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How to Control Volume on Keyboard Windows 10

Yes, we are here to talk about the keyboard volume control on Windows 10. However, you must know that the keyboard volume control button is in the same place both for Mac and PC.

The thing goes hand in hand with Windows 10 and Windows 7 too. Here, we will discuss how to control the volume on the keyboard Windows not in one way but in a few ways!

Control Volume on Keyboard

Keyboard Volume Control and Adjustment

All you need is to take a look at your keyboard properly. Roll your eyes on the top row of your keyboard. Check the Windows-Connected keyboard’s center part of the top row. You will see the volume control button added there.

A Mac PC or laptop has the volume button added at the top row too. All you need is to check the ride side of the top row. Right beside the power button, the volume control and adjustment button is added.

However, at times, the control button for volume might be a little tough for you to get if you are using a desktop computer. Well, all you need is to touch the upper two keys.

On almost all keyboards, the volume button is added right there. In the case of a specialized keyboard, the thing might be a little tougher.

As these are specially designed for jobs like gaming, the keys are placed depending on the user’s preference. In that case, all you need is to search for the speaker icon. That’s where you can adjust and control the volume.

Function Keys

You can also adjust the volume of your Windows 10 with the help of the Function Keys. All you need is to go for the F7 and F8 options and you can learn how to adjust the volume on a PC with the keyboard.

These keys are assigned for changing and controlling the volume of your computer. If you need to increase the volume, go for F8. And if you want to reduce the volume of your PC or laptop, go for F7. In some cases, you might require to use the FN with these keys for controlling the volume.

Go for FN and F8 together for increasing the volume. On the other hand, to decrease it, go for FN and F7 together. If you want to mute the volume, all you need is to press FN and F6 together!

Function Keys

Notification Center Volume Control and Adjustment

At times, all we want is a shortcut key for controlling our computer. The same goes for the volume too. If you are in search of a shortcut key for the volume, you might try to settle for the Notification Center.

At times, it might be called the Action Center. Whatever it is called, your job will be almost the same. All you need here is to go for the Notification Center of your Windows. The Notification Center for Windows 10 is almost similar to the previous one but there are also a few changes.

In the case of Windows 10, it is called the Action Center. However, from here, you can settle for shortcuts for controlling the volume.

In Windows 10, you have to press the Windows key along with A. Together, press Windows and A, and you will get a volume up and down keyboard shortcut to the Notification Center. Along with this, you can settle for the Action Center via the taskbar.

And there, you have to add the volume control icon to the Action Center by pressing Windows and me together. After this, you have to go for the Settings of your Windows and then settle for Sound. The volume control will be right before you! You can use your keyboard to adjust it now!


Often, you want to learn how to adjust the volume on the keyboard without the FN key because the FN key is so boring, right? Well, we have other methods too! Here, we will tell you how you can create shortcuts for dealing with the volume of your keyboard!

Step 1

First of all, you have to go to an empty area of your desktop and there, go for a right-click. There, you will see several options. Among them, you have to settle for the option “New.” Once you take your cursor there, you will see an option available called Shortcut. All you need is to click the option Shortcut.

Step 2

Once you select the option Shortcut, you will see a text box appear on your screen. In the textbox, you have to paste the below-mentioned text.

C:\WindowsSystem32SndVol.exe -T 76611119 0

Windows System

Step 3

After pasting it, you need to enter a name for the shortcut. You can simply call it Sound Control or whatever you prefer. And then, click on “Finish”

Step 4

It’s time to go for the new shortcut. As the shortcut is already on your desktop, all you need is to place the cursor there and right-click. Then, you have to go for the Properties option.

Step 5

Check the available Tabs and settle for shortcuts. In the Shortcut Key area, you need to type the key you prefer as your shortcut. Type it and you are done! Now, whenever you will press that key, the volume mixer will appear. Go for the arrow buttons on the keyboard to adjust it!


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Wrap Up

So, now, you don’t need to go for the mouse, again and again, to turn the volume up or down! You can simply use these steps and with the keyboard, you can increase or decrease the volume. Also, you can mute your device with these!