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Is A Wireless Keyboard Good For Gaming?

Mechanical wired keyboards have dominated the gaming keyboard market for a long time. While most gamers prefer tethered keyboards, others prefer wireless keyboards.

So, is a wireless keyboard good for gaming? Yes, wireless keyboards can be used for gaming, depending on your needs. However, most professional gamers prefer wired ones because they have a lower latency value than their wireless counterparts.

That only applies to professional multiplayer games. If you plan on playing single-player casual games, wireless keyboards may perform slightly better than their other equivalents. Are you still in the loop? Now is the time to explore deeper into the subject.

What is a Wireless Keyboard?

What is a Wireless Keyboard

A wireless keyboard connects to laptops, tablets, phones, and computers via Radio Frequency (RF), Infrared (IR), or Bluetooth technologies. You don’t utilize cords but rather a transceiver plugged into the computer’s USB port.

Wireless keyboards eliminate the need to recall the tangled cables behind your computer and the inconvenient working position. You can connect to gadgets from afar and even kind while sitting on a couch, in your living room, or at your kitchen table. This is not to argue that the wireless types have everything.

Types Of Wireless Keyboards

Various sorts of wireless keyboards are available to let you operate in an ordered workstation free of tangled cords. They are classified according to the technologies that link the keyboard to computers. The following are the several types to consider:

Bluetooth keyboards

Bluetooth keyboards are the most prevalent wireless keyboards that connect and communicate with the associated device using the Bluetooth protocol. Although there is a range limit, the technology enables secure and speedier data transmission.

Because Bluetooth keyboards do not sync through a direct line of sight, you can effortlessly connect within 30 feet (approx. 9 meters). Bluetooth keyboards can be used in the office, where the reliable link may make desk clutter impossible to avoid. Bluetooth keyboards might be inconvenient because they must be paired with the computer regularly.

RF keyboards

Unlike Bluetooth keyboards, which do not decommission USB, RF keyboards use radio frequencies to communicate data to the associated computer, which requires a transmitter and transceiver. The transceiver is connected to the computer’s USB port, while the transmitter is housed within the keyboard. The computer then identifies the keyboard and allows you to type as if they were wired.

Because of its simplicity of connection and low interference, RF technology is the most used medium for wireless keyboards. Although specific versions, such as Logitech’s, have already introduced 2.4 GHz, the standard frequency for these keyboards is 27 MHz. The redesigned peripheral provides interference-free performance, dependable encryption, and increased battery life.

Additionally, the RF range is more extensive than that of Bluetooth. Most models connect at 33 feet (about 10 meters). However, some variants can work up to 100 feet (about 30 meters) from the PC.

Infrared Keyboards

Infrared keyboards communicate with computers via light waves. The technique is widely used in wireless devices such as remote controls, although it is uncommon in computer keyboards. As long as there is a direct line of sight, most IR keyboards can connect within a range of 33 feet (about 10 meters).

If there is anything in the way of the computer and the keyboard, they will not connect. This can be inconvenient, causing some users to avoid IR kinds. However, because of their high data transmission rate, few individuals still favor them.

How Does A Wireless Keyboard Work?

Wireless keyboards include built-in transmitters communicating data via Bluetooth protocols, radio frequency, or light rays. You must connect a receiver to the computer’s USB port when utilizing an RF keyboard. The keyboard transmitter will then communicate with the computer via the receiver.

 This allows You to work as though the keyboard were physically connected to the computer.   You will need to pair the Bluetooth keyboard with the PC. To begin, the computer or other pairing device must be Bluetooth enabled.

This indicates it has a Bluetooth antenna that receives information transmitted by the keyboard’s protocol. Because computer operating systems are intended to accept and share wireless data, the commands given by keyboards will be interpreted accordingly. 

Is A Wireless Keyboard Good For Gaming?

Yes, wireless keyboards are suitable for competitive gaming if you get a mid-range or high-end model specifically intended for the purpose. There are some advantages of using the wireless keyboard for gaming.


A wireless keyboard is ideal for gamers who wish to relax with non-competitive games. If you don’t like typing on a laptop keyboard, you can effortlessly pack and carry it from your business or home to wherever else.

If you play turn-based or story-driven games and hustling to be ranked and reach the top ladder isn’t your thing, you don’t need to be concerned about the sort of keyboard you use to play.


Wireless keyboards are far superior in terms of aesthetics to wired keyboards. With less clutter and one less wire to worry about, your setup looks neater and more visually appealing.

