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Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Your Hands?

You must have heard that mechanical keyboards let you write or type for an extended period without pain in the fingers or soreness in the wrists. So, are mechanical keyboards better for your hands? Are they really comfortable to work with?

Mechanical keyboards are ergonomically designed to fit your posture and hands. Thus, you can type or write for long hours without discomfort in the hands, wrists, and fingers. However, choosing the right size and height is crucial to get the most out of your mechanical keyboard.

I will briefly describe how mechanical keyboards become a game changer during working or gaming in this comprehensive guide.

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Your Hands?

A few factors are crucial in making your typing experience comfortable with mechanical keyboards. The factors are,

Comfortable Typing & Gaming Experience

Mechanical keyboards truly offer a comfortable typing and gaming experience. The reason is,

  • Excellent accuracy
  • Great tactile feedback for your fingers

With the help of these 2 benefits, you will feel less tension in your fingers when typing. Less tension means less fatigue or soreness.

When you press the key, you will experience a smooth and satisfying feeling due to the tactile feedback. Thus, it improves how you type. On the other hand, regular keyboards feel unsatisfying and weak while typing or gaming.

Moreover, better ergonomics is another key feature of mechanical keyboards. Some models come with the below highlights,

  • High-profile or low-profile design
  • Incorporated wrist rests
  • Customizable keycaps

What benefit will you get because of the above features?

The highlights mentioned above will let you work more efficiently than before. Also, you will feel less strain on the wrist. Moreover, key travel will be reduced. As a result, working for extended periods will never be an issue.

Customizable Features

Mechanical keyboards can be customized in endless ways. More importantly, you can buy a mechanical keyboard from the market that fits your wrists and hands requirements.

Here is what you will need to do if you want to customize a mechanical keyboard.

  • Make sure your selected models come with high-profile or low-profile keyboards.
  • Choose a mechanical keyboard with adjustable heights.
  • Your chosen model should have swappable keycaps.
  • A detachable wrist pad will help you minimize wrist pain.
  • Most mechanical keyboards are engineered with retractable feet, letting you angle the keyboard according to your preference.

Better KeyPress Feel

The mechanical keyboard’s key feel is impressively better than other keyboards. The reason is each key is designed with a separate switch beneath.

As a result, you will barely feel mushiness when you press the keys.

Moreover, the keys in the mechanical keyboards are spaced further from each other. Such a design helps you prevent accidental key presses.

Ergonomic Design

Mechanical keyboards have a curve in the design. Such a design helps typing comfortably. Also, you can type easily with both hands. Moreover, it reduces wrist travel significantly.

Can Mechanical Keyboards Cause Pain?

Do you need to spend a lot of hours typing or gaming?

If yes, you must know the importance of a comfortable keyboard. A poorly designed keyboard can cause pain and fatigue in the wrist, hands, and fingers. They can even be responsible for carpal tunnel syndrome.

You can experience finger or wrist pain due to the below factors,

  • Size of your hands
  • Your arm’s length
  • Your desk height
  • Your posture

Maintaining a good posture is crucial. It is a must regardless of your keyboard type.

You must be wondering how to learn the solution. Follow the below points.

  • Sitting up straight
  • Maintain almost 90-degree angles between your shoulder and arms
  • Rest your fingers more naturally on the keyboard
  • If your keyboard doesn’t come with a wrist rest, I recommend buying one
  • Customize the switches according to your preferences
  • Take frequent breaks
  • Structure your work
  • Avoid typing hard, while light typing is good enough for writing or gaming

With the steps mentioned above, you will be able to reduce wrist and finger pain effectively.

How to Choose the Right Mechanical Keyboards?

As mentioned, choosing the right mechanical keyboard is vital if you type a lot. So, how to buy the right mechanical keyboards?

Well, it depends on your purpose.

For writers,

  • Mechanical keyboards with clicky or tactile switches will be beneficial. The feedback will let you know whether you pressed the key.

For gamers,

  • A mechanical keyboard with linear switches will be the best choice. Linear switches don’t provide feedback when pressed. Thus, your gaming experience will never be interrupted.

However, whatever model you choose, make sure it meets your requirements.


Can a mechanical keyboard be used for gaming?

Yes, mechanical keyboards will be a perfect choice for gaming. The reason is they are more durable and customizable than other keyboards. At the same time, they can withstand a lot of workloads. Moreover, mechanical keyboards have extra buttons, helping you map the commands of a game according to your choice. Note that mechanical keyboards are louder and more expensive compared to other keyboards.

Are mechanical keyboards really comfortable for hands?

Truly, mechanical keyboards are comfortable for hands. The reasons are pointed out below.

1. Provides stability and support to your fingers when typing. Thus, wrist and finger fatigue can be reduced.
2. Keystrokes are shorter, requiring less effort. This way, you can work with mechanical keyboards for long hours.

What are the drawbacks of mechanical keyboards?

Similar to everything, mechanical keyboards also come with a few drawbacks.

1. Expensive than other keyboard types
2. They always generate a clicky sound when pressed. Meaning that they are louder, which can disturb a person who likes to work in a quiet environment
3. Bulkier and larger. That is why you will face difficulty in carrying them.

How to know whether you need a mechanical keyboard?

Are you a heavy computer user? If yes, then you will need a mechanical keyboard. Otherwise, they are unsuitable for you.

If you type or game a lot, you will have a comfortable typing or gaming experience with mechanical keyboards.

Are Mechanical Keyboards REALLY Worth It?

Last Words

So, are mechanical keyboards better for your hands?

Mechanical keyboards are a favorable choice for hand health and overall typing experience. Their ergonomic design and tactile feedback provide several benefits for you. 

The mechanical keys promote a more natural typing position, reducing strain on the hands and wrists. The increased key stability and accuracy minimize accidental keystrokes, allowing for improved precision and reduced finger fatigue. 

Additionally, mechanical keyboards offer customizable key switches, catering to individual preferences and typing styles. 

While personal preferences may vary, many individuals find that mechanical keyboards are a superior option for maintaining hand health during long hours of computer usage.