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Logitech K270 Keyboard Not Working

We get that Logitech is one of the best keyboard brands in the market now. But even the moon has its flaws, why won’t the leading brands? Moreover, when it is about the wireless keyboard, things are not always related to the keyboard or the receiver. They can be connected to the computer too!

So, today, our discussion is on the k270 model by Logitech. If you have ever faced the Logitech K270 keyboard not working out of nowhere, we have your solution! Take a look at the methods we have explained here!

The Solution to Logitech Keyboard not working

Logitech Keyboard not working

No matter what the brand is, the issue with the keyboards is almost the same. But there will be some differences in the wireless keyboards, not to mention. But if you check out these methods, you will learn that almost all the wireless keyboard issues can be solved in this way!

Method 1: Check the Battery Levels

At times, we don’t get that the problem we are facing is the easiest to solve! And this is when we do silly mistakes. We think that the keyboard has issues but in reality, the keyboard isn’t charged properly! As we are dealing with the Logitech k270, you already understand that it’s a wireless keyboard.

And it doesn’t run with direct power. Instead, you require charging the battery for running it. For standard batteries, it’s easy to take them off and then add them back. In the case of this one, you have to check the battery too.

Make sure that there is a charge left to run the battery. Or instead, you can add it to charging and let it be fully charged. At times, draining the whole battery and then charging it might bring a better solution to your problems. If the battery isn’t getting charged properly, you might need to get a new battery.

Method 2: Plug-out and Plug-in

After you have checked the battery levels, if you still see the Logitech K270 wireless keyboard not working issue, go for plugging it out!

When you add the Logitech keyboard to the PC, the whole work of transmitting data is done by the receiver. This is a small thumb drive. At times, you might plug in the keyboard perfectly but see that the Windows is not recognizing it! In this case, it’s necessary to install the software that comes with the keyboard.

But even after installing the necessary software, if you see the same thing happening, a quick re-sync is what your keyboard needs. Get your hands on the plus and remove it. After removing, once again, you have to plug it back in.

After doing this, the keyboard might start working. If it doesn’t work, you can try on getting the plug and adding it to another USB port. And then, check the keyboard if it works or not! In most cases, it will solve your issue. Check the back of the keyboard if things don’t go on as you have imagined.

Search for the keyboard button. This button will help in syncing if you cannot sync by the process we have mentioned. By pressing the button, you can force sync the receiver and make the keyboard work! Along with this, you must learn about how to sync Logitech wireless keyboard K270 with different receivers to avoid future difficulties!

Logitech Keyboard Not Working

Method 3: Radio Frequency Interference

Another very basic idea when you are dealing with wireless devices is to take care of the radiofrequency. When you are dealing with something that is interfering with the radio frequency of the keyboard, this can be the reason for the keyboard not working.

Other sources that can create a wall here can be the wireless speakers or the garage door openers. Any computer power supplies along with the monitor and the cell phones, anything can be the interference in the RF.

Take intensive care about the factor when you see the wireless keyboard not working properly. If you see that your Logitech keyboard is frequently stopping while working, you have to take care of the electrical devices that are around.

According to our recommendation, you should keep the electrical devices at least 20 cm away from the USB receiver of your Logitech keyboard. Also, certify that the USB receiver and the keyboard are close to each other as much as it is possible.

Method 4: Update the Drivers

As we always tell you, drivers can be damaged or corrupted. And it can easily affect the working ability of your keyboard resulting in the Logitech k270 keyboard not working windows 10. Here, the wireless keyboard not working suddenly might be the fault of the drivers. So we will discuss how you can update drivers to solve this issue.

  • First of all, go through the taskbar search box and then get into Device Manager. Once you are in, you have to search for the keyboard that you want to update. When you find it, all you need to do is take your cursor on it and then right-click on it.
  • Right-clicking will bring out a drop-down menu. In this drop-down menu, you have to search for the option called Update Driver. After dining it, click on it and now you are ready to start the update process.
  • Now, you will get the option for automatically updating the drivers along with manually selecting the drivers. And for this situation, we highly recommend you to go for the automatic update option. If you are a pro in this stage, you can settle for the manual option. However, if you don’t know much, the automatic option is the best. If you select the drivers manually, chances are, you might install the wrong driver which will cause more future trouble.

How To Fix Logitech Wireless Keyboard Not Working

Wrap Up

No matter if you are dealing with the best keyboard or not, you will surely face a day when the keyboard won’t work properly. And if you are using a wireless keyboard like this Logitech, you might get confused about the solution as most people don’t talk about it!

But the solution is not that tough. Check out the methods we have mentioned and we assure you that any of them will surely work for you!