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What Are ABS Keycaps? [Get A Clear Idea Before Buying]

It may be time to switch from your current keycaps if you’ve become tired of your previous ones and are looking for new types that will not fade quickly or damage easily. Then, this is the right time to switch to ABS keycaps. It is obvious that you have already researched what are ABS keycaps, which led you here.

A thermoplastic keycap is a type of keycap launched in the market. This is an excellent switch top-layout but more than the traditional one. The most awakening fact about ABS is its beautiful, shiny arrangement, mixing with a unique stabilizer to make it super resistant to friction, splitting, and wear.

These are a few common words to identify ABS keycaps at first glance. Let’s dive into the depth and fill in your thirst through this guide, where I will highlight everything you need to learn before buying this sort of keycap.

ABS Keycaps
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What Are ABS Keycaps?

ABS keycaps refer to a specific type of keycap profile commonly used on mechanical keyboards. ABS is not like traditional keycaps because of the manufacturing material. The material used here is thermoplastic, generally best known for being electrical shock-resistant, durable, and most potent array.

It refers to keycaps made from a type of plastic called acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). It is popular among people for its smooth and glossy surfaces. They’re commonly used in many consumer-grade keyboards and come in different colors.

However, these keycaps can manufacture commercial industrial-type keyboards as they’re worthy of printing with legends. It is suitable for using techniques like pad printing or laser etching.

What Do ABS Keycaps Do?

ABS keycaps are incredibly great for using professional trades in commercial production. The main reason for this immense popularity is its wonderful low melting traits.

This means that this sort of keycap is easy to recycle, which reduces the cost for the manufacturer to produce new keycaps over time.

Nearly every keyboard manufacturer has chosen this material for their high profile and long-lasting effects. These keycaps stay strong during the molding process.

Those keycaps are top-notch typing tools that retain their shape so well. Also, ABS keycaps have a glossy, mild, and stunning finish. The dimensional solid properties make it more trustworthy and influence users to buy unthinkingly. Its extra retaining power of holding both shape and gloss finish makes it more beneficial for regular usage. It can give you additional relief from spending extra money buying keycaps.

What Are The Benefits Of ABS Keycaps?

While ABS keycaps have some limitations, they offer a few benefits that make them popular among keyboard enthusiasts and users. Herein are some of the key benefits which you got after purchasing ABS keycaps:

ABS Keycaps
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ABS keycaps are more affordable than keycaps made from other materials like PBT, XDA, etc. It will make a popular choice for budget-conscious people or those looking for more accessible options to save up their monthly budget.


Having ABS keycaps is just your best bet; you don’t need to buy an extra replacement for this. You can adjust the size if you want to make it fit your table or desk. Moreover, it offers various options regarding colors, design, and printing techniques.

The smooth surfaces of the ABS implied more vibrant and detailed legends and designs. Even though these keycap sets are much easier to visualize, they seem appealing and unique.

Smooth And Glossy Textures

ABS keycaps have a smooth, glossy surface that some users find aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. The soft texture can offer a satisfying typing experience for those who prefer a slippery feel.

Sound And Acoustics

The material properties of ABS keycaps can affect the sound profile when typing on them. These keycaps produce a higher-pitched “clack” sound that some users enjoy. It can add a satisfying auditory element to their typing experiences.

Keycap Compatibility

One of the everyday things to be considered is to use ABS keycap for its compatibility. It’s less slippery against friction. It is more widely available and compatible with a broader range of keyboards. Finding replacement or aftermarket keycap sets is easier if you have mass-produced keyboards and mechanical switches that use ABS keycaps.

Are ABS keycaps Better?

ABS keycaps are better than others; there is no doubt. People love these keycaps because of their shiny, non-slippery arrangements.

These shining effects will let anyone visualize inconsistent results afterward. ABS are more standard-type keycaps. Its material only melts down slowly. Since ABS plastics are recyclable, their prices are affordable. Besides, its stables and easy-to-use nature make it a popular choice.

The pre-built computing features of this keycap are another reason people love it. High temperatures or even heat can damage those materials.

The alphabet and other symbols engraved in it wouldn’t fade away quickly. It can withstand a lot of typing without any gaps or damage. A single package of ABS keycaps can last more than three to four years without any doubt.

Furthermore, its shine retains for up to 5–6 months, which you won’t get from other standard mechanical keycaps. While typing, ABS produces a soft, mild sound that lets you work comfortably. For customization and colors, those keycaps are literary top-notch choices for all.

If you consider the quality of the keycaps, ABS is the top-of-the-line and more trendy keycaps than others. Their shiny appearance, premium textures, and less discoloration tendency make them the most trustworthy keycaps for gaming nerds and professional enthusiasts.

Besides, you’ll get more unique designs that give you in-depth functions and multiple choices. This high-quality standard-type cap will give you GMK functions and thicker iconic looks. This could be your next bet if you care most about the shine and materials. You may be interested in the content of How to Remove Spacebar Keycap

ABS vs PBT Keycaps


Do ABS Keycaps Work on Any Keyboard?

Since ABS keycaps are made with Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, it feels so soft and easy to melt for recycling. For this reason, they’re well-manufactured and fit on any keyboard.

What Material Are ABS Keycaps?

ABS keycaps are made with acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. It is generally a terpolymer made with polymerizing styrene and acrylonitrile, suitable for high rigidity. Besides, you’ll get more benefits from this material, such as stylish, polished outlooks and robust essential arrangements to drive your finger smoothly.

Are ABS Keycaps Worth It?

Those ABS keycaps are undoubtedly worth it for your computer and laptop if you frequently type any assignments or do any office work at home or in the office. They function steadily and respond very early, which greatly amuses the user.

Nevertheless, you’re going to be satisfied with its durability and quality. Most of these keycaps are manufactured with solid, robust and ideal materials. They ensure that the keycaps will last more than a year, and you can also operate them.,

Why Do People Like ABS Keycaps?

First and foremost, people like keycaps for the material. They’re exceptional to use because of the ABS. This material is utilized as the top-notch element for smooth, shiny finishes all over the keyboards. It omitted the tendency of hand-slipping, wearing off, and other inconveniences.

Second, people fell in love with this sort of keycaps for the price. They’re less costly than typical keycaps in online and offline shops. Ease of maintenance is another crucial fact that makes it more popular among users.

Final Words

ABS keycaps are GMK-made property meaning a German company directly manufactures them. Besides, it is a robust thermoplastic equipment, less prone to damage, shrink and wear off.

To maintain and use these keycaps for a long time, analyzing what are ABS keycaps and why they’re made is essential. Nonetheless, you should also be conscious of some facts to retain its shiny finish.

Try to use these keycaps under direct sunlight, which may cause discoloration because excessive UV rays are responsible for fading their shiny appearance. Over time, you may notice the keycaps wear out after several years of use. So, be careful while handling and using them frequently.