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Hp laptop function keys not Working

HP is now a fantastic manufacturer when it comes to laptops, printers, and other electronic equipment. Hewlett- Packard is another name for HP. A Function button is just a set of shortcut buttons for performing specific tasks.

For example, to silence the sound, press FN plus F7 consecutively. Alternatively, press the Windows key then F1 continuously to launch the Microsoft Windows Help and Support Center. Thus, you might have a problem with your HP laptop’s function buttons not functioning.

Users can alter the Fn configurations through the HP laptop BIOS or UEFI. For this, you can use press the Function button. Furthermore, once you restore the BIOS configuration, all of these options are changed. You might have several questions regarding the HP function buttons that aren’t functioning. Then you can approach Oniton Support at any moment. There are three ways to communicate with us.

The customers tried various methods to remedy the problems. However, neither of those methods worked. However, when they checked the Windows Operating System, researchers discovered that there was an issue. This essay is about problems regarding Hp laptop function keys not working.  

When the function keys aren’t functioning, what should I do?

Almost all HP laptops include a dedicated Function button that handles specific tasks. The tasks include turning on and off Wi-Fi, adjusting the display’s brightness level, and many more. Unfortunately, the Fn button not functioning correctly is a typical problem with all HP laptops.

The problem happens after manually installing Windows 10 for the first time. In the vast majority of cases, the Function key setup is wrong. The following are some methods to fix the issue of Hp laptop function keys not working.

1. Prioritize releasing the Fn key

As previously stated, certain keyboards limit the number of keys. Users can press those buttons at once. Therefore, assume you got the latest laptop or keypad. Also, you’re used to some set of shortcuts. This will not operate the exact way anymore.

Specific shortcuts, for example, necessitate the simultaneous pressing of the Fn button and two other keys. The Fn button does not require different keypads. While your function buttons aren’t functioning, try pressing Fn + Esc button altogether.

It’s to see if the function buttons you’re utilizing need the Fn button. First, check to see whether the function buttons you’re accustomed to being still functional.

Prioritize releasing the Fn key

2. Use the Hardware troubleshooter

1. To open the Settings program, use Windows key + I.

2. Update & Security are both available under the Open Update menu.

update & security

3. In the left sidebar, select Troubleshoot.

4. Select the Run the troubleshooter option after expanding the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter.

5. Afterwards, wait for the operation to complete and then double-check the function buttons.

Although this seems to be a lengthy chance, it will not cost you anything. Windows 10 is renowned for its incompatibility problems. Therefore, it does not matter if you’re running an outdated laptop. Likely, the present version won’t work correctly with your device.

Particularly upgrades seem to damage many things than they develop. The troubleshooter would reboot the impacted hardware. The keyboard is the primary consideration in this circumstance. Also included are the keyboard’s connected services.

3. Uninstall the Synaptics Pointing Device driver should

There might be a big chance that the Synaptics Pointing Device driver may clash with Windows 10. So rather than running it, it’s best to delete it. To perform this, open Control Panel and proceed to the Uninstall Programs area. There you may uninstall the Synaptics Pointing Device driver.

Synaptics Pointing Device driver

4. Remove the hotkey drivers from your laptop

  • Locate the Toshiba hotkey driver through Device Manager.
  • Since you don’t own a Toshiba laptop, look for a hotkey driver for the computer.
  • Select Uninstall from the context menu by right-clicking on it.
  • After that, look for the HID-Compliant Keypad and HID-Compliant Mouse drivers. After that, press delete.
  • Test to see if the problem has settled by re-launching your computer.



What is the procedure for locking and unlocking the Fn key?

Consider unlocking the answers whenever you push the letter button. When the fn button is locked the system will display a digit. The remedies are FN, F12, and Number Lock are all pressed at the same time. Hold down the Fn key while pressing F11.
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These are various tested and authentic solutions to the problem of a Hp laptop function keys not working. You’re certainly not the only person if this circumstance looks familiar. Each day, a large number of HP laptop users suffer this problem.

They are in the same boat as you and have no idea how to get out of it. As a result, we have invented a method for diagnosing this issue.