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How To Connect Logitech Wireless Keyboard k350

Logitech k350 has an amazing design with comfort and that too at an affordable price. While the battery life is excellent, you also get the receiver with the package!

But after you get it, you need to connect it to your computer. And so, today, we will tell you how to connect Logitech wireless keyboard k350 with your PC, laptop, or Mac without any complication!

Steps to Connect Logitech Wireless Keyboard k350 to PC or Laptop

No matter whether you are using a PC or a Laptop, as long as you have the Logitech k350 keyboard USB receiver with the keyboard, you can connect it without hassle!

Connect Logitech Wireless Keyboard k350

Step 1: Install the Driver

Firstly, try to get a hold of the DVD that came with the keyboard. In this DVD, you will get the driver that you need for running the Logitech K350 keyboard.

However, if you do not see the DVD available, you can check out the online driver too. In this case, you have to visit the official site of Logitech. There, you will get to see the driver available. All you need is to download it.

No matter whether you are using the downloaded file or the one that came with the DVD; you have to install the driver. Check the file and start installing it so that you can run the Logitech keyboard.

Step 2: Connect the Unifying Device

Once you are done, you need to get your hands on the Logitech unifying device. Get your hands on it and then connect it to the USB port on your computer. You can go for this method for both your laptop and PC.

So, all you need here is to add it to the USB port of your PC or laptop. The unifying device by Logitech comes with the k350 keyboard. Check the box and you will get it.

If you have used the Logitech keyboard before, the process will be easier for you. However, if you are a beginner, you might need to consider some specific points here.

Step 3: Add the Batteries

So, now you have installed the driver on your PC or laptop and your PC is ready for working with the Logitech keyboard. Also, you have added the unifying device to the USB port of your computer.

Ensure that you have placed the receiver into the USB port of your computer. Once you are with these steps, you have to move forward to check the keyboard now. Get your hands on the keyboard and there, you will see a place for the batteries.

All you need is to set the batteries of your keyboard in the right place. If you are new, check out the top part of your keyboard. There, you will see the battery cover.

Step 4: Turn on the Keyboard

A very important thing to remember is to make sure that the keyboard is switched on. The keyboard won’t be switched on if you do not manually switch it on. As it won’t start automatically after adding the batteries, check for the switch of the keyboard. 

Also, when you are not there, you need to turn it off using the switch. Once again, check the top part of the keyboard, and there, you will find the Switch added. Get your finger on the switch and turn it on.

Step 5: Pair it

Once you have turned on the keyboard, your computer will start the search for the keyboard. This is an automatic process. When it is ready to be connected, there will be a prompt dialog on your screen.

Check the screen and you will see a confirmation option available. You can allow it to get access to the keyboard or you can deny it. To connect it, all you need is to click on the ALLOW option.

Step 6: Wait for the Pairing

Now that you have confirmed your computer for adding the keyboard, it’s time for you to wait. During this period, the computer will get ready for adding the keyboard. The pairing takes a little bit of time. So, wait and soon it will be paired automatically,

Step 7: Test the Keyboard

When the keyboard is paired to the computer, you have to test the keyboard. At times, it gets paired but doesn’t work.

So, you need to make sure that the pairing is successful. Start typing anywhere and check if it works or not. If your keyboard and computer are compatible, the keyboard will be paired and will start working.

Steps to Connect Logitech Wireless Keyboard k350 to Mac

Steps to Connect Logitech Wireless Keyboard k350 to Mac

Here’s how you can add the keyboard to your Mac! Also, don’t forget to check out if the Logitech k350 keyboard not working if you see the keyboard is not pairing!

  • When you are using Mac and want to add it to the wireless keyboard by Logitech, the first job you need to do is to turn the Bluetooth on. Once the Bluetooth is switched on, you need to go to the next step. However, at times, you might lack the Bluetooth option. In that case, you need to use the Bluetooth Dongle.
  • Now, the Bluetooth is turned on. Your job is to check the keyboard and prepare it for the pairing. Here, you have to add the batteries and switch on the keyboard just the way we have mentioned in the previous method.

Once the keyboard is switched on, you need to check the Mac screen. Check the Bluetooth Settings of your Mac. There, you will be able to see the name of your Logitech k350 keyboard.

  • When you see the name of your keyboard appear on the screen of your Mac, click on it. After clicking it, your Mac will start working on the pairing. The Bluetooth will soon be connected; all you need is to wait for the job to be done.
  • While the pairing is going on, you might see a dialog box on your Mac screen. There will be instructions added. Check them and all you need here is to allow the keyboard to be connected to your Mac. Once you allow it, the keyboard will get added to the Mac!

Wrap Up

A keyboard can afford you comfort and design together- you will believe it when you will add the Logitech k350 keyboard to your computer. As the keyboard comes with the receiver, you don’t need to worry about the connection at all. All you need is to follow the steps we have mentioned and that is all!