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Havit Keyboard Change Color- How to Do It!

The Havit Magic Eagle keyboard is one of the most popular ones among gamers. The Havit keyboard change color option gives them a joyful gaming experience. Besides smooth typing facility, it has powerful backlit mode settings. Sometimes people may face difficulties adjusting to the mode. This write up is here to reduce the complexity for you. 

Havit keyboard has six primary backlit modes and some sub-modes of them. We will discuss here about the havit magic eagle keyboard manual thoroughly. 

Primary backlit modes are,

  • Solid rainbow mode
  • Breathing rainbow mode
  • Solid color mode
  • Breathing solid color mode
  • 7-color breathing mode
  • On-click zone lighting mode

To turn on the modes or change the lighting modes you need to follow these simple steps.

  • Turn on- Click on Fn+Backlit (light bulb sign) key
  • Mode change- Click on Backlit key only
  • Turn off- Press the keys Fn+Backlit again to havit keyboard turn off light.

We will discuss the process mode wise below one by one. 

Havit Keyboard Change Color

Let’s see how the havit magic eagle keyboard manual works!

While changing the backlit mode the lights continue the following sequence: solid rainbow mode > breathing rainbow mode > single color mode > breathing single color > 7-color breathing mode > on-click zone lightning mode. 

Now we will see the havit keyboard change color options in detail.

  1. Solid rainbow: We know from above that this is the first mode. This mode makes the keyboard colorful. Because all colors from each portion of the keyboard makes a rainbow effect. In this mode colors will stay still.

Sub-mode: You can change it to the marquee mode as sub-mode. The colors will move left to right or right to left in this option. To activate the marquee mode press the Backlit key and to control the direction press Fn+left/right key.

  1. Breathing rainbow mode: It looks like the solid rainbow mode but the difference is the light will turn on and off in a certain pattern. As if they are breathing. By pressing Fn+Up/Down, the breathing rate will be adjusted. There Is no sub mode option.
  1. Single color mode: After activating this mode, you will get one color only from seven colors at a time. The brightness of the light will increase or decrease by clicking on Fn+Up/Down. 

Sub-mode: Press the Backlit key to switch the seven different colors.

  1. Breathing single color: It seems like the rainbow mode but it breathes with a single color. By pressing Fn+Up/Down keys, the breathing rate will be changed.

Sub-mode: Press the Backlit key to switch the seven different colors.

  1. 7-color breathing mode: In this mode, each of the seven colors will change respectively, during every breath. You can adjust the breathing rate by clicking on Fn+Up/Down keys. There is no other sub-mode.
  1. On-click zone lighting mode: This mode is a very interesting mode. You can turn on any light on any zone of the keyboard. But the condition is the keyboard backlit option turns off by default. Just press any key of the zone and the light will turn on. You can change the color of the light by pressing any key on the same zone. This mode has no sub-mode.

Havit keyboard turn off light system is easy. Press the Fn+Backlit (light bulb key) keys same as the starting mode. 

So, these are the Havit keyboard change color instructions. You can start the backlit lights as you choose to see. 

We hope this havit magic eagle keyboard manual will help you a lot. You will enjoy your PC time with colorful lights which give you pleasure. Your gaming time will be more joyful. 

Havit Keyboard


Ques 1: How do I turn on my havit keyboard light?

Ans:  First, check the model of your keyboard if it has the backlit option. If yes, then press Fn+Backlit (light bulb sign key) keys and it turns on the lights of the keyboard.

Ques 2: Can I change the light mode of the havit magic eagle keyboard?

Ans: Certainly. There are six modes in havit keyboard. You can change the light mode.