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Razer Keyboard Keys not working

Suddenly, one day, you find your Razer keyboard keys not working and you are doomed because you can’t do the office work! Well, we have easy peasy solutions for you! You don’t need a professional to solve these issues, take a look at our methods and do it at home!

Reasons for Razer Keyboard Keys not working

Reasons for Razer Keyboard Keys not working

To learn why the keys of the Razer keyboard not working Windows 10, first, you need to know what the reasons behind it are. Let’s learn a bit about it!

  • Firstly, the reason for the keyboard keys not working is a faulty switch. If the switch is faulty, no keyboard keys will work mostly.
  • If you are having any issues regarding the driver, hardware, or firmware, there is a chance of keys not working. Especially, if the hardware or the driver is damaged or corrupted, it is a common phenomenon.
  • The keys might not work when the computer or the device is in Demo Mode. Switch it off to make your keyboard keys work.

Razor Keyboard Keys not Working Solutions

If you ever see Razer Keyboard keys randomly stop working, these are the methods that can help you a lot in solving it!

Add the Keyboard Directly

The connection of the keyboard to the computer might be the reason behind the issue too! Remove the keyboard first and then plug it in once again. Plug the keyboard directly into your device. Some people might use the KVM switch for the job.

Or else, some of them use the USB hub too. But in this situation, we do not recommend you use them. Instead, plug in the keyboard directly. If you see the keyboard is directly plugged in, you have to settle for a different USB port here.

Check if the keyboards have two USB connectors or not first. If it has two USB connectors, you have to plug in both of these connectors to your PC.

In the case of the desktop PC, you have to check the back of the system unit for the USB port and use them for adding the keyboard.

Razer Keyboard

Clean the Keyboard

Well, if you research any keyboard keys not working, the first thing anyone will suggest to you is to clean the keyboard. At times, dirt can get inside the keys and make them stuck in one place. This can cause the keyboard keys not to work properly or spamming at times.

Here, your first action should be taking off any dirt and debris from the keyboard and the touchpad. There can be other residues on the touchpad and the keyboard. Certify that you have cleaned it carefully. For the process, we recommend you use a microfiber cloth.

Also, you can settle for compressed air to get rid of all the dirt from within and clean the keyboard properly. Once the keyboard is cleaned properly, you need to add it to the PC and start using it. Test if it is working fine or not. If it is, you are done with the job now!

Update the Firmware

Another procedure that can solve the Razer Keyboard not working on a startup is to update the firmware. We will tell you how to update the firmware and solve the Razer keyboard keys not working in trouble. Let’s check out the steps.

  • First of all, your job is to remove all the peripherals. Make sure that nothing is plugged into the device. However, you have to keep the primary mouse and the keyboard plugged in. Once you are done, move to the next step.
  • Now, it’s time to update Razer Firmware. Launch Razer Support site first. There, you will see several options and divisions for helping you out. This page only houses firmware and so, it’s easy to find the solution you need. Go through the right section first and there, you have to search for your device.
  • Once you find the device you are looking for or in short, once you find your device, you are ready for the update. At times, you might not see your device mentioned there. In that case, you have to understand that there is no firmware update for you or you don’t have any. End the process right away. In case you see the device, you have to check for the added link there.
  • This added link will help you download the Firmware update. There are instructions for the installation. All you need is to go for them and then install them properly. Download the file first and run it. Then, update it following the necessary process. And you are done! Check if the keyboard keys are working or not!

Update Razer Synapse

It’s time to update the Razer Synapse. This might solve all the issues for you here. Let’s learn how to do it!

  • For this, firstly, you have to get into Razer Central. Once you have launched into it, you have to expand the system tray. To make this work, check the lower right part of your desktop. There, you will see an arrow added. Click it so that you can expand the system trap for making the process work. 
  • Check the Windows OS details and check if it requires an update or not. There is an option added Check for Updates. Here, your job is to click this one and then search for updates. Here, Synapse will search for the updates your device needs. All you need is to certify that your OS has the latest updates added. If it finds any update, click on Update and you are done!

Switch off the Demo Mode

If you are using the Demo mode on your computer, make sure you get rid of the demo mode if you want the Razer keyboard to work fine. At times, demo mode is the reason behind the Razer keyboard keys not working properly.

How to fix Razer keyboard not working

Wrap Up

Whenever you are using any keyboard no matter it’s Razer or not, certify that you are not having food or anything that can spill around it. The basic reason for the keys of the keyboards not working is the dirt and debris. Also, certify that you are keeping the computer up to date and these will solve all issues related to the keyboard!