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Why should you Use an External Keyboard for your Laptop?

Owning a laptop makes life easier- portable and fun, no doubt. But if you need to work a lot on your laptop and most of that includes typing, it’s a wise decision to switch to an external keyboard.

But why! Don’t you want to know why should you use an external keyboard for your laptop? We have major points to tell you!

Use an External Keyboard for your Laptop

Reasons to Use External Keyboards for the Laptops

The external keyboard doesn’t only make typing easier and the satisfaction higher; it also lessens the eye, neck, and finger strains.

So, in short, it’s healthy for both your health and the laptop. Why should you use an external keyboard for your laptop- here, you’ll learn in detail!

Reduce Actuation Force

When you are dealing with your laptop, there are complaints that the keys of the device require a lot of force to press down. You must understand that laptop keys have little travel.

And the worst part is there is a high possibility of accidental clicks. Who wants accidental clicks when you are typing for a presentation or just sending messages to their friends? Checking it out again and again if you have typed it right is annoying.

So, you can easily understand that laptop keys have a heavy actuation force. And this doesn’t only make you annoyed, this repetitive process will cause strain injuries in the long run.

On the other hand, an external keyboard will help you pick up your actuation force. It makes you comfortable and solves your issue!

Easy Customization

For a laptop keyboard, customization is a factor. You cannot customize much. But if you get your hands on an external option, there is always room for customization that will lead you to comfort. There are endless keyboards and switches available.

Also, you key different keycap combinations in the market. Whenever you require modification, you can simply get it!

On the other hand, if you think about the laptop’s in-built keyboard, it’s not up for the modification you need. Practically, it’s impossible to change the order. This makes an external keyboard easier and a better option.

Longer Key Travel Distance

The key travel distance of a keyboard, as we have mentioned previously, is shallow. The distance here is around 1mm or close. As a result, you always need to press harder on the keys to make sure you are typing the right key.

This might not seem to be a problem in the first stages. But when you get used to it and use the laptop for typing a lot, there’s a chance of bottoming out the key. And finally, it has a severe impact on your health too.

External Keyboard for your Laptop

It will hurt your finger joints and tendons in the long run. Compared to this, the external keyboard gives you a longer key travel distance.

As a result, you get larger switches and it reduces the chance of bottoming out a key. And eventually, your finger joints stay safer than they were with the laptop keyboard!

No Trackpad Misclicks

Right under the keyboard of your laptop, the trackpad is added. If you are a pro, you can simply avoid miskicking the trackpad. However, even for professionals, this is not uncommon.

There will be almost no laptop user who will tell you that they haven’t gone through the trackpad misclicks one in their lives.

While typing, it’s common to mistakenly tough the trackpad and move your cursor. And at times, you might click it which can result in losing your important files.

With the external keyboard, things can be easier because you do not touch the cursor or do not click mistakenly. The mouse and the keyboard are different here!

Low Heat Up

If you have used your laptop’s built-in keyboard for a while, you already know about the heating issues. Yes, laptops heat up pretty quickly. And with the laptop, the keyboard of the laptop gets hot too.

While you type, it’s necessary to put as less stress on your fingers or hands as possible. But with laptops, your fingers or hands will surely get hot. This makes typing a discomfort for you.

On the contrary, if we talk about the external keyboard, things are easy because they don’t heat up as much as a laptop does. So, no matter how long you type, your hands or fingers stay cooler compared to the laptop. The cooler the hands, the better you can type!

Longer Laptop Lifespan

Well, using the laptop’s keyboard a lot might decrease the lifespan of your laptop. If you use it regularly, the wear and tear will only get higher. When you use the keys a lot, they will get shiny as your fingers switch.

The oil building on the keys is a factor to think about too. When you turn off the lid of your laptop the oil on the keys will transfer to the lid. It will start building a layer of dirt and grime on the screen.

You don’t want to clean your laptop every time you switch it on, right? Using an external keyboard helps you use the laptop for a longer period and reduces grime and dirt build-up.

Typing Satisfaction

The users of both the laptop keyboard and external keyboards have confirmed that typing satisfaction is higher with the external device here. Built-in keyboards are not for typing for a long time.

These are great if you want to enjoy the portable facility of your device. However, if you need to type a lot, adding an external keyboard will give you higher satisfaction. No doubt, the external ones are way more comfortable to type on.

You can keep your laptop anywhere keeping the keyboard close to you are you are ready for typing. The external keyboard gives you the facility of moving with it.

Wrap Up

Now you know why external keyboards are the favorites of laptop users. Yes, we all believe in the portability of the laptop. But carrying a small external keyboard with the laptop bag will make your typing life stress-free and enriched. What else do you need?