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Logitech K520 Pairing Button – Pair Bluetooth Keyboard Correctly

A keyboard with no wire is nothing but a blessing. Yet, some of us find it difficult in terms of setting.

The Logitech K520 is a significant release from the house of Logitech and it is the most upgraded version. It comes with a dongle or unifying receiver and does not require any pairing button. When you are pairing with your desktop or laptop, all you need to do is to connect the USB unifying receiver through the port.

The unifying receiver or connector will install the driver software on the computer. Eventually, within a short while like 20 to 30 seconds your keyboard and mouse will start working.

Though the connection establishment process is easy, we must know several details regarding the Logitech K520 pairing button or option. Let’s tune ourselves with the proper lessons.

Logitech K520

Logitech K520 Pairing Button – Steps To Pair Bluetooth Keyboard Properly

The Logitech company is known for its excellent inventions. And today, it is one of those companies, which release the best Bluetooth devices. About K520 model, it has enormous features for the users.

If you purchase a Logitech K520 keyboard, here are the steps to connect that to your computer.

  1. The first step is to unpack the keyboard and unifying connector.
  2. The next step is to connect the unifying receiver to the desktop or laptop through USB. And the unifying receiver will start working.
  3. This keyboard requires 2 AA batteries to run. So, you need to install that before starting the keyboard.
  4. After installation of the batteries, turn on the keyboard and you will see the lights for the caps lock is on.

    Within a short while, you will notice that keyboard and mouse are working.

    Reasons To Choose Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard

    There are plenty of reasons to choose a set of a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. So, why should we choose Bluetooth devices instead of mechanical devices, let’s know some of the vital reasons.

    Longevity Of The Keyboard

    The first reason to choose Logitech is the longevity of the devices. Only Logitech can provide you with 2 to 3 years of services. Sometimes, it can provide several more years of service.

    Distance Operations

    The second astonishing aspect is the distance limitation. The Logitech keyboard can serve you easily from a distance like 5 meters without forming any issue. This feature helps immensely when you are on a projector or operating a computer on the bed.

    This feature provides a high level of satisfaction for people who are physically challenged and operate the computer from a bed or a distance.

    Free From Mess

    Like the other Bluetooth devices, the Logitech comes with the mess features. There is no wire and the unifying receiver is quite slim. Therefore, it only takes a limited area to operate.

    Saving The Prime Keyboard

    If you use a Bluetooth keyboard with a laptop, you save the main keyboard of it. Using the keyboard of a laptop will damage the keyboard which may cause many difficulties while you are traveling somewhere.

    Patchable With All

    The Logitech keyboards are portable keyboards. This keyboard can patch up with every type of computer. So, purchasing one keyboard does not mean being only with one device. After attaching the unifying receiver to any computer through USB, the keyboard is ready to work.

    Pressure On Computer

    When you use a mechanical or traditional keyboard, it takes the power from the computer to work. But in the Bluetooth devices, batteries are responsible to provide the power. As a result, the operation of the keyboard does not pressurize the computer.

    And about unifying receiver, it takes several times less energy to run and perceive the comments from the keyboard and mouse.

    Pairing two Logitech Devices with the same USB Receiver


    How do I put my Logitech keyboard in pairing mode?

    Answer: The Logitech keyboards have the best Bluetooth to pair with any device or computer. You can start using the keyboard by connecting the unifying receiver through the USB port.

    How do I pair my Logitech K520 keyboard?

    Answer: The pairing process of the Logitech K520 keyboard is easy. All you need to do is to follow some steps.

    1. Turn on the keyboard after the installation of the battery.
    2. Connect the unifying receiver with the computer.
    3. Within a short while like 20 to 30 seconds, the keyboard will start working.

    Does the K520 have Bluetooth?

    Answer: If you are asking about the Logitech K520, then yes, it is a Bluetooth keyboard. The Bluetooth feature of this keyboard model is immensely advanced and requires no effort to be connected through unifying receiver.


    Now we enough about the Logitech Bluetooth devices and the Logitech k520 pairing button does not exist. This keyboard model is much more advanced than we use in our daily lives.

    However, the key point is, you need to use batteries in keyboard and connect the unifying receiver to the computer.