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Are Ducky keyboards hot-swappable?

Are you tired of using a standard keyboard that doesn’t quite meet your needs? Are you seeking a keyboard with exceptional build quality, customization options, and a superior typing experience?

Look no further than Ducky keyboards. Well-known for their craftsmanship and meticulousness, Ducky keyboards have become a favorite among enthusiasts and professionals.

This article will explore why Ducky keyboards stand out and why they may be the perfect choice for your next keyboard upgrade.

Ducky keyboards

Are Ducky keyboards hot-swappable? Yes, Ducky keyboards are available in hot-swappable variants. Users can quickly change switches without soldering, allowing for convenient customization and versatility in their typing or gaming experience.

What is Hot-Swappability

Hot-swappability refers to the capability of a keyboard to allow users to change or swap out the mechanical switches without having to solder or desolder them.

With a hot-swappable keyboard, you can easily remove and replace switches by pulling them out and inserting new ones into the sockets on the keyboard PCB (Printed Circuit Board). Hot-swappability offers several advantages to keyboard enthusiasts.

Firstly, it provides the freedom to experiment with different switch types and brands, allowing users to find the perfect switch for their typing or gaming preferences.

It eliminates the need for complex soldering or desoldering processes, making switch swapping much more convenient and accessible to a broader audience.

Additionally, hot-swappable keyboards can be a cost-effective solution as they allow users to upgrade or change switches without buying an entirely new keyboard.

Overall, hot-swappability is desirable for those who enjoy customization and want the flexibility to switch out their keyboard switches quickly and efficiently..

Compatible Switches and Customization Options

Ducky keyboards offer compatibility with a wide range of switches, providing users with many customization options. Whether you prefer linear, tactile, or clicky switches, Ducky has you covered.

Cherry MX Switches:

Ducky keyboards often support Cherry MX switches, including popular variants like Cherry MX Red, Brown, and Blue.

These switches offer different characteristics in actuation force, tactile feedback, and auditory feedback, allowing you to choose the one that suits your typing or gaming style.

Kailh Switches:

Ducky keyboards also offer compatibility with Kailh switches, known for their smoothness and durability. Kailh switches come in various types, including Kailh Red, Brown, and Speed, each with unique feel and performance attributes.

Gateron Switches:

Another option available for customization in Ducky keyboards is Gateron switches. Gateron switches are praised for their smooth keystrokes and are available in options like Gateron Red, Brown, and Blue.

Aftermarket Switches:

Ducky keyboards often have standard switch layouts, which means they are compatible with various aftermarket switches from manufacturers.

switch layouts

Build Quality

The build quality of keyboards is an essential consideration because it affects the device’s lifetime, stability, and general durability.

The superb build quality of Ducky keyboards distinguishes them from many other keyboards on the market.

Let’s delve into the reasons why Ducky keyboards excel in this aspect:

Premium Materials:

Ducky keyboards are constructed using high-quality materials contributing to their robustness and reliability.

The keyboards often feature sturdy aluminum or plastic casings that provide a solid and durable framework.

These materials enhance the keyboard’s structural integrity and offer a premium look and feel.

keyboard's structural

Solid Construction:

Ducky keyboards are meticulously designed and engineered to ensure a solid build.

The components are carefully assembled, resulting in a keyboard that feels substantial and well-built.

A keyboard made with meticulous attention to detail can withstand frequent use and occasional unintentional bumps or accidents.

Mechanical Switches:

Ducky keyboards predominantly utilize mechanical switches renowned for their durability and longevity.

These switches are designed to withstand millions of keystrokes without compromising performance.

Integrating high-quality mechanical switches further contributes to Ducky keyboards’ overall robustness and build quality.

mechanical switches

Brand Reputation:

Ducky has built a strong reputation in the mechanical keyboard community for its exceptional build quality.

The brand is highly regarded and trusted by enthusiasts and professionals alike, which speaks to the reliability and durability of their keyboards. Investing in a Ducky keyboard means investing in a product built to last.

Whether you’re a casual user or a demanding professional, the solid construction and premium materials used in Ducky keyboards will ensure that your keyboard can withstand the test of time and deliver consistent performance.

Installation and Process of Switch Swapping

Step-by-step guide on how to replace switches in a Ducky hot-swappable keyboard.

Prepare the necessary tools:

Before starting the switch-swapping process, gather the following tools:

Keycap puller:

This tool helps remove keycaps from the keyboard.

Switch puller:

Used to remove switches from the keyboard safely.

Switch puller

Replacement switches:

Have the desired switches ready for installation.

