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Logitech k750 Keyboard Battery Replacement

The reason you can run your Logitech k750 keyboard without any glitch is the battery. The battery is what powers it. Yes, your keyboard is rechargeable but the battery is the source here. And today will show you Logitech k750keybaord battery replacement in easy steps!

Logitech k750 not working no light

If you see that the battery of your keyboard is dead, you can follow these steps to replace it with a new battery! There can be other reasons for the keyboard to not work too! Check out Logitech k750 not working no light so that you can find out the exact reason.

Step 1: Turn the Keyboard Off

First of all, when it comes to replacing the old battery of your Logitech k750 keyboard with a new one, your job is to switch off the keyboard. If you have used the keyboard before, you already know how to switch it off.

All you need is to find the switch of your keyboard. The keyboard’s switch will be adding the back of the device. Flip the keyboard and search for the switch. Once you get it, you need to switch it off. Check the switch and take it to the OFF position.

To certify the right position, at the top of the switch there will be a written description for both ON and OFF. Make sure you have turned it off before you move to the next step.

Step 2: Find the Battery Tray

So, you are done switching off the keyboard. If the keyboard is placed before, you have to flip it. If you can see the back of the keyboard, you are ready for your next job. Once you flip the keyboard, the keys will be facing down.

Now, it’s time to open the battery trap. The battery is located at the back of your keyboard. This is why we have mentioned the part about flipping it. The battery for the Logitech k750 keyboard is ML2032. It is a rechargeable coin cell battery.

You will find it at the back of the keyboard. Search for the edge at the back of the device. As the battery is placed in a tray, you need to find the tray of the battery.

Step 3: Use the Tool

Once you get your eyes on the battery tray, you need to pry it open. For this, you might need a flat end of a spudger. Get your hands on the tool and then insert the tool into the gap.

Before this, you have to check the gap between the top of the keyboard and the battery trap. Once you get it, all you need is to insert the tool at the gap. It’s time for the tool to do its job.

Slowly, pivot the spudger down- however; ensure that you are careful as you don’t want to break the parts of the battery tray. Pivot it towards the top of the device. In this way, you can begin to pry the battery tray out of where it is placed.

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Step 4: Take off the Battery Tray

With the tool, you need to take out the battery tray. As you are using the spudger here, you have to certify that you are using the flat end only. Slowly and carefully, you need to push the battery tray. After a little bit of pushing, the battery tray will be out.

Take it away from the keyboard. In this case, once again, we must mention that you have to be very careful and firm with your hands. The tray has small ears added to it so that it can stay in place. In this case, a little force will be required.

But do not put too much force as it can break the battery tray. Once the battery tray is out and away, you will be able to get access to the battery. When it comes to adding the battery once again, all you need is to push the tray into the slot. And you will be done!

Step 5: Take off the Battery

Now that you have taken the battery off, it’s time to take off the old battery. The battery will be before you and you can simply take it off from its place now. To take it off, a little bit of push will be required. Push it and take it away. And you are done removing the old one.

Step 6: Add the New Battery

Now that the battery is out, you need to replace it with a new one. All you need now is to get a hold of the new battery. Slowly but carefully, put your battery inside the designated place. Keep in mind that the battery can only go one way.

While you are working on the battery orientation, you need to ensure that the battery is set inside the tray properly. Also, checking the side text is necessary. In this case, there will be a plus (+) sign added.

You need to make sure that the plus sign of the batter is facing down so that the battery can provide the necessary power to the keyboard. Once you are done placing the battery, you can move to the next step. However, picking up the right battery is important too.

When you are dealing with a Logitech k750 keyboard, not all batteries will work the same. In this situation, only the ML2032 coin cell battery will work as a replacement.

There are other identical-shaped batteries available on the market. However, not all batteries are rechargeable. So, when you shop for the battery, you need to check if it is the right battery or not.

Step 7: Add the Battery Tray Back

Now, it’s time to get the battery tray added to the keyboard! Now that the battery is placed, you need to add the battery tray.

Check the ears of the tray and push it a little bit so that it is placed. After a little push on the tray, you will hear a click sound. And there you go- you are done with replacing the battery of your keyboard!

Wrap Up

Taking off the previous battery of a keyboard and adding a new one isn’t that tough. However, for beginners, the problem arises when they cannot select the right battery. Also, the battery tray and the position of the battery is a difficult part. Go through the steps and it will be done without any hassle!