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Delete Button Not Working on Keyboard

The Delete key is one of the most pressed keys of a keyboard. If the user makes any mistake while typing, wants to navigate back to the browser, or intends to erase anything needs to press this key.

So, it is an essential key for most users. If this button stops working correctly, users face many problems. What should you do if the delete button not working on the keyboard?


How to Fix Delete Button Not Working on Keyboard

The delete key is one of the most used for people who type a lot. If this malfunctions, they go through much stress. It might cause several reasons. Here, we are describing some ways to fix the delete button not working on the keyboard. 

Method-1: Restart P.C.

Your Computer might go through any problem. The fundamental troubleshooting option is to restart the pc. It helps to get rid of several software-related and hardware-related issues. You might wonder how this way can help you.

Restarting a computer shuts down every single problem running in the Computer. Also, it reloads the system files and drivers and clears the memory. As a result, the glitches and conflicts get cleared. It can help you to solve the delete button not working problem. 

Work Process: The work process of Windows P.C. is as follows:

Step-1: Click on the “Start” option

Step-2: Go to the Power icon and click

Step-3: Hit the Restart option.

Wait until the Computer starts.

If you are a M.A.C. user, do

Step-1: Go to the Apple icon 

Step-2: Choose “Restart”

Step-3: Click “Restart” to confirm the process.

It should fix your delete key not working. If not, follow the next methods. 

Method 2: Test a Different Keyboard.

As the Delete key is the keyboard’s most used button, malfunctioning can stop your work. Once you face the problem and method one does not work, try using a different keyboard.

It will help you to understand whether the problem is hardware related or not. So, you’ll be able to fix the problem permanently. 

But the problem still exists; the problem is software related. So, you should try software-related methods to fix the problem.

Method 3: Use Windows Troubleshooter

For the first method, we’ll learn to try using the Windows troubleshooter. Follow the steps: 

Step-1: Take the cursor on the Windows logo of the taskbar, then Right-click on your mouse. Press the Windows key (the symbol marked on it).

Step-2: Click on “Settings”

Step-3: Choose “Update & Security Settings.”

Step-4: The Troubleshoot option below is “Update & Security.” Now scroll down to the Keyboard option. After clicking on it, Click on Run Troubleshooter.

Once the troubleshooting is complete, try to use the Delete key. If the highlighted text is deleted, your problem is solved. Please follow the second method if the first one fails. 

Method 4: Use Update, Roll Back, Uninstalling Driver

The driver is the most common case that creates several Windows computer issues. It might disallow your Delete button from working correctly. So, check if the keyboard driver is working correctly. Try updating the driver to keep the buttons working correctly. Here is the process:

Step 1: Go to “Device Manager” and open it.

Step 2: Find out the Keyboard option and expand it.

Step-3: Then double-click to see the listed devices.

Step 4: Navigate to the device properties option. Then click on the Driver tab.

Step-5: Now click the Update Driver option.

Step-6: Select “Search Automatically”

Step-7: Carefully read and follow the instructions on the screen. It will allow the update of the keyboard driver.  

Now, check the status of the Delete key. If still not working, we should try another way.

Method 05: Roll back the keyboard driver

This step also needs the Device Manager option. So, if you have already closed it, please reopen it. Now, you should follow:

Step-1: Expand the keyboards option

Step-2: Open the Listed Device 

Step-3: Go to the Driver option

Step-4: Now, click on the button called “Roll Back Drive.”

Remember, if you see the option is greyed out, you should understand there is no driver installed on your P.C. So, you should install it.

Method 06: Uninstall Driver

You learned to update and roll back the drivers in the ways mentioned above. But, in this way, you should click the “Uninstall Device: option instead of Update Driver option”. Now, restart the P.C. and install the keyboard driver again. 

Method 7: Uninstall Windows Update

Microsoft Inc. brings an update for the Windows option often. It happens much in Windows 10 and 11.

Every update might bring some bugs that cause the delete button not to work on the keyboard problem. What should you do if the delete key is not working after the latest Windows update?

It would help if you uninstalled the latest update. It might help you to get rid of the problem. Here is how to uninstall the Windows update:

Method 7: Disable Sticky Keys

A user can utilize the keyboard shortcuts using the sticky keys (press a single key instead of multiple).