Replacement switches

Power off and unplug the keyboard:

Ensure the keyboard is turned off and disconnected from any power source before proceeding.

Remove the keycaps:

Use a keycap puller to remove the keycaps from the keyboard gently. Start from one corner and work across, carefully pulling each keycap upward.

 new switches

Remove the existing switches:

With the keycaps removed, locate the switches you wish to replace. Use a puller to extract the switches from their sockets on the PCB gently. Apply even pressure and avoid any excessive force to prevent damage.

Insert the new switches:

Take the replacement switches and align them with the empty sockets on the PCB. Ensure the orientation of the switches is correct before gently pushing them into place. They should fit snugly into the sockets.

new switches

Test the switches:

After installing the new switches, testing each one by pressing them to confirm proper functioning is recommended.

Reattach the keycaps:

Once the switches are in place and verified to work correctly, reattach the keycaps to their respective positions on the keyboard. Ensure they are aligned and firmly pressed down.

Mention any specific tools or instructions needed for the process

Switch swapping in a Ducky hot-swappable keyboard requires a keycap puller and switch puller. These tools are commonly included with the keyboard or can be purchased separately.

Ensure the desired replacement switches are on hand before starting the process.

Advantages and Considerations

Hot-swappability in Ducky keyboards offers several advantages for users seeking customization and versatility.

However, there are a few other considerations concerning this function. Let’s explore both aspects:

Advantages of Hot-Swappability in Ducky Keyboards:

Flexibility and Customization:

Hot-swappable keyboards allow users to try different switch types, brands, and characteristics without soldering.

This flexibility allows for personalized typing experiences tailored to individual preferences.

Easy Maintenance and Upgrades:

Switches can wear out over time, or users may want a change. Hot-swappability simplifies replacing worn-out or faulty switches, making keyboard maintenance hassle-free.

It also enables easy upgrades to newer or preferred switch models.

Enhanced Typing or Gaming Experience:

By experimenting with different switches, users can fine-tune their keyboard to their liking.

Whether it’s a preference for tactile feedback, actuation force, or noise level, hot-swappability facilitates a customized experience that enhances overall comfort and satisfaction.

Enhanced Typing

Considerations for Hot-Swappability in Ducky Keyboards:

Switch Compatibility:

While Ducky keyboards are often compatible with various switch brands, ensuring that the switches you intend to use are compatible with the specific Ducky model is essential.

Check compatibility information or consult the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid any issues.

Stability and Wobble:

Some users may find that hot-swappable keyboards have a slightly less stable feel than those with soldered switches.

The socket mechanism may introduce a minimal amount of wobble in some instances.

However, this is a minor concern and may not significantly affect overall typing or gaming performance.

Keyboard Size and Layout Limitations:

Not all Ducky keyboard models offer hot-swappable functionality.

Ensure that your specific Ducky keyboard supports hot-capability if this feature is your priority.

Additionally, note that hot-swappable keyboards may have size or layout limitations that could restrict the availability of specific switch options.

By considering these advantages and considerations, you can make an informed decision about whether hot-capability in Ducky keyboards aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

Ultimately, the ability to customize and tailor your keyboard to your liking is a significant advantage many users find appealing.

Comparison with Non-Hot-Swappable Keyboards

When considering hot-swappable keyboards like those offered by Ducky, it’s essential to understand how they compare to non-hot-swappable keyboards. Both types have their merits and considerations. Let’s explore the key differences:


Users can easily swap out switches to achieve their desired typing or gaming experience.

In contrast, non-hot-swappable keyboards are typically limited to the switches they come with, making customization more challenging and requiring soldering skills.


Hot-swappable keyboards offer convenience in terms of maintenance and upgrades. Switch replacements can be done quickly without soldering or complex disassembly.


Hot-swappable keyboards provide a user-friendly approach to switch swapping, making customization accessible to a broader audience.

Non-hot-swappable keyboards are better suited for users who prefer a plug-and-play experience without switching changes.


While generally stable, hot-swappable keyboards may introduce slight switch wobble due to the socket mechanism.

However, this difference is often minimal and may not significantly impact overall performance.


In conclusion, Ducky keyboards are a top choice for individuals seeking a high-quality, customizable typing or gaming experience.

With their superior build quality, hot-capability options, exceptional typing feel, and extensive community support, Ducky keyboards offer a combination of durability, performance, and customization that is hard to match.

Consider investing in a Ducky keyboard to elevate your keyboarding experience.

Discover if Ducky keyboards are hot-swappable. Learn about the convenience and versatility of these keyboards in this informative guide.