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Razer Keyboard Spamming Keys

Have you ever seen your keyboard repeatedly typing the same keys? At times, the keys might get stuck too! And when you see spamming keys on your keyboard, you get worried about changing the whole keyboard. Well, it isn’t necessary; we have easy solutions for Razer keyboard spamming keys here!

Ways to Fix Keyboard Spamming Keys

Ways to Fix Keyboard Spamming Keys

An easy way to solve the keyboard spamming random keys for Razer is to run a virus scan. For the computer, go for a complete virus scan.

This will help you save the keyboard from viruses and your keyboard won’t spam keys anymore. Here are some other methods available too, take a look!

Clean the Keyboard

The more you deny the basic reason for spamming keys on your keyboard is dirt, debris, or liquid. If there is dirt and debris stuck or you have dropped water or coffee on the keys, the keys might repeat type randomly.

At times, some you see the Razer BlackWidow Elite spamming keys right after you have dropped something on it. No worries, the problem will be solved by cleaning the keyboard in the right manner!

Command Prompt Check

The next thing you can do is check the keyboard’s functionality in the computer’s Command prompt. Go through the following steps to make it work.

  • First of all, your job is to switch off the computer for some time. Keep the computer switched off for about 5-10 seconds. And then, switch on the PC.
  • While switching on the computer, you have to go through the keyboard and press the F11 key. Well, make sure you do it continuously. Go for one press every second. You need to do it constantly until the Windows Loading Screen appears before you.
  • Once you see the loading screen, you have to start checking it. There might be a language selection screen before you. Go for the language you want (most probably English) and then, check out the options available. From the several options, pick up Choose your Keyboard Layout Screen.
  • It’s time to pick up the keyboard layout which will fit your keyboard type and then settle for Choose an Option and Advanced Option. When you are done, go for the Command Prompt. Now, you can check the keyboard details there. If there is any issue, it will be explained there. Also, solutions will be available.

Keyboard and Device Troubleshooting

This is a method of learning if you are facing any serious issues with the Razer keyboard or not. And if yes, then how to solve it!

  • Here, you have to check the ALT key and its work. Have a look if the key is working fine or not. For this, you have to check the on-screen keyboard. In this position, you have to press Windows and Q together. In the typing –portion, type OSK and then, it’s time to check it. And then you can go for the next step.
  • In this step, you have to run a hardware troubleshooter along with a device troubleshooter. Go through the steps to make it work. First of all, you have to settle for both the Windows key and X together and it will bring Control Panel before you. When you get Control Panel, go for the View option available on the top right. All you need to do is change the view and make the icons large.
  • When you are done, go for the Troubleshooting option followed by viewing all the other options available on the left panel. Here, you will get to see the hardware and Device Troubleshooter. Your job is to click on it and run it. In this way, the hardware and the device will go through a troubleshooting process. Eventually, it will solve all the issues that are leading to keyboard spamming keys on your computer.
Keyboard Spamming Keys

Reinstall or Update the Driver

When all of the other methods don’t work, you need to settle for fixing the damaged or corrupted driver issues. Yes, this can cause Razer keyboard spamming keys too.

  • First of all, get into the Device Manager of your computer and there, search for the option Keyboard. Below that, you will find HID keyboard Device option. Click on this one. Your job is to install this driver so that your computer can solve the issue related to the keyboard.
  • You can always manually install or update the driver. However, in the case of spamming keys, we recommend you reboot the device right after uninstalling it. When you reboot, the computer will install the driver once again on its own.
  • If the keyboard driver doesn’t get install automatically, go for any automatic tool for the install. In this case, there is a chance of adding the wrong driver. Driver Easy is an easy solution for you. It will scan, download and install the right driver depending on your PC. Go for that if you want!

Fix key spamming on ANY Razer keyboard – Macros, Firmwares and Hardware Issues!

Wrap Up

So, spamming keys isn’t uncommon. From dirt, debris, water, and other petty issues, damaged driver, etc. can be the reason for your keyboard spamming some keys. However, you can fix them in the ways we have discussed above for sure!