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Dell Laptop Keyboard on But Screen Off

A black screen on a laptop usually counts as a bad sign. In a Dell laptop, the black screen problem makes the device problematic. Users cannot view the work on the screen.

The pain usually occurs if the laptop’s graphic driver malfunctions and stops working correctly. And it is the most common reason behind the Dell laptop keyboard on but the screen the problem. 

How to Fix Dell Laptop Keyboard on but Screen off

How to Fix Dell Laptop Keyboard on but Screen off

The above sentence is a vastly searched tag because many users need to learn how to fix the issue. If you face this problem, you are in the proper place. We describe some methods to repair a Dell laptop keyboard on but screen off the pain. So, let’s start.

Before heading to the solutions, we’ll learn the causes that create the problem.

What are the Causes of Dell Black Screen?

The issue can happen for a number of reasons. I listed the most common ones in this section.

1. Display Problem: If the display is turning on first and then showing a black screen, you should understand the problem might be caused for damage to the display, video card, or video driver. Even it can occur in the connecting cable.

2. Overheating: You should be careful about the proper ventilation of your Dell laptop. Overheating is the second possible reason for a black screen.

3. Virus in System: A virus is expected in the Windows operating system. It makes the user face various problems. Also, virus/malware can cause a black screen on your device.

4. Hardware Failure: It’s the fourth problem on the list. Any hardware failure can make the screen black after your device turns on.  

5. Installation Issues: You should ensure the operating system is installed completely using Windows. If you don’t install it properly, it may create black screen problem

6. Power Supply Issue: Be careful with the power supply of your Dell laptop. It is the sixth issue that creates a black screen.  

Now, you know which problems can cause the keyboard on but the screen problem. We are providing the solutions to the issue. Follow each method to solve the problem quickly.

How to Fix Dell Laptop Keyboard on but Screen off

Thankfully, you won’t have to sweat a lot to solve Dell laptop keyboard on but screen black. Here I shared 5 effective methods for you. Read them carefully.

Method 1: Restart Graphics Driver

Poor connection between the device and OS can create black screen issue. And restarting its graphics driver can reconnect them quickly. Check the process below:

Step-1: Turn on your laptop’s keyboard.

Step-2: Now press the “Windows,” “Ctrl,” “Shift,” and “B” keys together.

Step-3: Wait until the graphics driver restarts.

Once the restart is done, you’ll see the black screen problem is solved.

Method-2: Update Graphics Driver

Sometimes the black screen of a Dell laptop can cause by an outdated graphics driver. Updating the driver to the latest one can solve the issue. So, you should update the graphics driver properly to solve the black screen problem.

Method-3: Replace Display Panel

You might face a black screen error due to the problematic display panel of your Dell laptop. So, it would help if you replaced the panel ASAP to eliminate the problem. Separate its power cable and detach the battery. Now, connect the laptop to an external monitor. If nothing is visible on the monitor, then the display panel of your laptop is gone. It would help if you replaced it. Also, follow these steps:

Step-1: After removing the battery, perform a power draining function. Keep pressing the power key of your device for 10-20 seconds. Then connect the power cord to turn the display on.

Step-2: Check the LED indication on the power button.

Step-3: If you notice the Power button or Caps lock buttons LED is on, connect the display to an external monitor.  

Step-4: If you watch the display on the external monitor, replace the laptop’s display panel.

Step-5: If you notice LED of Caps Lock button blinking with a gap, perform BIOS recovery. Just turn off the laptop and connect it to the power cord to perform this action.

Step-6: Press the “Ctrl” and “Esc” keys to appear on the Bios recovery page.

Step-7: Select the “reset NVRAM” option and hit “Enter” on the appeared screen.

Step-8: Click the “Recover BIOS” option and hit enter to start the recovery process.

Method-4: Force Shut Down

If your laptop keeps going black screen randomly, you should use force to shut it down. In this process, you should detach every external device connected to the computer. Keep the devices unplugged for at least 20 seconds. Then take off the AC adapter, and the laptop’s battery has been drained.


Step-1: Detach all the devices connected externally.

Step-2: Now, turn off the laptop for 20 seconds.

Step-3: Detach the AC adapter with the battery intact.

Step-4: Keep pressing and holding the Power Key for at least 1 minute. It will drain the battery.

Step-5: Now, connect the battery and charger to the laptop.

Step-6: Turn your laptop on and see if the problem is solved.

Method-5: Boot into Safe Mode

You can try to boot the laptop into safe mode to solve the black screen problem. Here is the process to boot into the Safe mode:

Step-1: Shut down the laptop.

Step-2: Turn it on by pressing the power button.

Step-3: Press the “Shift” and “F8” buttons. Keep the buttons pressed until the Windows logo appears on the screen.

Step-4: Enter the Recovery Mode menu.

Step-5: Start the process again if the Recovery Mode doesn’t appear.

Step-6: Navigate to See Advanced Options from the Recovery mode.

Step-7: Click on the “Troubleshoot” option.

Step-8: Navigate to “Advanced options.”

Step-9: Select “Windows Startup Settings,” then click “Restart.”

Step-10: Select “5” and “F5” from the appeared list after a restart.

Now you are in “Safe Mode.” It needs a network connection to run in Safe Mode. Here, you can use the laptop as you did previously.

How to Fix Dell Laptop Black Screen Problem?


Why is my Dell laptop screen showing black?

Several reasons to make a laptop screen black. Hardware-related error, power supply issue, overheating, etc., causes the error.

How can I restart a Dell laptop containing a black screen?

Keep pressing the Power key of your Dell laptop. Also, remove all the connected devices like adapters, batteries, power cords, and other devices. Connect everything again after some time. Then hit the Power button.

How can I start my Dell laptop with a black screen?

You can use hard reset option to start a black-screen Dell laptop. Also, you can do a force restart. These can fix the black screen issue.

Final Words

The black screen issue is a common issue for all PC users. Several reasons cause this issue. Also, it has various methods of solution. Here, we have described some solutions for the Dell laptop keyboard on but screen-off cases. You can quickly solve the issue following the methods mentioned above. So, don’t worry if you need help with using the Dell laptop.

Best wishes.