Full-Size Computer Keyboard

A full-size computer keyboard is a primary accessory for office applications, multimedia production, and online gaming. You can find out more about these keyboards in this article!

We will consider the specification of devices, their characteristics, and design features as well as possible connection options. At last, you will be able to select an appropriate model without any problems at all!

Types of full-length computer keyboards

To choose the right keyboard, you must first define what tasks it will solve. There are five types of peripherals, that suit different users and each has its own set of features to cater specifically for a certain type of use.

Office keyboards

This category includes the simplest and most inexpensive models for standard use. There are no additional keys or functions, which is good if you’re not looking to spend much money on a keyboard. They also tend to be found among users who aren’t interested in advanced features like macros and special buttons – maybe because they just want an average quality peripheral that gets the job done without any fuss!

Ergonomic keyboards

Models are ideal for working in text editors on a regular basis. Touch-friendly devices usually have a semicircular shape, oversized keys, and palm rest with high contrast colors such as white or black to help users see the details of their work more clearly even when it is dark outside or they may be wearing sunglasses indoors, which could reflect light onto screen causing glare.

Multimedia keyboards

These keyboards are suitable for advanced home users and equipped with keys to control the browser, player, and other applications. The compositions of these keyboards often include a USB-port that allows you to connect storage devices or charge mobile gadgets.

Game models

Many different features make gaming keyboards stand out from regular ones. Gaming keyboards have a convenient arrangement of keys, and they often come with palm rests to help you be more comfortable while using them. Some also block accidental presses so it’s easier for gamers not to mess up their games! They’re usually really expensive because other than these extra functions, there isn’t much else special about the hardware itself compared to normal boards.

Keyboards for media centers based on computers and laptops

Keyboards for media centers based on computers and laptops

This category of keyboard includes full-size models equipped with touchpads. The feature set is the same as for multimedia peripherals.

Full Size Computer Keyboard Designs

Full Size Computer Keyboard Designs


This category includes full-size ergonomic, office, multimedia, and gaming keyboards.


This model is very useful if you have to carry your keyboard a lot. The devices can be easily folded in half (or 4 times) and fit even in small handbags or backpacks. You will find full-size computer keyboards on the market, which are great for home use but may not work as well when you’re traveling around because of their size and weight, making this folding one an ideal option!


Devices consist of basic blocks with keys and optional plug-in modules. They are used to assemble multifunctional keyboards for computer games.


Not many people know about the existence of roll-up keyboards, but they are a lifesaver for IT professionals who have to work with computers and servers. They do not suffer from water damage because these devices can be submerged in running water without any worries or problems. Even though there is backlighting on touch keyboards, it’s been hard to break into mainstream use due to its inconvenient design which still requires users’ hands to touch each other when typing.

Computer keyboard size in mm:

HP K1500 (conventional keyboard):460 mm wide
HP Business Slim: 500 mm wide
HP C2710 Wireless:440 mm wide
Rii RM400:480 mm wide
Rii RK100:446 mm wide
RazerBlackWidow Chroma V2:520 mm wide
Logitech K120 Business:450 mm wide
Logitech MK220:454 mm wide
Logitech K400 Plus:350 mm wide
Apple MQ052Y/A:419 mm wide
Apple MLA22Y/A:279 mm wide

Key constructions

The basis of a keyboard is the buttons. This determines how long it will last and what it feels like to be pressed on. There are three types: membrane, scissor, and mechanical.

The main type is membrane keyboards

Budget keyboards are usually built according to these specifications. They’re typically made with high-medium height keys that can handle up to 1 million keystrokes, and they resist moisture, dust, or debris.

Scissor keys

They are used to equip peripherals for laptop computers. The buttons are rate for 5 million clicks but are not protected from moisture and debris.

Mechanical are the most expensive type

The keys are rated for 50 million keystrokes. During operation, the buttons emit characteristic voiced clicks.

Mechanics are used to equip peripherals for gaming computers and other models of a high price segment. Manufacturers produce keys with various switches. For example, Logitech has developed Romer-G technology for gaming keyboards.

In the center of the key switch is a mechanical lens. It is equipped with a movable clip and a spring. There are two swing-shaped contact latches under the cage. They provide smooth, tactile key travel and faster response times.

The activation distance is 1.5 mm. The minimum pressing force is 45 g. The high-sensitivity keys of the mechanical keyboard respond instantly to touch. At the same time, the buttons are very quiet. The clicks are almost inaudible. One notable example is the Logitech G910 (920-008019) Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming. This kind of gaming keyboard will satisfy the needs of most gamers.

Manufacturers also produce inexpensive mechanical keyboards for continuous writing. Cheaper technological solutions are implemented in the devices.

Mechanical are the most expensive type

Additional keys

Manufacturers add various additional buttons to the standard set of keys for multimedia and gaming keyboards. They are according to their purpose.

 • Volume control

This group includes buttons that are responsible for completely mute and adjust the sound.

• Media player control

The buttons allow you to switch positions in playlists, as well as to interrupt/resume viewing/listening. With the help of a wireless multimedia keyboard, it is very convenient to control the player without getting up from the couch.

• Launching applications

The buttons are responsible for activating frequently used software products from Microsoft. Typically, the list includes a player, explorer, calculator, and office software.

• Browser management

Additional keys in this group are responsible for moving between pages, stopping/resuming loading sites, starting mail programs, and search.

• Power management

Responsible for shutting down the PC and entering sleep mode. Many users leave negative reviews about these buttons since there is a high chance of accidental pressing. If the keys are located in close proximity to the main unit, it is better to disable them.

• Scrolling content

These buttons are rare because a mouse is better suited for these actions.

• Programmable keys

They are present on gaming keyboards and require the installation of special software for correct operation. Different keyboard shortcuts are assigned to buttons to make complex combinations easier and faster.

How long is the space bar?

In many models, the space bar tends to change for several reasons:

  • For a matter of aesthetics.
  • Because it can have more or less keys on its sides, which makes it allow it to be enlarge or reduce.
  • For the purpose, that keyboard is looking for. That is, if it is a gaming keyboard, it may be larger considering that it is an essential key in many cases and it is more comfortable for players to have more generous sizes.
  • For the branding. Many times companies include their brand name in the same bar.

For this reason, having only one spacebar size is almost impossible.

However, roughly speaking, the space bars on mid-size laptops (such as a MacBook Pro or Dell Latitude E7450) are 9 centimeters long x 1.8 centimeters wide.

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