People who face problems holding various keys can be helpful using this feature. But it can stop the delete button from working correctly. Disabling the sticky keys can help to solve the key not working issue. 

The process is as follows:

Step-1: Type “Control Panel” in the start menu’s search bar.

Step-2: Enter the Control Panel, then Choose “Ease of Access.”

Step-3: Click the option named “Change How Your Keyboard Works.”

Step 4: Click the Toggle Bar and turn off the Sticky Keys. 

Method 8: Disable Filter Keys

Using filter keys is an excellent feature for those who face trouble holding multiple keys at once, as the delete key is the most used key to erase text to navigate back; enabling the Filter Keys could stop the Delete key from working.

What should you do if you notice filter keys are responsible for your problem? It would help if you disabled the keys. But how? Here is the way:

Step-1: Click on the Windows Search bar, then type “Control Panel.”

Step-2: Click on Ease of Access from the menus inside the Control Panel.

Step-3: Click the option named “Change How Your Keyboard Works.”

Step 4: Click the Toggle Bar and turn off the Sticky Keys. 

Method 9: Use Older Driver Version

You’ve updated or reinstalled the keyboard driver. But the Delete key is still not working. Now, try installing another version of the keyboard driver, which is older. The steps are:

Step-1: Open the Run option by pressing Windows Key and R at once

Step-2: Type “devmgmt.msc” in the box and press Enter.

Step-3: Find out and expand the options of “Keyboards.”

Step-4: Now, click the right mouse button on the driver to choose the “Update Driver” option.

Step-5: Select the “Browse My Computer for Drivers” option.

Step-6: Select a driver, then click “Next.”

Step-7: Click on the option named “Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.”

Now you have to wait until the process is finished. Once it is done, restart the Computer. Your problem should be fixed. 

Method 10: Clean the Keyboard

Users keep the keyboard in an open place. As a result, dust and debris quickly enter into it. And these can cause critical malfunctions. So, it would help if you kept the keyboard clean. 

You should follow some steps to keep your keyboard neat and clean. Some cleaning items can help you to clean your keyboard correctly. Let’s know those:

Small Brush: You can use a small brush to clean your keyboard.

Microfiber Cloth: Using a microfiber cloth, quickly wipe the keys and gently remove every debris.

Spray: You’ll find several types of cleaning sprays in the market. But using compressed air can provide a better result. 

Rubbing Alcohol: Take a soft cloth and pour some rubbing alcohol into that. Now start massaging the fabric on the keys. It will easily remove any dirt stuck in the keyboard. 

Method 11: Malware or Virus

The common enemy of a Windows P.C. is Malware or Viruses. These can harm any part of your Computer based on its type. And once malware or virus enters your pc; it will stop the software or hardware’s working correctly.

However, no specific malware or virus has been found that attacks the keyboard; it can make your delete button not work. 

So, you should be aware of malware and viruses. And its solution is to scan and eliminate them from the P.C. Do:

Step-1: Type “Windows Security” on the Windows Search bar.

Step-2: Click on “Windows Security” when it appears.

Step-3: Select “Virus and Threat Protection.”

Step-4: Click on “Scan.”

Step-5: Allow Windows Defender Offline scan.

Step-6: Click on “Scan Now”

It will take several minutes to complete to process. Your Computer will restart once it is done. Remove all the threats and check whether the key is working correctly.

Fix Some Keys Not Working Laptop Keyboard


Why the Delete key is not working on my keyboard?

There are several reasons for the delete button not working. Driver issues, Malware or Virus issues, and Dust issues can cause the delete key to stop working. 

Why I can’t use the delete key?

The delete key might be malfunctioned or disconnected. So, you are not able to use the key. 

How to fix the type Delete?

Turn off the overtype mode following.

Step-1: Click on file the Options
Step-2: Select Advanced
Step-3: Clear both options under the Editing option.

Final Words

Users face stress if the delete key stops working. It is one of the mainly used keys of a keyboard. So, you need to fix the problem soon to avoid the stress. There are many ways to improve the delete button not working on the keyboard. Here you’ll learn several methods to fix the problem. Follow the procedures properly to know the fix.