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How to Connect Keyboard to iPad Without Bluetooth

If you are an iPad owner, you might want to add a keyboard to it. Sometimes, compared to virtual keyboards, the physical keyboards feel genuine and provide a professional vibe. Many iPad users go for wireless keyboards as they come with a wide range of features and varieties.

Those wireless keyboards establish a connection with the iPad through the Bluetooth connection. But that draws charge from the iPad drastically, and the wireless keyboard must also be charged. If that is the case, it is not unexpected that you search for how to connect keyboard to iPad without Bluetooth. 

How to Connect Keyboard to iPad

Why Should You Use an External Keyboard with an iPad?

The iPads have built-in software for on-screen or virtual keyboards. But still, a large number of users prefer to use external keyboards for numerous reasons. If you use your iPad for professional purposes and type a lot with it, the on-screen keyboard won’t be able to fulfill your expectations.

Typing with the built-in and on-screen keyboards isn’t convenient, and controlling the iPad is a bit complex while typing. Along with these, there are some more reasons why peoples use external keyboards with their iPad, and those possible reasons are:

  • Typing with comparatively larger keyboards than the on-screen ones is more convenient 
  • With the external keyboards, you can customize the keyboard shortcuts and change various settings based on your requirements
  • Sometimes, the on-screen keyboard is a bit difficult to see and locate letters which will not happen with the large external keyboards
  • When the iPad is connected to an external keyboard, it gets more balanced, and the iPad becomes way easier to control
  • Your typing speed will increase with the external keyboard compared to the smaller default on-screen keyboard of the iPad

How to Connect Keyboard to iPad without Bluetooth – The Scenarios and Their Processes

When you want to connect an external keyboard to your iPad, there are usually three different scenarios. You either go for the wireless keyboards or use a wired keyboard, and the last one is using the magic keyboard for iPad. Now, as you want to connect the keyboard to iPad without Bluetooth, there remain two possible scenes.

So, let’s get on with the processes of how to connect the wired keyboard and then the Magic keyboard to your iPad one after another.

How to Connect Your Wireless Keyboard Case to iPad

How to Connect a USB Keyboard to iPad – The Entire Process

You will require a wired keyboard that comes with a lightning port. Along with that, you will need another device which is a lightning-to-USB adapter and a USB-C to lightning cable. When you have these two devices and the cable in your hands, you can establish the connection between the keyboard and your iPad. 

Keyboard to iPad
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The steps for the process are as follows:

Step-1: Establish the Connection Between the Adapter and the iPad

The adapter you have must be the one with two input ports for USB-C and a standard USB port. There will be an output port in this adapter in order to establish the connection between the two devices. Now, the output port needs to be compatible with the charging port of your iPad.

If all these things are positive, only then you can connect the lightning to the USB adapter with the iPad.

Step-2: Connect the Cable to the Keyboard

The external keyboard you have must have a lightning port to make the connection. On the other hand, one end of the cable is USB-C compatible, and the other end of it is compatible with the lightning port. So, connect this USB-C to the lightning cable’s lightning end to the lightning port of the keyboard.

Step-3: Establish the Connection Between the Cable and the Adapter

You are done connecting the cable to the keyboard and the adapter to your iPad. The only connection left now is between the adapter and the keyboard. As you have connected USB-C to the lightning cable’s lightning end to the keyboard, the USB-C end is still free. 

So, you need to connect that USB-C end of the cable to the USB-C port of the lightning to the USB adapter. Once you are done doing so, you have successfully connected your iPad to an external keyboard.

How to Connect the Magic Keyboard to iPad – The Step-by-Step Process to Perform

If you are willing to attach an external keyboard to your iPad, using the Magic keyboard is the best idea. There is no battery in it, and it gets power after getting magnetically attached to the iPad. While using this keyboard, you won’t have to keep the iPad flat on the surface.

Also, it will be easier to type as the iPad and keyboard attached will be in a laptop-like shape. Now, the steps you need to perform to connect this magic keyboard to your iPad are as follows: 

Step-1: Place the Keyboard on an Even Surface

The magic keyboard comes with two different parts and is foldable. Firstly, find a flat and even surface where you can place this keyboard. After placing the keyboard, unfold it and reveal the part containing its keys and buttons.

Step-2: Connect the iPad to the Keyboard

Another keyboard part is called the lid, which comes with magnetic power. When you unfold the keyboard, the lid will stand when the keyboard section lies on the surface. Place the iPad on the lid and ensure the rear camera module goes through the cutout in the top left corner of the lid.

Thus, the keyboard will be connected to the iPad magnetically, and there is no necessity for Bluetooth or wired connection.

Step-3: Adjust the iPad and the Keyboard

While establishing the connection, the iPad will be magnetically attached to the lid. But the position of the iPad on the lid might not be ideal for you to have a better view. To do so, gently tilt the lid up or down as per your necessity to fix it in the best viewing angle.


How to Attach a Magic Keyboard for iPad?  

Attaching the magic keyboard for iPad is one of the easiest tasks. Place the keyboard on a flat surface first and unfold it as it is foldable and comes with two sections. While unfolding, the keyboard section will lie on the ground, and the lid will work as a stand where you should place the iPad.

Place the iPad on the lid properly so that the rear camera panel matches the cutout and adjust the lid for a better viewing angle of the iPad.

Can you use the magic keyboard without Bluetooth?  

While connecting the magic keyboard to your iPad, no wired or network-related connection is required. You won’t need any lightning port or charging cable to establish the connection. Along with these, you won’t require any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection for the process as well. 

It works according to the magnetic connection, and the keyboard also gets charged from the iPad through that connection.

Final Words

Using an external keyboard is essential when you do hardcore typing jobs. Typing with the small on-screen default keyboard is not identical to your professional tasks. Most users usually use wireless keyboards, but there are other keyboard connection systems, such as wired or magnetic ones. 

If you prefer any of these, you must learn the process of how to connect keyboard to iPad without Bluetooth. You can either use the wired keyboard or the magic keyboard based on your needs. As the external keyboards for iPad, magnetic keyboards are most suitable.