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Pound Sign On Keyboard-Things You Must Know

When you are working in the Bank sector or you just love to talk about the London Stock Exchange with your neighbor via social media, you will need the Pound Sign or £ symbol. But how to type this symbol!

Only the UK keyboards will allow you to type it directly. But most of the standard keyboards don’t come with a dedicated sign for this. Then how to find the pound sign on keyboard and type it? We have it all figured out! Have a look!

Pound Sign Keyboard

Keyboards and Pound Signs

As we have told already, not all the keyboards come with the pound symbol added to them. Yes, the UK ones do come with the button but not everyone uses a UK keyboard! No matter what keyboard you use, we have a list of codes for all of you!

Pound Sign on Windows Keyboard

If you are using a Windows keyboard and you are confused about how to use the pound sign on keyboard Windows 10, don’t worry. We will tell you how to do it. To begin with, you must know that there are several methods of typing this symbol. You can go for anyone that fits you. Check them out and try them!

UK Keyboards

When you are using a UK keyboard, the pound sign is settled on the number 3 key. To activate or to use this key while typing, all you need is to press shift and then press 3. Go simultaneously for both of them. Press both the Shift and number 3 key together.

The US and Other Keyboards

If you are not using a UK keyboard, you might be using the US or other keyboards. In that situation, the method we have mentioned might not work for you. And so, you have to settle for another method.

  1. For typing the pound sign in the US or other country keyboard layouts, go for Shift, Alt, and number 3 together. Once again, you have to press all of these keys together. Go for Shift + ALT + 3 and it will bring out the British pound sign.
  2. In rare cases, the previous one might not work. How can you find the Pound symbol on keyboard then? If this happens, swap number 3 with number 4. Press Shift and ALT like before but this time, in the place of number 3, you have to press number 4. It means, goes through the keyboard and type Shift + ALT + 4 together. In this manner, you can type the pound sign easily!
  3. Here, to type the sign for the British pound, you have to press the ALT key first and they type 163. This will bring up what you wanted. If this one doesn’t work for you, you can try using 0 at the beginning of 163. It means you have to type ALT + 0163 simultaneously to get the symbol you want.

Word Document

If you are typing the symbol in a Word Document, you have to go for 00A3 and then, press the Alt and X keys together. This will convert the whole text into a pound symbol or £! That’s how we did it! However, you have to remember the 00A3 number if you want to use this symbol in your Word file.

Pound Sign

There are other methods of typing the pound sign in Windows keyboards too. You can find them online. Also, some keyboards come with the pound key added to them already. If you need to use the key more often, that’s the best thing you can settle for!

Pound Sign On Keyboard Mac

It’s not always Windows and all, at times, you use a Mac too! What to do then? How can you use the sign there? Just like Windows, macOS also has several methods of adding the £ sign. Check out these methods to add this to your typing!

US Keyboards

First of all, you can simply try to go for the keyboard shortcut option. Go for it and press 3 simultaneously. It means you have to go for shortcut option + 3. This one works for almost all the US keyboards.

UK Keyboards

If you are using a UK keyboard, there might be already the key added. All you need is to press Shift with the number 3. In short, press Shift + 3, and the £ symbol will appear on the screen. It’s easier than the Windows keyboard, isn’t it?

Unicode Hex Input

If you want to type the pound sign using the Unicode Hex Input source, you can do it too! For doing this, all you need is to go for the option key. And then, you have to type 00A3. Do you remember what we have done before for Windows Word Document?

This one is kind of similar to that. However, here, you have to press the option key and keep holding it while typing 00A3. You can’t release the option key; keep this in mind while typing!

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Character Viewers

When it comes to using the £ key rarely, you can go for the Character Viewer option too. In some situations, we don’t like to remember the codes because it’s tough! If you are the one who forgets things like this, you can go for the Character Viewer option. First of all, go to the Menu of any app you are typing in.

Then, get your hands on the Edit option of that specific and then, settle for Emoji & Symbols. There, you will see several font variations available. According to your desire, you can pick up the font variation for choosing a different display for the symbol too! Type POUND and you will find it there.

US vs UK Layout Keyboards

Wrap Up

No worries if you are frustrated with not being able to type the pound sign. The methods we have mentioned here will fix all your issues! From the UK keyboard to the US, you can type the £ symbol in all the keyboards of the world! All you need is to remember the code, that’s it! And if you can’t, just come and take a look here!