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I Lost the USB of My Wireless Keyboard – What to Do?

Connecting a wireless keyboard without USB can be difficult. However, it is not impossible. Many people ask, “I lost the USB of my wireless keyboard – what to do?” Happily, the situation can be handled easily.

If you lose the wireless keyboard USB, Bluetooth, a USB-wired cable, and a unifying receiver will be the best solution. These types of solutions will help you work seamlessly and smoothly.

This comprehensive guide mentioned a few methods to help you connect a wireless keyboard without a receiver.

Wireless Keyboard

Can a Wireless Keyboard Work Without a USB or Receiver?

Yes and No.

Wireless keyboards connect to your laptop or computer with the help of an exceptional radio frequency. That is why you will see a dongle available with every wireless keyboard.

Consequently, a wireless keyboard without a dongle or USB can’t be connected to a system.

However, the good news is Logitech or Dell keyboards can be connected to your computer or laptop if you lose the USB. They come with a Logitech unifying receiver or a Dell Universal receiver, allowing you to connect a wireless keyboard to several devices simultaneously.

I Lost the USB of My Wireless Keyboard – What is the Solution?

Losing wireless keyboards and USBs is frustrating, for sure. Such incidents can easily be handled by following the below methods.

Method 01: Connecting via Bluetooth

Computer Bluetooth is a great way to connect your wireless keyboard when the USB is lost. However, all keyboards aren’t compatible with both types of wireless connections.

In case you don’t know the connection compatibility of your keyboard, get the model number first while browsing the internet. Use your keyboard’s brand and model name to determine whether the keyboard supports Bluetooth.

If the keyboard supports Bluetooth, look for a switch on the bottom. The switch will help you toggle between the connectivity options: 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth. Remember, this solution will not work if the keyboard is incompatible with Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

Here is the step-by-step procedure for connecting a wireless keyboard using Bluetooth.

Step 01: Turn the keyboard on. If the keyboard is already turned on, it is not necessary. Generally, the power switch is located on the backside of the keyboard.

Step 02: After turning the keyboard on, set it to pair mode. Once paired, you will notice that the light of the keyboard starts flashing.

Step 03: Turn the PC on. Then click on the icon of the Windows. Go to All Apps.

Step 04: Open Settings

Step 05: Choose the option titled Bluetooth & Devices.

Step 06: Enable Bluetooth. Select Add Device.

Step 07: Click Bluetooth.

Step 08: You will see your keyboard appear on the list.

Step 09: Next, pair the Keyboard and the computer.

Step 10: Once paired, check whether the keyboard is working perfectly.

Method 02: Use a Unifying Receiver

A unifying receiver is another great way to pair your wireless keyboard if you lose the USB. But here is a condition. Your keyboard has to be from Logitech or Dell. At the same time, the keyboard must support Unifying. More importantly, pairing 6 devices is seamless with a unifying receiver.

You must be wondering how to know whether my keyboard supports a unifying receiver.

Find out for the * sign on the outer part of your keyboard if your device brand is Logitech. For the Dell keyboard, look for the chain icon.

If the icons are unavailable on your keyboard, search on the internet with the keyboard name and model number for better understanding.

Once you find the icon, the next thing you will need to do is to set up the device. Find the below steps.

For Logitech Unifying Receiver,

Step 01: Connect your computer and the unifying receiver.

Step 02: Browse the official support page of Logitech to download the software of the Logitech Unifying receiver.

Step 03: After installing the software, install the application and run.

Step 04: Hit the “Next” button once the application launches.

Step 05: Locate the slider of your keyboard and turn it off.

Step 06: The application will automatically detect your keyboard.

For the Dell Universal receiver,

Step 01: Insert the Dell universal receiver on your laptop or computer.

Step 02: Browse the official support page of Logitech to download the software of the Logitech Unifying receiver.

Step 03: Install the receiver control panel and run it.

Step 04: Select the “Add New Device.”

Step 05: Locate the slider of your keyboard and turn it off.

Step 06: Press any key, hold it, and turn the keyboard on.

Step 07: Continue holding the key for a minimum of seconds.

Step 08: The pairing process of the Dell universal receiver and your computer will begin.

Step 09: After pairing, select Yes.

Method 03: Using Wired Connectivity

A few keyboards support wireless connectivity using a receiver that may also be compatible with wired connectivity.

Check for a USB Type-C or a micro-USB in your keyboard in such a situation. You can use your keyboard without the USB if it supports USB to Micro USB or USB to USB Type C.

However, exceptions are there. Some keyboard models use these ports specifically for charging. In this case, ensuring the ports are not designed for charging is important.

Method 04: Buy a New Receiver

Is it an oversimplification?

But you are the luckiest person if your keyboard is from Logitech and you lost the dongle or USB. The reason is that Logitech keyboards are compatible with some stand-alone dongles. So, if you lost your USB for the wireless keyboard, look for a stand-alone dongle by visiting the official website of Logitech.

Setting up these dongles is also so simple using the Logitech software. Thus, you will be able to start using your keyboard again without hassle.

Be mindful that this method is not workable for all the keyboard models of Logitech. You must search for whether your keyboard is compatible with a stand-alone USB through the Logitech website. If yes, then consider buying one for your keyboard.


How to avoid losing the USB receiver.

Don’t you think losing a USB receiver is a hassle? So, how to avoid it? The simple answer is don’t lose it. Every wireless keyboard has a separate chamber for storing the receiver. It would be best to store the receiver inside the chamber when not in use. Moreover, avoid detaching the receiver from your laptop or computer.

Last Words

Incidents like I lost the USB for my wireless keyboard can be frustrating and inconvenient. It hampers your ability to use the keyboard and impacts your productivity. 

While it seems a small device, the USB receiver is crucial for establishing a wireless connection between the keyboard and your computer. Remember to keep track of your devices and accessories to avoid such inconveniences in the future.