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Is A Bluetooth Keyboard Good For Gaming?

If you’re looking for a new keyboard, a wireless one that uses Bluetooth rather than an old USB cord is intriguing. However, if you are a gamer, you should reconsider. Is a Bluetooth keyboard appropriate for gaming?

While a Bluetooth keyboard might be a valuable piece of gear, it is not advised for severe players due to latency. A Bluetooth keyboard is a good choice if you are a casual player who prefers the convenience of a Bluetooth keyboard.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of using a Bluetooth keyboard for gaming. We’ll discuss factors such as latency, battery life, and compatibility with different devices, so you can decide whether a Bluetooth keyboard is right for your gaming setup. This information is essential before purchasing, whether you’re a casual gamer or a serious pro. So let’s dive in!

Is A Bluetooth Keyboard Good For Gaming

What is a Bluetooth Keyboard?

Bluetooth keyboards connect to a computer, allowing users to type on it with a touchpad or keyboard. The keyboard is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops.

Bluetooth keyboards usually are not built for gaming. However, some versions do have gaming functionality. Some Bluetooth keyboards provide game-specific buttons or functions, while others offer broad typing and gaming capabilities.

Bluetooth keyboards are more comfortable for some individuals to use for extended periods since they do not require plugging in or connecting to a computer. Furthermore, some Bluetooth keyboards include built-in speakers for audio playing or recording.

How Does a Bluetooth Keyboard Work?

Bluetooth keyboards provide keystrokes via a wireless link between the keyboard and the computer. This implies no cable is required to connect the keyboard to your computer.

Bluetooth is a wireless technology with a range of up to 30 feet. That means you can set the keyboard anywhere in your room and type without worrying about cords getting in the way.

As a result, a Bluetooth keyboard provides the benefits of mobility as well as beauty in the office. However, when it comes to gaming, Bluetooth keyboards have significant limits.

Advantages of Gaming with a Bluetooth Keyboard

Wireless Independence

Bluetooth keyboards allow you to work from anywhere in your home or workplace without worrying about cords. Bluetooth keyboards may be utilized for various tasks, including document editing and internet browsing.

Nonetheless, they are particularly well suited if you require rapid control over gaming devices since they allow users to utilize their keyboard as if playing with a gamepad, eliminating the need for an extra remote control device.


If you want to take your keyboard everywhere, portable wireless keyboards are the way to go. Bluetooth keyboards are portable, easily transported, and not tangled in cords like wired keyboards.

Wireless technology has enabled us to type more effectively than ever before, regardless of where our job takes us or the environment we operate in (dusty cave? or the scorching sun?).


The Bluetooth keyboard is a fashionable and functional solution to avoid the burden of cords. It’s great for users, who may use it to keep their workplace neat.  So that they don’t need any additional cable that gets in the way or messes up their games.

Drawbacks of Using a Bluetooth Keyboard for Gaming


Price Consequences of Using a Bluetooth Keyboard for Gaming

Wireless keyboards are frequently more costly than cable keyboards. Expect to spend an additional $20-$30 for cellular capability. If you buy an expensive gaming keyboard, this is a good deal.


Wireless keyboards have a longer latency than cable keyboards. This makes them less popular among gamers since every millisecond counts in first-person shooter (fps) and multiplayer online battle arena games like League of Legends or Heroes Of The Storm.


 Interference from other electronic devices is conceivable but unlikely. You may lessen the danger by not using conventional frequencies for Bluetooth devices, such as those used for mouse or speakers (which would cause interference).


Batteries are something you have to be concerned with all of the time. You should have a wire nearby in case of an emergency. However, your Bluetooth keyboard will not function properly, although it was designed to be wireless.

RGB illumination

The wired keyboard may have its illumination on all the time. However, the Bluetooth keyboard may have a different capability or cost additional batteries.

If you like to have your RGBs, purchase one with a battery that will last more than two hours before needing to be charged again.

Is A Bluetooth Keyboard Good For Gaming?

PC gamers like Bluetooth keyboards because they are easier to type on than regular keyboard setups. Bluetooth keyboards often offer more extended key travel and, as a result, are better suited for fast-paced gaming. They also have quicker response times, allowing you to react to on-screen events faster.

Some gamers like Bluetooth keyboards because they can connect to multiple devices at once. This gives them more great gaming choices.

Others believe using a Bluetooth keyboard while playing a game is less distracting than using a regular keyboard. Finally, your preferences and needs will determine whether or not a Bluetooth keyboard is suitable for gaming.

How To Choose The Right Bluetooth Keyboard?

Bluetooth keyboards for gaming are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among PC gamers. However, before buying one, you should consider what aspects are vital to you.

Various Bluetooth keyboards are on the market, making it tough to select which one is ideal for you. Users often look for backlighting, macro buttons, and links that can be taken apart.

Backlighting is a significant feature for gaming since it improves the keyboard’s visibility in low-light circumstances. Some keyboards additionally have macro buttons, allowing users to record and replay macros effortlessly. Detachable cables are also necessary since they enable you to move the keyboard around more easily when gaming.

Finally, your demands and tastes determine the finest Bluetooth keyboard for gaming. If you want a keyboard with all the above characteristics, consider buying one from a reputed manufacturer like Corsair or Razer.


Do Bluetooth Keyboards Have Input Lag?

Bluetooth connections have the highest latency of all three connection types, which is why they are more frequent with mobile and business keyboards than gaming ones.

What Is The Main Drawback Of A Wireless Keyboard?

Small radio transmitters are commonly found in wireless keyboards. They, like any other radio transmitter, require electricity to function. Batteries often provide power; you cannot use the keyboard if the batteries die. Keep additional batteries on hand or a regular keyboard available as a backup.

Is Bluetooth 5.0 Keyboards Good For Gaming?

They’re OK for casual gaming, but if you’re into anything slightly time essential, like FPS games, the extra latency (the delay between the keypress and the action) will be noticeable compared to a wired keyboard or even a standard wireless gaming keyboard.


Bluetooth keyboards are an excellent method to type letters and texts on your phones and tablets. They are also suitable for gaming. A Bluetooth keyboard is a perfect choice if you require a keyboard for work or everyday typing.

However, if you’re searching for a gaming keyboard, consider what game you’ll play. Some games require more accurate typing than others, and there may be better solutions than a regular keyboard in some cases.

For games that need accuracy, such as driving or flying planes, a Bluetooth gaming keyboard will help you succeed. Despite having admirers, Bluetooth keyboards are less popular among gamers than wired versions due to their restrictions.