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How to Connect a Wireless Keyboard without a Receiver

The conventional wireless keyboard comes with a fixed portable receiver. There are particular models of the keyboard which need the radio frequency from the receiver. But it is not impossible to connect if you do not have a receiver. So, let us know how to connect a wireless keyboard without a receiver.

Bluetooth, the Unifying Receiver, and Wired connectivity are three popular options for connecting a wireless keyboard without a receiver. But all types of keyboards do not have this alternative connectivity option. Therefore, you should check and follow every procedure well.

The following article will let you know the steps to be followed for connectivity without a receiver. Before proceeding, you need to check the status of your keyboard. It is also important to know the mechanical combination for such procedures.

Can You Connect a Wireless Keyboard without a Receiver?

Can You Connect a Wireless Keyboard without a Receiver?

The Wireless Keyboards are mainly structured to be connected through a Radiofrequency. This frequency passes from the Keyboard to the portable USB receiver or dongle.

Based on the regular system, the signal transmitted from the wireless Keyboard will fail to reach the PC or laptop Without the portable radio frequency device.

Basically, a 2.4 GHz wireless keyboard will fail to operate without its receiver. Some devices are supporting both types of connectivity like Bluetooth wireless and wireless connectivity that require a receiver.

These types of devices can function simultaneously even with the certain consequences of losing the receiver. Enabling the Bluetooth on your PC, you can connect it to the keyboard. There are a few ways you can still use the keyboard without a receiver in case the keyboard does not support Bluetooth wireless.

How to Connect a Wireless Keyboard without a Receiver

Firstly, it is important to know the fact that not all wireless keyboards comply with wireless connectivity without their designated receiver. Different keyboards may support either Bluetooth wireless or wired connectivity options. Let us analyze a few ways to use a wireless keyboard without a receiver.


A particular keyboard may have the option to support a wireless connection with and without the receiver dongle. Therefore, it is possible to use the computer’s Bluetooth to connect to the keyboard more like a wireless keyboard with a specific receiver.

But you should not expect all the random devices to support both types of wireless connections. So, have a pre-research on the keyboard’s manufacturer and model number to figure out whether the keyboard supports Bluetooth connectivity.

The keyboard with a Bluetooth connectivity system should have a switch to be used to toggle between the two connectivity types which are Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz. You can not expect this solution if the keyboard you are using does not support Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

Here are the steps to be followed to connect the wireless keyboard using Bluetooth

  • Firstly, ensure that the keyboard is on. You can find the power switch on the keyboard’s backside.
  • Turning the keyboard on, set it to pair mode. The light on the keyboard should start blinking if it is successfully active in pair mode.
  • After turning on the PC, click the Windows icon to go to All Apps.
  • You will find the option ‘Settings’ and open it.
  • Go to the option named Bluetooth and Devices.
  • Simply turn on ‘Bluetooth’ and click on ‘Add Device’
  • The keyboard is expected to appear on the list.
  • It is time to pair the PC and the keyboard.
  • Now, start using the keyboard and check whether it functions smoothly.

Unifying Receiver

It is quite simple to pair a wireless device using its Unifying receiver. One thing is noticeable that the device needs to be a Logitech or a Dell product. Moreover, the device also requires unifying support. Using these receivers, it is possible to pair up to six devices to a single receiver.

Check the keyboard outer part for an * sign for the Logitech keyboard and a chain icon for the Dell keyboard and thus you can ensure whether the keyboard supports a universal USB receiver. Apart from finding this icon, you can search on the internet using the keyboard’s name and model number.

When you confirm the eligibility of your keyboard, you will need a Unifying receiver. Once you get it, it’s all about setting it up. A Dell Universal Receiver is named for the receiver for Dell products. On the other hand, the Logitech Unifying receiver is meant for the Logitech product.

Here are the steps to be followed for Dell Universal Receiver

  • First, put the Universal receiver into the PC.
  • Then, visit Dell’s official support page to download Dell Universal Receiver Control Panel.
  • Complete the installation and run the receiver control panel.
  • Press the option ‘Add New Device’
  • Use the slider to shut the functioning of the Keyboard.
  • To turn on the keyboard, press and hold any key.
  • Hold this key continuously for three seconds.
  • Hence, the pairing activity should begin.
  • When it is successfully paired, click on ‘Yes’.

Wired Connectivity

Some keyboard versions that support wireless connectivity with a receiver are also structured to support wired connectivity. In this case, check whether your keyboard has a micro USB or a USB Type-C. Using a USB to either of the ports, you may be able to use the keyboard.

You need to be careful to consider that there are cases where the keyboard uses these ports for charging. Charging ports are not supposed to be used for wired connections. Therefore, ensure that these are not the charging ports.

Final Words

With a wrong device and faulty system, you can not expect your wireless keyboard to connect without a receiver even following the possible methods. You have to consider different issues like the installation of software and maintaining the practical procedures.

So, the article on how to connect a wireless keyboard without a receiver with the details of possible ways has all the information specifically to guide you throughout the task. The USB ports and functional keys must be handled cautiously to avoid mismatch.