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Redragon Keyboard Light Settings

Those wishing to enhance the visual appeal of their gaming space have taken to RGB keyboards in droves. However, even if you don’t like RGB lighting pouring out of your keyboard, it is evident that it can effortlessly produce a beautiful atmosphere in dimly lit environments.

If you just bought your keyboard, it may be challenging to figure out how to customize the colors to your preference since the process differs from keyboard to keyboard. The post provides Redragon Keyboard Light Settings to assist you in your endeavor.

Modifying Colour of Keyboard

The FN button and the Right Arrow (->) button may be pressed jointly to alter the color of the Redragon keyboard. Using this arrangement will enable you to cycle through the colors until you locate the one that you like best.

The ability to customize the color of specific keys, as well as the keyboard’s overall appearance, is an additional nifty function.

Modifying Colour of Keyboard

Modifying Redragon Keyboard’s Color Without Using Software

The most basic method of altering the appearance of any Redragon keyboard is to conduct it without the use of applications. By hitting the FN button and the Right Arrow (->) button at the exact moment, you may loop through all of the colors that the keyboard has to provide and halt at the one that you want to use permanently.

The number of colors you can acquire using this approach is restricted, however, due to the fact that it would be difficult to rotate through hundreds of color possibilities one by one using this technique.

If you want to make use of the maximum potential of your Redragon keyboard’s RGB lighting, we suggest that you use the application to alter the colors, which we shall cover in the following section.

Modifying Redragon Keyboard’s Color Using Software

Although downloading and installing the program requires a tad more time than tapping two buttons on your keyboard, it is well worthwhile to be able to use any unique RGB combination that is conceivable.

The following are the procedures to take in order to change the color of any Redragon keyboard using the application. Download the program that corresponds to your keyboard. By executing the installation file, you may install the program. Start the program by pressing the Start button. Verify the Light source, and then choose the Coastal choice in the menu to complete the transformation. To pull up the color selector, hit the Basic color key on your keyboard. Choose your favorite color from the color palette, or choose another to get a more extensive selection. To confirm the changes, press the OK option.

Additionally, you may store the color you have selected on a profile. Doing so will enable you to move among multiple color combinations without having to memorize all of the color codes one by one.

Updating the Color of Particular Redragon Keyboard Keys Without Using Application

To make things even more convenient, Redragon keyboards enable you to modify the color of specific keys without having to run any application. These are the procedures for altering the composition of specific buttons on the Redragon keyboard without using any software.

  • Hit the FN and Tilde (~) keys twice in succession to activate it. The Tilde (~) button will reveal the presently chosen color if the Num, Caps, Scroll, and Win Locks are all activated.
  • You may choose a color by pressing the FN and the Right Arrow (->) keys at the same time. Take the following step after finding the color you prefer.
  • To apply this color selection to a specific key, tap it.
  • To finish and save, hit FN and Tilde (~).

It’s good to be able to change the colors without using a program, but using a program is handier and provides a broader range of color options.

Updating the Color of Particular Redragon Keyboard Keys with Application

Adjusting the color of specific buttons is a snap with the Redragon keyboard application since it is so user-friendly to operate with.

The following instructions detail how to use software to change the color of specific buttons on the Redragon keyboard.

  1. Install the appropriate software on your keyboard if you haven’t already.
  2. Launch the installation file to set up the program.
  3. Startup the application.
  4. Choose the Coastal choice in the list and verify the Lightbox.
  5. The color selector will appear when you hit the Color icon.
  6. Select the color you want from the color selector, or select the other option to see a more extensive range of colors.
  7. Select the pen symbol.
  8. To make the buttons the color you selected from the color palette, just tap on them. Your selected color will appear as a boundary around the button if you are successful in your attempt.
  9. In order to set all of the buttons to the colors you choose, execute steps 5 through 8 again.

The eraser feature may be used to return a key to its original color by clicking the button and then pressing the eraser symbol.

Utilizing Redragon Keyboard Software’s Light Configurations

The Redragon keyboard application has a few settings that allow you to add light elements to your keyboard. There are a lot of fascinating effects to pick from, but most settings don’t permit for much modification, especially color personalization, at least for the time being.

The Redragon keyboard application’s light settings may be activated by checking the Lightbox and exploring the menu bar choices. Choosing an option is easy since you can see the results of that choice in real-time. You can then easily switch between them to discover the one you prefer most.

Utilizing Redragon Keyboard Software's Light Configurations


Redragon provides various options for modifying the color of specific buttons or the entire keyboard, both of which may be done without the need for the application. It is hoped that this article on Redragon Keyboard Light Settings will assist you in personalizing your keyboard to your desire.