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How to Clean Grease off Keyboard

You might have a wired keyboard or a wireless one; you can’t deny that they get dirty or greasy! Or if you use the laptop every day, there’s no way you can deny the grease. It’s tough to clean it daily. But once in a week, you can do it! Check out how to clean grease off keyboard and make it clean within five minutes!

Step by Step Cleaning a Grease Keyboard in Five Minutes

Cleaning a Grease Keyboard in Five Minutes

Here are the steps to clean your dirty and greasy keyboard. Hold on, it only takes five minutes! It’s an easy peasy method, trust us!

1. Backup the Data

Your first job is to make sure that you have a backup of all your data. Well, this is very important if you are here to learn about how to clean a greasy laptop keyboard. With the external, wired, or wireless keyboard, if you lose anything while cleaning, it is the keyboard.

But the keyboard of the laptop is added to the laptop. And if any accident happens, it will harm the laptop and especially your data. So, we recommend you make sure that you have a backup ready and you are prepared for any accidents beforehand.

2. Remove Connections

Once you have the data backed up, the first job you need to do is shut down the computer. Well, this appliesto the laptop. As your cleaning might damage the internals of the laptop, certify that you have switched it off.

The thing is different when you are dealing with the external keyboard. For the wired ones, you have to remove all the plugs and cables that are related to electricity. In short, the keyboard should be the key it came when you bought it.

When you are dealing with a wireless keyboard, certify that it is switched off. If the battery of the wireless keyboard is removable, make sure you remove it. The same thing goes for the laptop as well. If the battery of the laptop is detachable, detach it. When you are sure of these, you can move to the next step.

3. Get the Solution

Now, we will deal with the actual cleaning process. If you search the market, you will find several liquid items that can help clean the grease from the keyboard. These are specially manufactured solutions and these won’t harm the keyboard or the laptop.

If you do not want to invest much in the solution, simply go for a homemade solution for the job. First of all, get some warm water in a small bowl. Make sure that the bowl you are using is made of plastic. If you go for metal bowls, the elements can mix up with the solution and harm your laptop. However, this process of harming is very slow.

Anyway, let’s talk about the solution. After you got the warm water ready, you have to get some dishwashing detergent. A drop of the dishwashing detergent will be enough for the keyboard. Make sure you do not use it too much or it. All you need to do now is to mix both ingredients and certify that they are mixed properly.

4. Dip the Cloth

In this position, the solution is ready for you. It’s your job to start the cleaning now. Get your hands on a piece of cloth. Here, we recommend you get a microfiber cloth for the job. These will be soft on the keyboard and won’t create any hassle for you.

Take the cloth and dip the tip of the cloth into the solution. Do not soak it in the water much. Instead, you have to get only a bit of the solution. After dipping it, you have to wire it out. In short, you have to make the water damp and not wet! Your job is to verify that there is no excess water on that cloth. Otherwise, the water will get into the keyboard and will damage it.

5. Start Cleaning

With that cloth, you have to start cleaning the keyboard gently. Slowly, take the cloth on top of the keyboard and rub the keys. If you want to settle for a brush, make sure you are going for a soft and gentle brush.

Old brushes that have been used for a long do the best job. Or, you can buy a specific keyboard cleaning brush from the market. The best way is to brush off the dirt from the keyboard before you use the cloth to get rid of the grease. As you are using the dishwashing detergent with the water, it will help in cutting the grease and making the keyboard clean!

Clean Grease off Keyboard

6. Let it Dry

After doing this, get a dry and clean cloth and slowly, take off the excess water. Do not switch on the keyboard or plug it in immediately. Instead, let it dry completely for about 3-5 hours. Well, it doesn’t take much time. You have already learned how to clean greasy keyboard MacBook Pro or any other keyboard like this! After the drying process, you can switch it on and enjoy it!

Clean your laptop the easy way

Wrap Up

No more worries about the creasy laptop! Now, you can get solutions at the market and you can also make it at home. All you need is a bit of caution and that’s all. Cleaning keyboards aren’t that tough right?