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Are TKL Keyboards Good for Programming?

There are keyboards with individual features, but they are unsuitable for the same tasks. TKL keyboards are smartly designed with a good set of all necessary keys except the additional part of Numpad. This brand has different special features. But are TKL keyboards good for programming?

The Tenkeyless keyboards have a smaller but compact set of all the important switches available in a full-size keyboard. Their easy setup, ergonomic identity, easy allocation of keys, and versatility are all great options for programming.

The compatibility of the options of a keyboard with the functional requirements of programming activities includes multiple interrelated issues. The following analysis will tell you about TKL you will enjoy as a programmer.

TKL Keyboards
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What makes a Good Keyboard for Programming?

A keyboard is very important for a programmer. It would be best to have a keyboard to help you type faster and smoothly in programming. The quality of the structure is important for extensive use.

The design and number of keys should be set beautifully to perform systematic programming. A keyboard with features and mechanical benefits is considered suitable for this.

A TKL keyboard is one of the finest versions of programming as it features all of the standard alphanumeric keys, function keys, and navigation keys available on a full-size keyboard.

Yet you will get this full-size facility in a smaller but compact size. Tenkeyless keyboards are comfortable, compact, and technologically advanced without including the number pad.

TKL keyboards will create ample scope for simultaneous programming. The layout of the switches and the nice setting of the important keys in a planned way will make programming more efficient. In a Tenkeyless keyboard, you can expect:

  • It is precise but has enough structural dimensions.
  • It is around the size of an 80% keyboard, including all the necessary switches for programming.
  • There are multiple designs and categories to choose from.
  • Ergonomically supportive for ensuring physical comfort.
  • Easily and smoothly usable.

Are TKL Keyboards Good for Programming?

Different beneficiary features in the Tenkeyless keyboards will enhance your user experience. The structural and functional efficiency combinations make it convincingly suitable for programming. Here are things you can enjoy as a programmer:

good TKL Keyboards
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Extensive Desk Space

Skipping a separate Numpad in this keyboard helps occupy less horizontal space. As the Numpad is comparatively more minor and set next to the main set of alphanumeric keys, the keyboards structured with a full size have a considerable amount of free space between each cluster of keys for easy operability.

In the TKL keyboard, you don’t have to think of that extra size. Therefore, a TKL layout can provide scope for a more significant surface area on your desk.

This is perfect for PC gamers as more space means better comfort in operating the mice and keyboards for managing the control system in competitive games.

Ergonomics Support

The conventional full-size keyboard layout with a computer mouse was commonly a combination of input devices, and it required extra physical control or management.

As there are differences in body shapes of the users, the place occupied by a full-size keyboard alongside a mouse became a matter of discomfort for many people, especially regarding the alignment of the chest and shoulders.

The compact and precise size of a TKL keyboard frees up more room. Thus, the users can settle their hands suitably for comfortable operation. This is very handy for time-consuming programming activities.

Precise Placement of Arrow and Navigation Keys

The advantages of Tenkeyless boards are limited to larger boards and smaller keyboard editions like 60% keyboard deliberations.

Even on smaller keyboards, you will likely find the arrow and navigation cluster keys, including Insert, Delete, Home, End, PgUp, and PgDn, at a random position. Therefore, in programming tasks, you will find it hard to adapt the position of those keys.

However, TKL keyboards have a great solution as they keep these keys more specifically to suit your requirements.

Ease of use

Many smaller keyboards structure the dedicated key placements for the function keys like F1 and F2 alongside the navigation, arrow, and Numpad clusters.

There are even some keys not being frequently used that may not be supported by the system. Moreover, few other keys are accessible only through an additional layer accessed by holding down specifically combined keys.

But the Tenkeyless keyboards have centred the most-used keys and set the rest aside. This can be very comfortable for power users. In this case, an 80% keyboard of this brand is ideal for instant accessibility.

Touch of Aesthetics

The outlook of a device on your desk can significantly impact your working mood. The TKL layout combines the shape of a classic keyboard design alongside a modern vibe and compactness.

Being one of the most common types of keyboards, you have multiple options for setting up the look of your board based on the specific models. The use of wild keycap styles can be customized on a mechanical keyboard.


Why do people prefer TKL keyboards?

People prefer the Tenkeyless keyboard for its compact design, smart look, and comfort. TKL keyboards are smaller than full-sized keyboards. Therefore, there is more space left for related things or devices. The users can get a suitable position while using this keyboard.

Do you need a 100% keyboard for programming?

If you don’t have any issue with the size and placement of a keyboard, a 100% keyboard is always a good option for programming for having additional options. However, it is not compulsory to have this for programming as 80% will also do fine in this regard.

Does TKL help programmers type faster?

The programmers have to deal with various tasks and lots of typing. Therefore, TKL can be a suitable option for fast typing. The compact size brings it within the comfort of arms and helps you use the mouse easily. Moreover, the total settlement of the keys and the positions are perfect for smooth typing.

Final Words

While a full-size keyboard has issues like placement problems and discomfort, a small keyboard may lack enough keys. But to complete programming tasks perfectly, a programmer needs a keyboard that combines functional ease and structural value.

Therefore, the article “Are TKL keyboards good for programming?” has discussed the formation and individualism of Tenkeyless keyboards. This keyboard can be a source of satisfaction for a programmer.