apple wireless keyboard every month! Then how can you save the keyboard? Yes, by changing the battery at the right time. Follow the methods and change the battery, it will keep the keyboard safe!