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How to change colors on ducky one 2 mini

Are you sick of how boring your keyboard looks? Do you wish to brighten up your desk with some colorful accents? The Ducky One 2 Mini keyboard is the only option.

It not only provides an excellent typing experience, but it also lets you change the colors to fit your preferences.

We’ll walk you through altering the colors of this small, practical keyboard in this article, opening up a world of visual possibilities.

ducky one 2 mini

To change colors on the Ducky One 2 Mini, use the Ducky RGB software. Launch the software, select individual keys, and apply desired colors from the palette or create custom colors. Save profiles for quick access to different setups. Remember to click “Apply” to see the changes on your keyboard.

Understanding the Ducky One 2 Mini

A. Brief description of the Ducky One 2 Mini keyboard:

The Ducky One 2 Mini is a compact, 60% mechanical gaming keyboard known for its minimalist design and high-quality construction.

It features a sturdy build with a detachable USB Type-C cable for easy portability.

The keyboard is designed to provide optimal gaming performance, with responsive mechanical switches and customizable RGB lighting.

C. Explanation of the different lighting modes and effects:

The Ducky One 2 Mini offers a variety of lighting modes and effects to suit your mood and gaming environment.

These include static colors, where you can choose a single color for the entire keyboard, and dynamic effects, like waves, ripples, and reactive modes that respond to key presses.

The keyboard also supports advanced lighting customization, enabling you to create unique lighting profiles and effects tailored to your liking.


High-Quality Mechanical Switches:

The Ducky One 2 Mini utilizes high-quality mechanical switches that provide satisfying tactile feedback with every keystroke.

This enhances your typing speed and accuracy and ensures durability, making it a reliable companion for your work.

Mechanical Switches

Customizable RGB Lighting:

One of the standout features of the Ducky One 2 Mini is its customizable RGB lighting. You can personalize the keyboard by changing the colors and lighting effects according to your preference.

This not only gives your desk some added elegance but it also increases productivity by offering visual clues.

RGB Lighting

Dual-layer PCB and N-key Rollover:

The Ducky One 2 Mini is built with a dual-layer PCB, ensuring optimal signal quality and responsiveness.

Combined with N-key rollover, which allows for the registration of multiple key presses simultaneously, this keyboard guarantees accurate and reliable input, especially during fast-paced typing sessions.

Detachable USB Type-C Cable:

A detachable USB Type-C cable adds convenience and versatility to the Ducky One 2 Mini.

You can easily disconnect and reconnect the cable for portability or replacement purposes, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Multiple Language Layouts:

Benefit: The Ducky One 2 Mini offers various language layouts, catering to professionals from different regions and languages.

Due to its adaptability, it is a fantastic option for multilingual users that need certain key configurations for their tasks.

These features collectively make the Ducky One 2 Mini a versatile and powerful keyboard that enhances your typing experience, promotes productivity, and adds a touch of personal style to your workspace.

Build Quality and Style:

The Ducky One 2 Mini excels in functionality and boasts impressive build quality and stylish design. Here’s what sets it apart:

Solid Construction:

With its sleek and minimalist design, the Ducky One 2 Mini adds a touch of elegance to your workspace. It features clean lines, a compact layout, and a slim profile that exudes sophistication.

The attention to detail in its design makes it visually appealing, elevating the overall aesthetic of your setup.

Stylish Aesthetic:

With its sleek and minimalist design, the Ducky One 2 Mini adds a touch of elegance to your workspace. It features clean lines, a compact layout, and a slim profile that exudes sophistication.

The attention to detail in its design makes it visually appealing, elevating the overall aesthetic of your setup.

Variety of Color Options:

Benefit: The Ducky One 2 Mini is available in various attractive color options, enabling you to select the option that best suits your style. Bright and vibrant hues to traditional black.

From timeless black to striking and vivid colors, there’s a color variant that matches your preferences.

This customization allows you to express your individuality and make a statement with your keyboard.

Space-Saving Design:

The compact layout of the Ducky One 2 Mini not only saves desk space but also enhances the overall aesthetic of your workspace.

Its small form allows for a clean and clutter-free setup, providing a minimalist and organized look.

