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Why does my Keyboard Keep Disappearing?

Have you ever seen the keyboard disappearing in between sending texts? If this happens frequently, it can be bothersome.

And at times, the keyboard disappears and doesn’t appear at all! You might ask- why does my keyboard keep disappearing and how to solve it? That’s why we’re here!

Android Keyboard Disappearing

Android Keyboard Disappearing

If you are an Android user and you are noticing that the keyboard disappears now and then, you can take several steps to stop it. Take a look at these!

1. Soft Reset

The easy way to deal with this is to get a soft reset. This one is for the small glitches.

Get your finger on the Power Button and the Volume Down Button together. Hold them together for more or less 45 seconds. After a while, the device will restart, once it is done, check if the problem got solved or not.

2. Clear Cache and Clear Data

At times, the Android Phone keypad disappears for the cache gathered in your Android phone; these are corrupted or damaged. You can clear cache to solve it,

  1. First, go to the Home Screen of your phone and swipe on an empty spot of the screen. It will bring up the Apps tray. There, you have to go for Settings and then Apps.
  2. Once you get into Apps, go for Keyboard Application from the list. It will show you Pre-installed apps.
  3. From there, go for Menu and then Show System Apps. Find the options Storage and then tap Clear Cache and Clear Data. All you need now is to press Delete to get rid of them.

3. Safe Mode

Sometimes, third-party apps can cause this disturbance. For this, you have to get into Safe Mode.

  • First, switch off the phone and hold the power key to switch it on. Do not let the phone switch on properly. Instead, keep holding the button and when you see the logo of your phone, you have to release the button.
  • Once you release this key, press the Volume down key. Keep holding it. After a while, your phone will complete the restart procedure. Safe Mode will appear before you. This is when you can release the Volume down key.
  • Check if the keyboard is working fine in this mode or not. If things are fine here, you have to go and check the apps you have downloaded recently, the apps are the reason for the keyboard issue.

iPhone Keyboard Disappearing

iPhone Keyboard Disappearing

If you ever see the iPhone keyboard disappear when typing or working, there are some easy steps you can follow. Check it out!

1. Rotate the Phone

It isn’t understandable, we know, but rotating the device can solve it too. Certify that the orientation lock is disabled and check if rotating the device works or not.

2. Force Quit App

If you are facing the keyboard issue in any specific app only, you can rely on force quitting the app. After quitting, you can re-launch the app and enjoy the keyboard.

3. Update iOS

Updating the operating system on iPhone can solve 90% of the problems you are facing. Get into Settings and then General. There, you will see Software Update; tap it and install it.

4. Reset Settings

If you restore the factory default settings, the keyboard problem can get solved too! First, get into Settings and then Generals. There, search for Reset and once you find it, tap on it. Now press Reset All Settings.

5. Hard Reset

Fore reboot can help you too! First, press the Home button and Power Button together and keep holding them. After a whole, you’ll see the logo. On the newer models where you don’t have a home button, you can press the Volume Up button and then the Volume Down button. And then, hold the power. You will see a logo here.

FAQs on Solving Keyboard Disappearing

How do I unhide the keyboard on Android?

First, get into Settings and settle for Language & Input. There, search for the Keyboard section and check which Keyboard is installed. Certify that the default keyboard is also there. Go through the checkbox and ensure it.

What to do if the Keyboard keeps disappearing after all the methods?

Well, if nothing is working, the last resort is the Factory Date Reset or Erase All Data. In this process, you have to go to the Settings and there, search for the option that will delete everything from your phone including the data and settings. And it will bring back your phone to the default situation. Make sure you safeguard your data beforehand.

How do I get my keyboard to show up?

If your Android device isn’t showing the keyboard, there might be a buggy build on your phone recently. To solve this, get into the Play Store and go for My Apps & Games. From there, you have to update the keyboard app and get the latest version.

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Wrap Up

We have mentioned methods to solve the keyboard disappearing problem both on Android and iPhone. However, there are other elaborated methods to solve the issue too. But we hope you can solve the problem with these easy fixes if the problem isn’t too complicated.