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Are Mechanical Keyboards Good for Programming?

Programmers have to spend several hours typing codes. So, they need a keyboard that is damn responsive, easy to type, comfortable to work, and affordable. In this case, mechanical keyboards are the best option. However, still, a question arises – are mechanical keyboards good for programming?

The simple answer is YES. Mechanical keyboards allow programmers to type error-free codes. Also, they can work with these keyboards comfortably for prolonged hours. Moreover, these keyboards are affordable.

This comprehensive guide shares the benefits and drawbacks to justify whether mechanical keyboards suit programmers. Continue reading.

Are Mechanical Keyboards Good for Programming?

Mechanical keyboards are a good choice for programmers. However, preferences vary from programmer to programmer. But most programmers prefer working with mechanical keyboards for the reasons below.

Are Mechanical Keyboards Good for Programming

Sturdy & Heavy Construction

Programmers look for a keyboard that is sturdy and heavy. They need something heavy to avoid movements on the computer desk. Happily, mechanical keyboards feature anti-slip rubber, preventing unnecessary movements on the desk.

As a result, programmers can type for several hours without trouble. Such features help them to be more efficient and productive, which is necessary for programmers, especially new developers.

Let me explain if you are wondering how to test a keyboard’s robustness.

Grab the keyboard from both sides with your hands and try to bend them. Does it bend? If not, the keyboard has good build quality.

Reliability & Comfort

Programmers type codes for several hours. That is why the keyboard shouldn’t strain their wrist. Developers commonly face problems with RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). Happily, mechanical keyboards are designed in such a way as to prevent repetitive strain injury.

Along with the comfort, the keyboard has to be reliable. If your keyboard starts failing you, frustration will appear. Mechanical keyboards come in handy in this case, also. The switches and keys of these keyboards are extremely responsive, and your every keystroke will be registered.

Adaptability to Multiple Tasks

Developers have to deal with multiple projects. Some of these require features that might be unnecessary for other projects.

For example, the Numpad. A few projects need a numpad, while this feature becomes needless in other works. Since numpad takes up additional space on the keyboard, it can be a disadvantage when you don’t use it.

Mechanical keyboards are designed with a numpad and without a numpad. So, you can choose them according to your preference. Also, these keyboards are designed in such a way that you can use them for a variety of tasks.

Remember, you can’t buy different keyboards for multiple projects. Having a mechanical keyboard means it helps save valuable money.

Customizable Keycaps & Switches

A keyboard with customizable keycaps and switches is incredibly beneficial. This feature lets you personalize the keyboard as per your requirements. Moreover, you can create markers, making typing tasks convenient when programming.

Furthermore, your code typing speed and productivity will surely increase when you use mechanical keyboards.

You will find many options to customize the keycaps. Choosing the one that meets your preferences will be damn useful.

Switches also come with different options. Some programmers prefer blue switches, while others prefer red ones. On the other hand, quieter red switches are preferred by many coders.

Overall, choose the right switches that perfectly meet your needs when programming.

Should You Use Mechanical Keyboards When Programming?

Mechanical keyboards are worth the price for their numerous benefits. It is crucial to know why you should use mechanical keyboards when programming. Find the benefits below.

  • Increases Programmers Typing Speed & Productivity: The keys of the mechanical keyboards are easier to press, increasing typing speed and productivity. As a result, you can become a more productive developer.
  • Better Comfortability than Other Keyboards: Mechanical keyboards have superb ergonomics, letting you type comfortably. Programmers require comfort when typing codes for long hours. Mechanical keyboards are designed to provide the necessary comfort.
  • Provides Excellent Reliability: You will love to know that mechanical keyboards don’t offer anti-ghosting. These keyboards can maintain your workload reliably. Even your every keystroke will be registered. So, investing in mechanical keyboards will be worth the price for sure.
  • Easy to Repair and Replace: Mechanical keyboards are easy to repair and replace when you have the right tools. 
  • Better Durability: Mechanical keyboards have a fancy appearance. Most materials are made of premium-quality items. The frames are incredibly durable, making them sturdy and lightweight. This way, mechanical keyboards can withstand 100 million keystrokes efficiently. 

With all these benefits, it is important to understand you should use mechanical keyboards when programming. These keyboards help coders to get the job done. 


Do mechanical keyboards make a difference?

Yes, mechanical keyboards are suitable for programmers. These keyboards help them type correctly and efficiently. Moreover, mechanical keyboards give programmers the flexibility to handle their workload.

Do you need arrow keys for coding?

Arrow keys are especially necessary to go up and down a page or website. These keys assist programmers in scrolling different areas of a page conveniently. So, these are necessary for coding.

Should You Get a Mechanical Keyboard with Numpad?

Although most developers don’t use the numpad when typing codes, others need it to type numbers. It means whether to buy a mechanical keyboard with a Numpad depends on your project and your usability. If you have enough space on the computer desk, get a mechanical keyboard with a Numpad, which offers maximum flexibility. 

Final Words

So, now you know the answer to the question: Are mechanical keyboards good for programming?

These are better for coders, helping them to be productive and efficient. Moreover, they are affordable, so you won’t have to spend much money to type codes.

All in all, these keyboards offer numerous advantages that greatly benefit programmers. If you’re a programmer seeking a comfortable, efficient, and durable typing experience, investing in a mechanical keyboard is definitely worth considering.