Whether you have a small desk or prefer a minimalistic approach, the Ducky One 2 Mini’s design contributes to an uncluttered and visually appealing workspace.

Step-by-Step Guideline:

Now that we have explored the features and design of the Ducky One 2 Mini, let’s delve into the step-by-step process of changing colors on this keyboard:

Installing Ducky Software:

The Ducky One 2 Mini has software that allows you to customize its RGB lighting. To begin, visit the official Ducky website and download the software compatible with your operating system.

Launching the Software:

After installing the software, locate and launch the program on your computer. The software will provide a user-friendly interface to customize your keyboard’s lighting.

Connecting the Keyboard:

Use the provided USB Type-C cable to connect your Ducky One 2 Mini to your computer. Ensure a secure connection between the keyboard and your computer’s USB port.

Customizing RGB Lighting:

Once your keyboard is connected, the software detects it and displays the available customization options. Explore the software interface to access the RGB lighting settings.

Selecting Lighting Effects:

The software will offer various lighting effects to choose from. These effects range from static colors to dynamic patterns. Click on the desired effect to select it.

Adjusting Colors:

To change the colors of your keyboard, navigate to the color customization settings.

You can select a color from a wide spectrum using the software or enter specific RGB values to select a hue precisely.

Personalizing Lighting Profiles:

The software enables you to create and save multiple lighting profiles. You can customize each profile with different colors and effects according to your preference.

This flexibility allows you to switch between profiles effortlessly based on your mood or task.

Applying Changes:

Once you have customized the colors and lighting effects to your liking, save the changes in the software.

Click the “Apply” or “Save” button to transfer the settings to your Ducky One 2 Mini keyboard.

The keyboard will then display the selected colors and effects.

Testing the Lighting:

To ensure that the changes have been successfully applied, take a moment to observe your keyboard’s lighting. Check if the colors and effects match your customization in the software.

If any adjustments are needed, revisit the software settings and make the necessary changes.

Enjoying Your Customized Keyboard:

With the colors changed on your Ducky One 2 Mini, you can now enjoy a personalized typing experience.

The vibrant and customized RGB lighting will add flair to your workspace, provide visual cues, and enhance your overall typing experience.

Following these step-by-step instructions, you can easily change colors on your Ducky One 2 Mini keyboard and unleash your creativity to personalize your typing environment.

Experiment with different colors, effects, and profiles to create a visually stunning workspace that matches your unique style and preferences.

Pros & Cons


  • The compact and portable design saves desk space.
  • High-quality mechanical switches for a satisfying typing experience.
  • Customizable RGB lighting adds style and enhances productivity.
  • Ducky Macro 2.0 feature automates tasks and improves workflow.
  • Dual-layer PCB and N-key rollover ensure accurate and responsive input.
  • A detachable USB Type-C cable adds convenience and versatility.
  • Multiple OS compatibility for seamless integration into different work environments.


  • Limited customization options compared to some other RGB keyboards on the market.
  • The lack of dedicated media or programmable function keys may be a drawback for some users.
  • Higher price point compared to standard keyboards.


Q1: Why are some keys not changing colors when I apply new settings?

A1: Ensure you have selected the correct key within the Ducky RGB software.
Ensure that the key you want to customize is highlighted and the software is set to apply the changes to the selected key.

Why aren’t my color changes applying to the keyboard?

After customizing the colors, you have to click the “Apply” or “Save” button within the Ducky RGB software.

Can I create and use custom lighting effects on the Ducky One 2 Mini?

The Ducky RGB software often offers the ability to create custom lighting effects, including animations and macros. Explore the software’s advanced settings to unleash your creativity and design unique lighting effects tailored to your preferences.


The Ducky One 2 Mini keyboard is a compact, portable option offering a remarkable typing experience.

Its high-quality mechanical switches and dual-layer PCB provide satisfying tactile feedback and accurate input.

The customizable RGB lighting allows users to personalize their keyboard and add a touch of style to their workspace.

Including the Ducky Macro 2.0 feature further enhances productivity by automating tasks and executing complex commands quickly.

It is an excellent choice for professionals seeking a high-performance keyboard with customizable aesthetics.