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Can You Change Razer Keyboard Switches? A Detailed Guide

The biggest benefit of a few modern keyboard models is the switches can be changed according to the user’s preference. Said that Razer keyboard users also wonder whether their board switches are hot-swappable.

Switches can’t be changed in the newest Razer keyboard lineups. However, you can change the switch using a soldering iron if needed. The process is difficult and time-consuming.

I explored “Can you change Razer Keyboard switches” in this comprehensive guide. Let’s get going.

Change Razer Keyboard Switches
Credit- Joe Gaz

Can You Change Razer Keyboard Switches?

The simple answer is NO. So, if a button or switch on your Razer keyboard stops responding, I recommend buying a new one. Also, you can take chances soldering and swapping your Razer keyboard switches following a difficult method.

Generally, buying a new keyboard with a hot-swappable feature would be better than trying the soldering method. The reason is how-swap keyboards are easy to maintain and provide long-term service.

However, a few Razer keyboards, such as the Huntsman Range, feature hot-swap. But these keyboards are compatible with the optical switches of Razer’s brand. Users can choose Razer replacement switches between the Razer Linear switches or Clicky optical switches.

In addition, you can’t use any other manufacturer’s optical switches in Razer keyboards, which means that changing Razer keyboard switches is challenging.

Why Do or Don’t You Need to Change the Switch of a Razer Keyboard?

People want to change the Razer keyboard switches for a couple of reasons.

  • When the Razer keyboard switch starts to break, users usually think to hot-swap the switch. Here the factor is that hot-swapping is inexpensive and convenient to do. Even hot-swapping prolongs the keyboard’s lifespan.
  • Everyone wants to get a new feel after a few years when typing or gaming. Considering this point, some Razer keyboard users want to swap the switches.

For example, if you don’t feel right when typing after buying a Razer mechanical keyboard, the hot-swap feature comes in handy in this situation.

You can easily change the switches and get a new feel while working. At the same time, this feature helps you save money, as buying a new keyboard gets completely unnecessary.

But don’t assume that hot-swappable switches are always the best. They have disadvantages as well.

  • Hot-swap switches are less reliable and durable. Also, if you remove and insert the switches constantly, the keyboard component can get damaged.
  • Hot-swappable keyboards feature limited layout options compared to PCB-soldered keyboards.
  • Not all keyboards are compatible with hot-swap switches. It means that how-swap switches can only be used with hot-swap keyboards only.
  • How-swap switches can make the electrical connection unstable. As a result, you may face switching wobble or misfiring of the keystrokes.

How Do I Tell If Your Razer Keyboard is Hot Swappable?

If you are unsure whether your Razer keyboard is hot-swappable, follow the below steps to know.

Step 01: Use a keycap puller to remove the keycap of a key that you want to replace.

Step 02: If you don’t have a keycap puller, you can use your fingers or a tweezer. However, be utmost careful to avoid damaging the keys.

Step 03: After removing the keycap, carefully look beneath the switch to identify whether it is soldered to the PCB.

Step 04: Grab a flashlight if the ambient light is insufficient.

Step 05: Did you determine whether the switch is soldered to the PCB? If yes, then grab a switch puller and apply a little force.

Step 06: Is your switch refusing to leave the post? The switch might be soldered to the PCB and not hot-swappable if the answer is YES.

On the other hand, if the switch comes out of its place easily, the keyboard is hot-swappable.

Razer Black Widow Elite Key Switch Replacement


How long does Razer switch last?

Razer keyboard switches are designed to withstand competitive play’s continuous pressing and rigors, which will last up to 100 million keystrokes. Razer switches are also an ideal choice for typing. Razer keyboards will be the best solution if you frequently use your keyboard daily.

When will Razer make hot-swappable keyboards?

Razer didn’t announce that they would be making hot-swappable keyboards. The Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed is their latest keyboard line product. You can use 2 types of optical switches in it. This is the closest gamers will likely get a hot-swap keyboard from Razer for the foreseeable future.

Is Razer BlackWidow hot-swappable?

No, BlackWidow is not hot-swappable.

Final Words

Hopefully, you got an accurate answer to the question, “Can you change Razer keyboard switches.” Razer keyboards are not designed to be changed. Therefore, you can’t change the switches if they go bad.