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What Are The 3 Types of Keyboards

Computer keyboards have nowadays almost fully replaced typewriters as they can perform both typing job and command-entering tasks. By using this, no matter how many mistakes you make while typing, you can erase it all with a simple backspace. The keyboards have made things a lot easier in these types of matters.

It consists of many keys and buttons with numbers and symbols written on them. Now, there are numerous types of keyboards that you use to pair with your PC. But there are three major keyboards type vastly used worldwide. If you are in doubt about what are the 3 types of keyboards, then the discussion below will assist you regarding that. 

3 Types of Keyboards

What is a Computer Keyboard?

The keyboard is the basic component you require to run your computer for different works. It is the primary input device of a computer to enter text or other required commands for various tasks. This peripheral device is a way of establishing communication with the computer. 

A keyboard is basically an electronic device that can be either wired or wireless. Whether the keyboard is wired or wireless, it contains all the alphabets, Numerics, symbols, and special characters which you will require for various tasks. These buttons on the keyboard are the ways of entering input data into a laptop/ desktop computer system.

Whether to type something or command something to your PC, you need to press the buttons of the keyboard according to that. 

What Are the 3 Types of Keyboards – In-detail Discussion

There are numerous types of keyboards available of different types. But there are three major keyboards type which is favored by most users worldwide:

Mechanical Keyboard  

The mechanical keyboard is built with high-quality materials to make it suitable for both home and office usage. It is also known as the primitive keyboard because of the type of buttons it contains. This mechanical keyboard usually uses physical buttons for each key which makes it different from the other keyboards.

It is a traditional keyboard that comes with a spring-like key action and produces a noise when each key is pressed. The keyboard is designed and built for long life with high durability and an amazing amount of responsiveness. In this keyboard, the action of the key feels the same as how a key feels when pressed and released.

While using this keyboard, you will experience a crisp click sound, medium resistance, and amazing responsiveness. It is mostly suitable for gamers because of its features and capabilities. For gaming performance and the ultimate typing experience, this keyboard is the best in the business.

Unique Features:

  • It offers greater durability and amazing responsiveness
  • The mechanical keyboard comes with framing, switches, type print methods
  • Amazing and crisp click sound, medium resistance, and better feedback 
  • Springiness nature ensures top-notch response when you type anything
  • Presence of the PCB Board and LED lighting
  • Built with top-quality built materials
  • Crisp clicking sound with key pressing and releasing feel
  • Ultimate typing experience all through using period
  • Improved durability and longevity
  • Key action almost feels like the typewriter
  • The general users might sometimes find the keys a bit rough to type

Wireless Keyboard  

The wireless keyboard is one of the latest additions to the technology in the keyboard sector. It is unlike the traditional keyboards that are usually connected to the computer through a cable. Instead, it needs to be connected to the device through wireless connections like Bluetooth, IR technology, or Radio Frequency.

While using this keyboard, you can move it around without thinking about the cable. You can use this wireless keyboard from a good distance, and the connection will still remain established. Because of the smaller size and lighter weight, carrying the keyboard is also pretty easy. 

It has an enhanced lifespan as stainless steel has been used as the building material for this keyboard. The inclusion of a transmitter and trans-receiver has made the connection establishing easier. It also enhanced the responsiveness of the keyboard and better feedback through the soft buttons.

The efficient usage of light waves to transmit signals ensures the connection is established even from a distance. Not only for casual home usage, but this wireless keyboard is also suitable for formal and official usage.

Unique Features:

  • Wireless communication between the device and the keyboard
  • Connection establishment through Bluetooth, IR technology, and Radio Frequency
  • Inclusion of the transmitter and trans receiver
  • Proper utilization of the light waves to transmit signals between the keyboard and the device
  • A vast range of signals available for communication
  • Lightweight and easy to carry makes, it is suitable for a long journey if needed
  • Easy to move around the office and house
  • Suitable for both casual and formal usage
  • Amazing feedback and soft buttons
  • The connection remains established even from a good distance
  • Some users may complain about the buttons not being crisp enough

Multimedia Keyboard

You can call a keyboard to multimedia keyboard if it has the availability of all the multimedia buttons in it. This keyboard has the features and facilities like the usual keyboards with some specialized features. That specialized feature is to assist in media playing on your computer device.

Along with the usual buttons, it comes with all the other buttons that can be required to control media playing on the computer. You will find the play, pause, previous and next buttons in it to control things while playing video content on the PC. 

Along with all these, there will also be volume up, volume down, and mute buttons. A special button to launch media will be present as well on this multimedia keyboard. It has an inclusion of a dedicated button or key combination for each function.

If you are looking to launch a browser, computer, or calculator, you will find dedicated buttons for those tasks as well. 

Unique Features:

  • Specialized buttons for media playing activities
  • You will have available buttons for playing, pausing, heading previous and next of a video
  • The volume up, volume down, and mute buttons are present there as well
  • Launching a browser, my computer, and calculator can also be done by using the dedicated buttons
  • The keyboard is quite durable and long-lasting as well
  • Easy to use all the dedicated buttons
  • Pretty lightweight and easier to carry
  • Special buttons to launch media and browser
  • The keyboard will enhance your multimedia experience
  • Traditional cable connection with the computer ensures a seamless experience
  • The size of the keyboard is comparatively bulkier

Final Words

There are numerous types of keyboards used all around the world. Those are used for different purposes, as some of those are with basic facilities, and some are for performing dedicated tasks. But if you ask what are the 3 types of keyboards, then those are mechanical, wireless, and multimedia keyboards.

The mechanical keyboard is the one preferred by gamers because of the crisp click sound and springiness. On the other hand, the wireless keyboard is one of the latest additions in this sector, with plenty of new features. And the multimedia keyboards come with specialized media buttons for a better media-watching experience.