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TKL vs. Full-Size Keyboard

Full-sized keyboards have always led the keyboard world but these days, we see the hype about TKL keyboards, especially among gamers.

What do you think? Which one should be the best for you? To sort it out, let’s work a little on TKL vs. Full-Sized Keyboards!

Full-Sized vs. TKL Keyboards

There are a lot of differences between TKL vs. full-sized keyboards. We will go through the benefits of each keyboard along with the negative aspect to let you know which one you should go for!

Full-Sized Keyboard

These keyboards are great are you in data entry. If you need to settle for loads of data entry, pick up this keyboard and you are ready! The number pad of the full-sized keyboard is a plus, no doubt.

When you require using a lot of numbers, this type of keyboard can be helpful. Especially for desk jobs or any office, numbers are an important factor. These come with a number pad.

Along with this, there is a home cluster with it. The function keys are added here. And apart from that, there are arrow keys on this keyboard.

At the right of the keyboard, you will see the number pad. But in rare cases, you might see the number pad on the left too. In that case, you have to practice a little to learn and grasp it.

tkl keyboard



The first and foremost pros of the full-sized keyboard are the comfort it affords. Yes, the comfort you get in this keyboard is incomparable.

As this keyboard gives you a versatile selection of keys, you get to make use of each sector without any compromise. No matter if it’s just browsing the internet or you are in your office, jobs get easier with this one.

Numeric Data Entry

This keyboard is amazing for the entry range models. And more than that, for the numeric data entry sector, there’s no competition for this keyboard. There is an additional ENTER added that makes the job of numbers easier.

Easy Customization

We vouch for the dedicated keys in this keyboard for all the computer needs you have. You don’t need to rely on FN much here. You can enjoy a lot of programmable keys on this keyboard.

Here, you won’t get any keys on the lower layer without the standard keys. As a result, these are easy to type and there are no chances of mistakes too!


Bulky Design

The first thing that comes up when dealing with a full-sized keyboard is they are bulky. No matter what benefit the number pad comes with, you have to deal with an extra section. As there is no lower layer without the standard keys, the keyboard is large.

And if it comes to carrying the keyboard, it gets annoying for the users. It’s great if it is set in one place. Even then, it takes a lot of space.


As the keyboard is large and you get additional keys available here, for the benefit of comfort, it charges you! Yes, you need to pay a little extra for the full-sized keyboard.

The extra switches and the keycaps cost a lot. If you are ready for paying the extra cost and can deal with the space, only then, settle for these keyboards.

TKL Keyboards

The full form TKL keyboard is a Tenkeyless keyboard and in total, this one has about 87 keys. Whenever we are talking about a balanced-sized keyboard, the first name that hits our brain is the TKL keyboard.

This has a perfect layout and the functionality amazed us. As for the full-sized keyboards, this does not come with the numbers added. But for a compact and portable life, the TKL keyboard has its own space.



When it comes to the TKL or Tenkeyless keyboard, the name already tells you there are fewer keys than the full-sized ones. And there it goes- it makes the device more comfortable and not to mention compact.

The size of the keyboard is a plus for the users. It is compact and when on the go, the first preference is a TKL keyboard. A lot of users have almost no work with the number pad. As a result, the additional part is cut down here with the extra baggage.

However, it doesn’t impact too much as there are numbers added on the major part of the keyboard already.

Space Saving

As the size is compact, carrying is easier- as we have told already. But additionally, it can save a lot of space too! When you have added a TKL keyboard in the place of the full-sized one, the desk space will be saved.

This keeps the mouse closer to your hands and makes work life easier. You will get the arrow keys along with the home cluster. Also, the function keys are added too. This one is no less than the first one!

Affordable Price 

These are comparatively cheaper. As the size is smaller, there are fewer keycaps and switches. This makes it cheaper and more affordable to the users. 


Fewer Keys

Having fewer keys is a benefit and yet a drawback too! These are commonly known as 80% keyboard- so, not a complete keyboard, right?

As the number pad isn’t added, this one doesn’t work well for the data entry sector where a lot of numbers are required. Navigating the number pad makes the work in the office easier as they need to deal with numbers a lot.

Fewer Customizations

The way you can customize a full-sized keyboard, it’s not possible with the TKL ones. Yes, you can use supported software but it makes it time-consuming.

No USB Slots

Another major drawback of the TKL keyboards is there are no media controls. As the concept behind TKL keyboards is to save space, they have reduced the USB slots and media controls. Some users are fond of these facilities that most the full-sized keyboards can provide but TKL cannot.

Wrap Up

Both of these keyboards have their reasons to be the best. However, for office work or in jobs where numbers are important, we recommend you to get a full-sized keyboard. And if you are a gamer and you are planning to save space, the best deal is a TKL keyboard!