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Where is the Command Key on a Dell Keyboard?

One of the major problems users suffer when they switch to a new keyboard from Mac is searching the Command or Cmd key. For Apple users, if it one of the most helpful and short ways to get the computer to act the way they want!

But if you have settled for a Dell keyboard, how will you find the Command key as regular keyboards don’t have one!

So, where is the command key on a Dell keyboard if you are using it with a Mac? What is the substitute of the key in any other keyboards? Today, we will disclose everything related to this confusion!

What is a Command Key?

Before telling you the answer of-where is the command key on a Dell keyboard, we would like to discuss a little about the command key. So, what is the command key, and what’s the work of the key? The initial command key was founded by Susan Kare.

And most importantly, it was designed for Apple keyboards. This is a modifier key situated beside the space bar, next to the option and control keys on your Apple keyboard. This key is designed for performing tasks only by pressing it! This is commonly known as the Apple key or Clover key.

Along with this, it is also popular as the Meta key, Pretzel key, Open-Apple key, Beanie key, etc. We have learned what the key is in the Apple keyboard. But what is the command key on a non-Apple keyboard? Does it work the same way? This is what we will elaborate on today, stay tuned!

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How does Command Key Work?

The Command or Cmd key works with a single letter for actions in your Mac. If you are pressing Command-C, it will copy. If you are pressing Command-P, it will print, if you are pressing Command-V, it will paste. There are numerous commands like this is Mac. 

Command Key Placement

Command Key Placement

Command Key on a PC Keyboard with Mac

The Cmd key is known as the Microsoft Windows Key in the keyboards. If you are using a Mac and adding a Windows keyboard with it, you have to look at the Windows key as your new Cmd Key. If your Dell keyboard is added to your Mac, no matter it is wireless or wired, the Windows key or the Start key will work as the Command key!

So, if you search-where is the command key on a Logitech keyboard, the answer is similar! On the contrary, if you use any Apple USB keyboard is plugged in any other operating system other than Mac, the command keys will start working as the Windows key or Start Key.

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Where is the Command Key on a PC keyboard?

You might ask- where is the command key on a dell keyboard or where is the command key on any other keyboard while using Windows PC? Trust us, the answer is the same. If you are not familiar with Apple computers, you might get confused. But any computer that is IBM-compatible will have a command key.

No matter you are searching for the command key on a PC or the command key on HP keyboard, if you are using a Windows PC, you will see that the CTRL or CONTROL is working as the command key of your keyboard.

If you have to print something, you just need to press Ctrl and P together to get the result. Also, to copy, you have to go for C, and to paste; you have to press V with the Ctrl key. So, the Ctrl key functions the same as the Command key in regular laptops and computers.

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Cmd vs. Ctrl Keys in Mac

If you are using a Mac, you will know that the Cmd works as the Ctrl key in your Mac. If you press Ctrl-S on a PC, it will save. And if you press Ctrl-P on a PC, it will print. The same goes for the Cmd key too.

On the other hand, Ctrl on Mac is different than Ctrl on PC. It works for stimulating the right-click if you are using a trackpad. In the case of using a one-button mouse, this works the same. If you settle for Ctrl-Click, it works for the job of a right-click.

If you go for Ctrl-H in Mac, it will delete the character going towards the left. If you go for Ctrl-D then it will start deleting the character on the right.

So, now you already know where the command key is on a Dell keyboard and in other keyboards of the market. It doesn’t matter you use a Mac with a non-Apple keyboard or you use a Windows PC!

Now, you can easily get your actions done with the help of the substitute of Cmd key! All you need is to memorize the shortcuts a bit and the rest will work just fine!