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Spilled Water On Laptop Keyboard Some Keys not working

If you think thank fixing the laptop keyboard after spilling water on it is easy, you are wrong! Well, it is easy to fix if you are dealing with a desktop computer’s keyboard.

But with laptops, there is a chance of more damage than desktops. Here, we will discuss spilled water on the laptop keyboard some keys not working issue. No worries, we got the solution for you!

Step by Step Fixing Laptop Keyboard Water Damage

 Fixing Laptop Keyboard Water Damage

First thing first, don’t drink or eat when you work on your laptop or PC. Well, we know you are not going to listen. So we thought, a solution is better than advice. Let’s learn the fixes!

Step 1: Switch it off

As the laptop’s keyboard is added to the body of the laptop, when you spill any liquid on it, the moisture gets in easily. It gets in contact with the major circuitry in your laptop. And any electrical device and liquid don’t go together-you know it very well.

As a result, there can be serious damage. To solve this, first of all, your job is to get your hands on the power of your laptop.

As soon as you can, power off the laptop. And when you are done, be quick to take off the battery. If the water gets in contact with the batter, it can damage the battery permanently.

Step 2: Power down the Laptop

Once you are done switching off the laptop and removing the batter. It’s time to drain the charge of your laptop components. For this, you have to press the Power Button of your laptop and keep holding it.

You cannot release it unless there is no charge remained. You better be swift when you do this. If you power down the laptop fast, there will be less chance of damage.

Step 3: Clean and Clear

Now your laptop compartments have no charge left. But if you see your Dell laptop keyboard not working after water spill, there are further steps to take.

Before you switch on the laptop, you have to remove all the water or liquid. For wiping the water or liquid, the first thing you need is to disassemble the parts of your laptop.

No matter what is laptop model you are using, you can still disassemble via the manual guideline or the online manual. After disassembly, get a cotton fiber and start wiping all the parts of your device.

Note: Most of the laptops in the market nowadays are effortless to disassemble. However, some of these will require a little bit of professionalism. No, not much, all you need is to search for a screwdriver and loosen up the screws to disassemble the laptop properly.

In some rare care, specific tools will be required for the disassembly. Gather them and disassemble the device as soon as you can. Otherwise, go for a DIY repair kit. Keep in mind that you don’t have much time before you wipe down the water. Otherwise, the water will wipe down all your data from the laptop, my friend!

Step 4: Hold the Laptop Upside Down

Once you have wiped all the compartments of the laptop and made it moisture-free, you are almost done. After this, you have to wait for a while and then you can switch on the laptop.

If you see the HP laptop keyboard not working after water spill even at this time, a good idea is to hold the laptop upside down and keep it that way. In this manner, the water can slowly get out of the keyboard and the keys. And eventually, it will solve the keyboard, not working issues.

Hold the Laptop Upside Down

Step 5: The Hot and Cold Cycles

Switch on the keyboard and check if it is working fine or not. If there are any issues and still there is any disturbance, you can rely on the hot-cold cycles. Yes, some users recommend the rice trick where you put the laptop inside uncooked rice for hours and then, the rice soak the water.

At times, this works on spilled coffee on Lapp keyboard some keys not working. But just the remind you, this method doesn’t work for everyone. So, it’s better to settle for the hot and cold cycles. For this method, you can use a small personal space heater fan or something of the same sort.

In this manner, you can help vaporize the moisture easily. It will push out the moisture by expanding the air. And then, it will bring fresh less humid cool air, and eventually, it will be able to hold more moisture. In short, the additional water will not be there anymore!

Laptop Keyboard Water Damage

FAQs on Water Spills and Unresponsive Laptop Keys

Can you fix a laptop with water damage?

Oh, yes, we know where the problem comes from. If water gets into electronic equipment, at times, it can fry it and damage it permanently. But if you are dealing with a laptop keyboard, well, you can fix it. Everything can be solved by only removing the moisture your keyboard is holding. Also, it’s necessary to make sure that the other components of the laptop are not damaged or did not get in contact with water.

How do I know if my keyboard has water damage?

If you don’t remember spilling liquid on your laptop keyboard, how can you know that it has water damage? There are ways to know about it. First, if you see the keyboard sticky. In the case of beverages, shakes, or coffee, the keys or keyboard get sticky.

Check the solder joints; if there is corrosion, there is water damage. If your laptop screen shows bubbles or the motherboard has any discoloration, most probably, there has been water damage.

How do you fix laptop keys after spilling water?

After cleaning the water with a cotton cloth and making sure that there is no moisture left, you have to put your keyboard or laptop in an upside-down position. Make sure the lid is open and the water can flow out easily.

Wrap Up

No matter you have spilled water or coffee, shakes, or other liquids; you can easily fix the water damage to your keyboard if you follow the steps.

However, at times, the problem might not get solved so easily. In that case, get your laptop to an expert; trying on your own in that case can be more damaging.