Extremely Convenient

The most fundamental reason consumers favor wireless keyboards over alternative options is convenience. Even though we’ve already discussed it, wireless keyboards do not reduce gaming comfort. If anything, it encourages relaxation. As the keyboard is Bluetooth-enabled, there is no need to worry about cables getting in the way or making your computer look disorganized.

Furthermore, these keyboards may be used with multiple PCs. Unplug from the previous desktop and connect to a new one. There are no cables involved in this. If it includes a wireless mouse, your wireless keyboard is unquestionably superior to any other wired keyboard.

Can you GAME on a Cheap Wireless Keyboard?

The Drawbacks of Using Wireless Keyboards for Gaming

While wireless keyboards have numerous benefits, the disadvantages of this device type must be addressed. Some difficulties a user may have when utilizing a wireless keyboard for gaming are listed below. These are the following:

The latency

The worst advantage that any keyboard may offer is minimal latency. Unfortunately, wireless keyboards fall short in this regard. We have already covered everything you need to know about latency, so we will not go over it again.

Remember that different keyboards have varying latency ratings. While wireless keyboards cannot transcend the line between them and their wired counterparts, they will give enough performance for recreational gaming.

Issues with Connection

Most wireless keyboards employ Bluetooth wireless technology to connect to the PC gaming system. However, even minor interference can cause the keyboard to stop working briefly.

When you are gaming, this is a disastrous situation. Even though the interference occurred only for a fraction of a second, if the Bluetooth keyboard was unable to execute a certain key you pressed during the interference, you could lag far behind your opponent.

Limitations of the Battery

Another significant disadvantage of wireless keyboards is that their batteries drain exceptionally quickly. If you use a wireless keyboard, you must be concerned about running out of battery life.

Furthermore, if you activate RGB illumination for the keyboard keys, your battery will drain at a pace that is more than double that of an idle keyboard. As a result, many wireless keyboards now have an additional cable.

So, Wireless vs Wired Keyboard – Which One Is Better For Gaming?

Because of faster response times and higher dependability, wired keyboards outperform wireless keyboards in gaming. Wired keyboards are also less expensive to acquire than wireless keyboards, which may be a deciding factor for some players.

While most gamers may not perceive a difference in latency, wired keyboards ensure near-zero delay. This means that during fierce confrontations, you can rely on your keyboard strokes to capture each button hit precisely when you want them to be recorded. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to seamless game performance.

The following are the primary distinctions between wired and wireless keyboards:

Wired Keyboardwireless keyboard
Faster response timeSlower response time
No interferencePotential interference
Cheaper than wireless keyboardQuite expensive than wired keyboard
No batteriesRequire batteries
Less convenientMore convenient

On the other hand, wireless keyboards rely on your internet connection and Bluetooth to connect to your gaming equipment, whilst wired keyboards are connected to your computer by USB.

This means that the effectiveness of wireless keyboards depends on the quality and reliability of your internet connection. This involves counting on minimum disruption from adjacent components with the same connection. We’re talking about fractions of a second, but every little bit helps!

On the other hand, a wireless keyboard may be better for casual gamers playing games that do not require lightning-fast reaction speeds. Aside from the fact that wireless keyboards are more visually appealing, the benefits of no wires and portability make wireless keyboards a good choice for casual gamers.

Are Wireless Keyboards Trustworthy?

When wireless keyboards were first introduced, they could have been more dependable. Every second, the connection was lost, innumerable arrow keys were not executed, and even the design needed to be more suitable. There were no mechanical keyboards with switches or MX keys available.

Wireless keyboards may have seemed like a fraud to many from that era. The Bluetooth keyboard’s current capabilities may appear science fiction. On the other hand, engineers have gone to tremendous lengths to make wireless gaming keyboards as realistic as possible.

On the other hand, wireless keyboards may be better in some ways. However, when considering the overall benefits of keyboards, they are more valuable than any other keyboard variety. Most of wireless gaming keyboards also include a gaming mouse for free. So, it is just as reliable as any other good keyboard,

Final Thoughts

When choosing a keyboard for gaming, the decision ultimately depends on your preferences and gaming style. While wireless keyboards can undoubtedly be used for gaming, those who prioritize speed and precision may prefer the lower latency of wired keyboards.

However, wireless keyboards can perform just as well as their wired counterparts for casual single-player games. Ultimately, choosing between a wired or wireless keyboard is up to you and your needs. So, whether you’re a professional gamer or a casual player, select the keyboard that best suits your gaming style.