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Redragon Keyboard RGB Control – What Can You Do with it?

Redragon Keyboard RGB Control is a powerful tool that empowers gamers and enthusiasts to unleash a vibrant spectrum of colors on their Redragon keyboards.

With its intuitive software and customizable features, users can effortlessly modify the keyboard’s RGB lighting to match their style and gaming setup. The Redragon Keyboard RGB Control offers a seamless and immersive experience, from choosing individual key colors to adjusting brightness levels.

Whether you’re looking to create a mesmerizing light show or enhance your gaming ambiance, this innovative solution puts the power of RGB customization right at your fingertips.

Redragon Keyboard
Credit- Robles Junior

Redragon Keyboard RGB Control – How to Do

You’ll find everything you need to know about the RGB control of the Redragon keyboard. Read the steps carefully.

Active/ Deactivate Redragon Keyboard

There are various models of Redragon keyboards designed specifically for gamers, and each model offers different keyboard shortcuts to control the RGB lighting functionality.

For instance, in the case of the Redragon K530 Pro keyboard, you can use the combination of the right Fn key and the 0 key to activate and deactivate the lighting on your Redragon keyboard.

However, on keyboards such as the Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard, the lighting can be turned on by pressing the right Fn key along with the Page Up key and turned off using the right Fn key in conjunction with the Page Down key.

In general, refer to the user manual of your Redragon keyboard to discover the specific instructions for turning the RGB lighting on or off. The manual may also provide information on additional shortcuts that could be useful to you.

Change Brightness Level

Newer models of Redragon keyboards allow users to adjust the brightness of the keyboard’s lighting through keyboard shortcuts.

To increase the brightness level on your Redragon keyboard, you can press the combination of the Fn key and the upward arrow (↑) key.

Conversely, to decrease the brightness level on your Redragon keyboard, you can combine the Fn key and the downward arrow (↓) key.

Additionally, an alternative method to modify the brightness level of your Redragon keyboard is by utilizing the Redragon software. This software provides additional customization options for your keyboard’s lighting settings.

Change Keyboards Colors

This section describes two basic methods that can be used to modify the color and lighting configuration of a Redragon keyboard.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

The first method involves utilizing keyboard shortcuts. Most Redragon keyboards have pre-defined shortcut keys allowing quick and easy color changes. This method does not require complex procedures to be followed.

To cycle through different preset color options on your Redragon keyboard, you can press the combination of the Fn and right arrow (→) keys.

Although this method does not fully customize the lighting theme and specific colors, it provides a faster and more efficient way to change the colors on your Redragon keyboard.

  • Redragon Software

The Redragon Software provides an additional method for changing the colors of your Redragon keyboard, offering more customization options.

To change the keyboard color using the Redragon Software, follow these steps:

Step 01: Download the Redragon Software and install it on your PC.

Step 02: Next, reconnect the Redragon keyboard to your computer.

Step 03: Ensure that the keyboard is properly connected to your computer by confirming the presence of a sound indicating the connection.

Step 04: Open the Redragon Keyboard Manager software and navigate to the Tools tab within the Keyboard Settings section.

Step 05: Click on the keyboard color setting tab to access the available color options.

Step 06: Choose a color from the options provided, or use the color picker to select a custom color.

Step 07: After selecting the desired color, click the “Apply” button to implement the changes.

Step 08: Finally, click the “Save” button to save the new color setting for your Redragon keyboard.

By following these steps and utilizing the Redragon Software, you can achieve a more personalized color setup for your Redragon keyboard.

Change the Color of Specific Keys

Redragon Keyboard
Credit- Robles Junior

In many Redragon keyboards, users can change the color of specific individual keys on the keyboard, allowing for customization and differentiation from the rest of the keys.

To change the color of one or more individual keys on your Redragon keyboard, follow these steps:

Step 01: Press the appropriate keyboard shortcut, typically Fn +. This action will illuminate the “key in the currently selected color.”

Step 02: Use the keyboard shortcut Fn + → to cycle through different color options until you find the desired color.

Step 03: Once you have selected the desired color, press the keys you want to be affected by this color change.

Step 04: Finally, press the Fn + ~ keys again to save the changes and apply the selected color to the chosen keys.

Alternatively, the Redragon software can also be used to change the colors of individual keys on your keyboard, providing an additional method for customization.


Can I change the Redragon keyboard color other than the keyboard shortcut keys?

Yes, you can change the Redragon keyboard color using the Redragon software. The software offers more customization options and allows you to change the color settings of your keyboard beyond the limitations of the default keyboard shortcut keys.

Why doesn’t my Redragon keyboard light up?

There could be several reasons why your Redragon keyboard is not lighting up. It could be due to a connectivity issue, a problem with the software or drivers, an insufficient power supply, or a malfunctioning LED. Checking the connections, updating drivers, and troubleshooting software settings can help identify and resolve the issue.

Final Words

Unleash your creativity and personalize your gaming experience with the Redragon Keyboard RGB Control.

From stunning color combinations to dynamic lighting effects, this intuitive software puts the power in your hands. Elevate your gaming setup easily, whether you prefer a subtle glow or a vibrant light show.

With the Redragon Keyboard RGB Control, customization is effortless, and the possibilities are endless. Embrace the immersive world of RGB lighting and transform your Redragon keyboard into a visual masterpiece.

Let your keyboard reflect your style and enhance your gaming journey like never before.