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Mac Recovery Mode Windows Keyboard

We all know that if you are planning to settle for the Mac Recovery Mode, you have to press the Command button.

Well, there are tons of people using Windows Keyboard for Mac. Then how do they do it? If you are using a Windows Keyboard for Mac, we will tell you how to settle for Mac Recovery Mode Windows Keyboard!

Mac Recovery Mode

Mac recovery Mode

The special mode which will help you to load macOS built-in recovery tools from the disk partition (special) is called the Mac Recovery Mode. Here, you will get the recovery image. And with it, you will also get a copy of the macOS installer!

No matter you are planning on erasing, installing, or reinstalling the factory-preloaded OSX version, the Recovery Mode will be helpful everywhere! If you are concerned about losing data, let us tell you, you will see no data loss.

However, if you are planning to reinstall Mac or you are using disk utility without any backup, the data might be lost. So, it’s a good idea to go settle for a backup beforehand.

Start Mac Recovery Mode

To start Mac Recovery Mode, you have to follow some specific steps. Here, we have mentioned the steps that you need to follow for getting into the Recovery Mode with the help of a Mac keyboard. And later, we will talk about how you can get into the Recovery Mode with the windows Keyboard!

  • Your very first job is to go through the Apple logo that is positioned at the top left part of your screen and click it. Once you click it, you will see several options available. First, you have to restart or reboot the Mac. Well, do not restart fully. Unless select restart first and move to the next step.
  • Once you have clicked the restart button, you have to quickly go through the Command key along with the R key. And all you need is to press these two keys together. Keep your fingers on the keys and hold them down. Do not release it. After a while, you will see the Apple logo. Or in some cases, you can see the spinning glove. This is when you can release the buttons.

Note: Here are a few words for the spinning globe! If you are seeing the spinning glove when you press those keys together, you have to understand that the Mac is starting the macOS Recovery through the internet. The reason behind this is it is not able to start from the built-in recovery system.

  • Once you have done it, wait for a while and you will see Mac showing you the Recovery Mode Utilities Window. There will be options for Restore from Time Machine Backup along with Reinstall macOS. You will also find the Disk Utility and the Get Help Online options available.

But what if you want to go for Mac Recovery Mode with Logitech keyboard? Well, we have options here for Windows keyboard users too! Take a look below! 

Restart Mac in Recovery Mode with Windows Keyboard

If you are using a Windows Keyboard with a Mac, we are here for you! When you plan on restarting the Mac in recovery mode with that keyboard, there are ways to do it. Go through the process we have mentioned here. Here are two methods that can help you out. Pick up any one that fits you!

Method 1

Usually, we use Mac’s Command key when it comes to switching to Recovery Mode. However, if you are using a Windows keyboard, this can be a bit complicated for you.

  • First of all, you have to restart the Mac the way you usually do. Once you are done with the reboot, go through the Windows keyboard.
  • Here, your first job is to press the Windows key along with R. You have to use both of the keys together to get into the Recovery mode. It will boot you into the mode you are asking for.

Method 2

  • If you don’t want to settle for the Windows key and the R, you can simply go for the Terminal Command. For this, first, you need to get into the Terminal. And there, click on the typing area and type the following command-

sudo nvram “recovery-boot-mode-unused”

  • And when you are done typing this, you have to type another command. Type the following command in the next stage-

sudo shutdown –r now

  • So now, you have added both of these commands in Terminal. Right after you type these two, you have to restart the Mac from Recovery Mode. Once you do this, your PC will revert to normal bootup. And this is how you restart Mac in Recovery Mode.

Restarting Mac Recovery Mode Without keyboard

Well, not every time you have your keyboard with you. Or there can also be issues with the keyboard too. What can you do then? How can you restart Mac into the Recovery Mode without your keyboard?

If you do not have a Mac keyboard, you have to find a Windows Keyboard with which you can go for Windows Key and R together to restart in Recovery Mode. Otherwise, you can’t restart your Mac in Recovery Mode.

Restarting Mac Recovery Mode Without keyboard

The Confusion

Well, some of the users will tell you to use Alt and R or Ctrl and R together to make it work. If you try then, they won’t work. On the other hand, some of the users will talk about trying to settle for Start and R in the Windows Keyboard for getting into Recovery mode in a Mac.

The sad part is none of them will work! Only the methods we have mentioned above will be helpful for you. Check them out and try them.

Wrap Up

So, now you have learned how to go for Mac Recovery Mode with the Mac keyboard along with the Windows keyboard. It’s not always necessary to have the Mac keyboard with you! You can do almost everything with a regular Windows keyboard now!