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What do Colors Mean for Mechanical Keyboards?

You might love the colors on your Mechanical keyboard. But do you know that every color is different? Yes, all of the colors of a mechanical keyboard vary in value, and features and they are not the same.

So, what do colors mean for mechanical keyboards? Are the colors the same or are there any differences? Well, there are differences and we will discuss them in detail here!

Linear vs. Tactile vs. Clicky

To know about the colors of a mechanical keyboard, firstly, we need to learn about the types of switches. The type of switches defines the color of the keys!

So, before you move forward, check out the three keyboard-switch types and which one stands for what. Almost all the mechanical switches are linear, tactile, or clicky.

Linear Switches

When it comes to actuating a linear switch, you must push it all the way down. These work like membrane keys. The best part of these keys is they are smooth and quiet. They do not have a bump or click and so, they provide a quick reaction. But there is a chance of accidental presses too! 

Tactile Switches

On the other hand, when it comes to a tactile switch, you can simply go halfway. All you need is to push it halfway and you can actuate it by that. Yes, you can push it all the way too but it is not required.

If you leave the button right after you press it halfway, your job will be done. Such switches increase accuracy and they are quiet too. However, they will reduce speed a bit for the resistance of bumps.

Clicky Switches

The last one, the Clicky one, required only a bump for the actuation. If you are into typing, this one can work great too with the tactile one. In the case of Clicky switches, you will get confident accuracy.

However, keep in mind that these have a slower reaction time as they require more resistance. And as the name says, they have a good amount of noise added to them too!

We have discussed the three switches depending on the colors of the switch. However, you must know which switch will fit your needs. For gaming, according to the gamers, linear switches work the best.

On the other hand, tactile switches work amazingly if you need to type a lot or you have a desk job that requires typing. Also, the sound of the switches is important because some are quiet while others can be loud. You don’t want to disturb the staff of the whole office, right?

Keyboard Switch Types Colors

Often the colors of the mechanical keyboard confuse the new users. Well, here, we will know what the colors mean so that you know the details! If you are planning to buy a mechanical keyboard, surely the colors have amazed you.

But before you buy, the first thing you need to know is what the colorful keys mean. In easy words, the type of switches of the keyboard is what the colors refer to. The switch can be the clicky type or linear type. Or the switch can be tactile. The color will tell you what the type of the switch is!

Keyboard Switch Types Colors

The Red Switches and Yellow Switches

When you are dealing with the red switches or the yellow switches, you must understand that the switches are linear. Check the linear switches. You will understand that these have a smoother press than the other switches.

Along with this, these don’t have any clicker mechanism. As there is no clicker mechanism, the switches are quieter than the other available switches. However, you must keep in mind that the average linear switches are not silent completely.

If you expect them to be completely silent, you have to search for it. The average switches like this you get in the market are not completely quiet.

However, they are the quietest you can get. As we have mentioned already, they fall into the linear switch category- you might go for it if you want faster reactions.

The Blue Switches

The clicky switches are the blue ones. Whenever you will press these switches, they will make a click sound. When the red switches are quiet, these are loud. And at times, these switches can be louder than you think.

If you are settling for them in your office, this can be quite annoying. However, if you want to enjoy them in your room where it’s cozy and no one is getting disturbed- you can go for it. This one falls in the Clicky switch category.

The Brown Switches

When you need tactile feedback, you can go for the brown switches. Yes, these are the tactile switches for providing you with the same effect. If you have seen the Blue switches, the Brown ones are almost identical when you press them.

However, these are less loud than the blue ones. But keep in mind; that brown switches are louder than red switches and yellow switches. These are in-between the clicky and the linear mechanical keys.

When you like the tactile feedback but you don’t want too much noise that disturbs everybody, you can go for the brown switches. It is from the tactile switch category and is good for typing too!

Mechanical Keyboard Switches Chart

Here is a chart for the Mechanical keyboard lovers. Take a look at them to know which switch will fit the best with your requirements!

SwitchCommon ColorsNoise LevelUsed ForFeel
LinearRed, Black, YellowSoft to mediumMostly GamingSmooth, No bump
TactileBrown, ClearmediumGaming TypingHas Tiny bump
ClickyBlue, GreenMedium to LoudGaming TypingHas Tiny bump

Wrap Up

So, now you know which switch works for what! From the actuating force to the sound of the switches, everything is described above. All you need is to go through the list and decide which switch is for your need. Keep in mind that not every switch will fit the gamers. And also, not all the switches will work for the people that require typing. The place you use the mechanical keyboard matter too. After all, color is not only color- they carry features here!