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Samsung Tablet Keyboard not working

Your Samsung tablet is unable to work when it displays a notification like “Samsung keyboard is off” while you type an important message, set a reminder, or the like. It really annoys and frustrates especially since it occurs repeatedly yet not solving your problem of being able to use the device with its notifications on.

If your Samsung tablet keyboard not working, it’s not just you. Some users have reported that their keyboards disappear, lock up or stop working completely. How to solve this problem? We’ll tell you then.

Cause of “Samsung keyboard is stopped” error

When your phone’s keyboard stops working, there are a few potential causes. One reason is that the app has crashed – this can happen easily if you have too many apps open at once or try to do something on it while downloading another one. The other reasons could be related to software bugs in Samsung Keyboard itself, which doesn’t mean anything more than that they’re having technical issues with their own product and need time to fix them before releasing an update for Android users.

Restarting your phone has been advised to fix a variety of issues with apps, and it may work for you. In this case, specifically concerning the Samsung keyboard on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, restarting will reset its entire app system which might be enough if the problem isn’t major or hasn’t happened in a while.

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How do I fix the Samsung on screen keyboard not working error?

To fix this annoying error, do the following:

Step 1: Go to your menus

To access your phone settings, tap on the button that gives you access to all of your menus. When it appears in front of you, find Settings and open its interface. There are various menu options available here including Phone Settings which is where we need to be for this tutorial!

Step 2: Go to “Application Manager”

Once you’re in your settings, scroll down. You will find a section: “Application Manager”; press it. Then, display all the applications of the phone by pressing “ALL”, located to right side of screen among these apps is one called ‘Samsung Keyboard’ which you will press to perform. the following three actions:

Step 3: Clear the cache

After clearing the cache of your Samsung Keyboard application, you might notice that it takes a little while to launch. Don’t panic! This is just enough if there were only minor issues with the device. However, this might not be helpful for more severe problems like error messages on startup screens or app crashes during use.

Step 4: Force Stop

Second, you should force stop your keyboard application. Even if you close it or give the impression that it has closed down, the app might still be running in the background. This step is more radical than others because there could have been potential problems with quitting out of an active system process without killing any apps associated with this particular action.

Step 5: Delete the data

Deleting the data will almost make your app look like new again. The latter will have been free of any overload that could be the cause of the problem with the functioning of your keyboard.

After these steps, the keyboard issue should be fixed and your app should start working normally again.

If the problem persists and Samsung tablet keyboard not working, try uninstalling and reinstalling your keyboard. If you have a different keyboard app installed on your mobile phone that is causing an issue, then uninstall it instead of this one to see if there’s a difference in behavior.

Try Safe Mode for conflicts

Try Safe Mode for conflicts

If deleting the data from your mobile’s keyboard hasn’t worked, you will have to look for other causes of this problem. To do so, activate “Safe Mode”.

It was time to restart the phone. Press and hold down the volume button until my bedroom screen appeared, then let go of it after a quick second. Once in safe mode, pressing multiple keys on your keyboard does not give me any problems! It must have been some glitch, which can be fixed by turning off or resetting your device when you turn it back on again.

If the keyboard on your Samsung tablet acts normal, then there is a good chance that one of the most recent apps you downloaded or installed has created an issue. It could also be possible that it’s due to some type of malware that entered into this device without notice.

Try other keyboards

If nothing seems to work, Then it’s time to install another one. This way, if it isn’t just a problem with the default Samsung Keyboard (or your current application), then at least you can narrow down where or what is causing this issue.

If you’re having trouble finding a good keyboard app, look into SwiftKey. This customizable tool is one of the best out there and won’t let you down!

Swiftkey is one of the most stable keyboards, with next to no complaints from users. However, if you install SwiftKey and notice that it also generates similar problems, then there’s a chance your phone could be causing them.

To download it (since you don’t have a keyboard) you can use Google Assistant by ordering it to download the app from Google Play.

And if nothing works

Some users have been more drastic, opting to do a factory data reset. This is an arduous process that takes hours and sometimes does not work as it should; however, they assure us that this has worked for them in the past.

If you’re lucky, resetting your mobile phone to the factory settings with a keyboard application that doesn’t work well will be enough. However, before resorting to this extreme measure and trying out other options first (and considering all factors), please note:

  • It’s very difficult for some people because they simply can’t figure it out how does it work!
  • You’ll lose everything on your device if anything goes wrong or accidentally press an incorrect button; therefore ensure you’ve backed up ALL of data beforehand – there are many apps available which allow users to back up their photos/videos etc in case something like this happens.

But first, be sure to try other less dramatic options and consider all factors:

  • Do you have updated the keyboard application? Check if the manufacturer has released patches or updates fixing the problem.
  • Are you using the keyboard in its beta version? If yes, then install the stable version.

Problems with Gboard?

If you have a problem with the Gboard keyboard, that is a separate headache. For days the Google keyboard has all users in the head, and at the moment there is no solution.

You can use some of the options we mentioned earlier, but it is recommended that you switch to another keyboard until Google releases an update to solve this issue.

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Samsung tab s6 keyboard not working

Here are some steps to make your Samsung keyboard work normally again when it is not. First, go into the settings application and click on “apps”. Then look for an option that says “Samsung Keyboard” in this list of applications under storage you should clear out any left over data or cache by clicking delete data or clearing out both options. If restarting does not help then try forced stop instead!

Normally this should work.


How to do when a Samsung tablet bug?

To turn the phone back on, press and hold both Volumes down + power keys at once for 10 seconds. The device automatically performs a soft reset after turning it off again.