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11 Things Can Make Your Keyboard Good For Gaming

If you’re a professional gamer, you know a good keyboard is essential. But what makes a keyboard good for gaming?

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the key features and specifications that make a keyboard ideal for gaming. From anti-ghosting and key rollover to customizable macros and backlighting, we’ll cover everything you need to know about choosing a keyboard to help you dominate your opponents on the virtual battlefield.

So if you’re ready to take your gaming to the next level, read on for our complete guide to finding the perfect gaming keyboard.

What Is A Gaming Keyboard?

What Is A Gaming Keyboard

A gaming keyboard is a strong, high-performance keyboard developed explicitly for gaming. These keyboards are usually mechanical and include good RGB lighting beneath the keys, making them the simplest to type with. Keys register with little to no pressure, allowing you to type faster and without weariness.

They also include extra macro keys that may be programmed to do specific game tasks or used as shortcuts. You can, for example, write a macro key to cast an ability in-game or to activate frequently used applications. N-key rollover, which registers all the keys you press simultaneously, is also available on gaming keyboards.

Types of Gaming Keyboards

There are mainly two types of keyboards used as gaming keyboards.

Mechanical Keyboard:

A mechanical keyboard differs from other keyboards because it has switches beneath the keys. These switches include moving parts, including a hard plastic “stem” with two metal contacts and a spring beneath.

When you press a key, the stem pushes the spring down, connecting the two metal contacts and registering your key press to the keyboard’s circuitry and your computer. Mechanical switch animation for the Cherry MX Brown. The operation of an automatic keyboard switch!

These switches are what distinguishes mechanical keyboards from other types of keyboards. Even if you use the same keycaps as a standard keyboard, it will still be mechanical due to the use of switches.

Membrane Keyboard

A membrane keyboard, or a membrane switch keyboard, comprises tiny layers of flexible material that serve as keys for triggering signals for a system or device. Individual keys are mechanical switches that control electrical connections, which generate signals that allow orders to be issued. Each switch controls an inert electrical circuit until it is pressed.

Membrane keyboard technology can be found in electrical devices and appliances. They are used to input data into industrial, domestic, and commercial equipment and control robots and computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinery. Computer keyboards are mainly used for typing and gaming.

What Is A Gaming Keyboard Used For?

A gaming keyboard is a compact supplementary keyboard that is only used for gaming. It contains a restricted number of regular keyboard keys positioned more ergonomically to promote quick and effective gaming key presses.

What Makes A Keyboard Good For Gaming?

A gaming keyboard is an essential piece of equipment to have on hand when playing a game. The quality and design of keyboards varies, such as heavy-duty, mechanical, membrane, and so on. 

Most ordinary keyboards fail to survive as long when put under the strain of gamers’ quick fingers. So, here are eight considerations to consider while selecting the best gaming keyboard.

1. Size

In general, keyboards are either full-size or Tenkeyless. Your level of comfort determines the size of the keyboard. 

A full-size keyboard is required if you want a numbers pad on your keyboard. On the other hand, the Ten- keyless keyboard is a smaller one that is ideal for fitting on a small desk. Keep your mouse closer because the Ten- keyless keyboard lacks a numbers pad. 

2. Key Quality

Computers function using two essential technologies: Membrane and Mechanical keys. Mechanical keyboards are faster, more durable, offer N-key rollover, and eliminate ghosting.

3. Build Quality 

A gamer’s repetitive and strong keypresses can cause significant harm to the keyboard. As a result, all of the keyboard elements must be of good quality. 

Keycaps are PBT or ABS plastic. PBT keycaps are more resistant to solvents, don’t turn glossy, are physically harder, and can withstand 150 degrees Celsius. Gamers favor them. 

Some high-end keyboards, on the other hand, can include ABS plastic because they have a thin coating of plastic that allows the keyboard backlight to be more bright, vibrant and even. 

4. Backlighting 

All gaming keyboards lack a backlight; however, those that do either have RGB backlighting or single backlighting. A single-color backlight illuminates the keys in a single color. Still, an RGB backlight illuminates the keys in many colors. 

5. Connectivity 

Wireless or wired keyboards are available. Wireless keyboards connect to your computer by radio frequencies such as Bluetooth, whereas wired keyboards are directly connected via cable. 

A wireless keyboard offers greater mobility but requires battery charging. A wireless keyboard may experience little input lag, whereas a conventional keyboard does not. With a wired keyboard, all you need is a little cord management. The same is true for both wired and wireless mice. 

6. N- Key Rollover

No matter how many keys you press simultaneously, N-key rollover registers each keypress precisely and in the correct order. Because each key is distinct and recognized by the operating system, mechanical keyboards may support N-key rollover. 

7. Anti-Ghosting

Check to see if your gaming keyboard includes an anti-ghosting feature. Ghosting occurs when the computer records all wrong keys rather than the ones you pressed. 

When you use multiple keys simultaneously, it registers any neighbouring keys that you may have gently pressed. As a result, anti-ghosting software is essential for gamers. 

8. Macros and Software Customization

Any key on a gaming keyboard can be programmed to perform a different purpose. With the bundled software, You can record a series of keystrokes and mouse clicks. This is excellent for quickly activating numerous skills or abilities. There are even unassigned keys on some gaming keyboards that are built specifically for macros.

9. Ergonomics

Gaming requires comfort. Most gaming keyboards have wrist supports to prevent wrist cramps after hours of gaming. Convenient key locations, such as grippy WASD keys or the replacement of the windows key by the control key, can be very disruptive during an intense gaming period.

You want to make a simplistic, classic decision as a solo player. Avoid wheels and cryptic multimedia buttons, which clutter the keyboard’s aesthetics and increase exorbitant prices.

10. Connection

Wired and wireless keyboard connections are available. The most prevalent type of keyboard is a wired keyboard. These keyboards will not require you to constantly watch the battery charge to ensure your game is not spoilt by the computer going black.

Wired connections are classified into two types:

  • The widely recognized USB slot: While this is a widespread means of connecting, it has a few disadvantages. The biggest issue would be that you would have hit delays if too many links were made to the USB bus at once. The second problem is that a USB link limits the number of hits that can happen at the same time.
  • The PS/2 connection is superior but challenging because it has become outdated. This connection approach allows for simultaneous hits, resulting in a rapid response.

If you have a wireless connection, you can play the game anywhere you want, but it will be hard to keep your device charged.

11. Cost

Finally, assess the keyboard’s price to its characteristics. Keyboards with extra functions cost more than those without. You can choose which features are essential for you based on your needs and budget. 

Can you use a gaming keyboard for regular use?

Yes, you can use a gaming keyboard for work because it functions like a regular one. Nothing about a gaming keyboard renders it fundamentally unfit for usage in an office setting.

What Makes A Gaming Mouse Good?

Enjoy the gaming experience by equipping yourself with a gaming mouse that suits your playing style. Consider the following things before selecting the best gaming mouse:

  • Is it better to be wired or wireless?
  • Playing method
  • Grip design
  • sensor
  • Customization and lighting
  • Counts and dots per inch
  • Dimensions 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right keyboard can make a big difference in your gaming experience. With so many options available, it’s essential to understand what makes a keyboard good for gaming.

Key features like anti-ghosting and key rollover ensure that your keystrokes are registered accurately. At the same time, customizable macros and backlighting allow you to personalize your setup for maximum performance. Investing in a high-quality gaming keyboard can improve your accuracy, speed, and overall gaming experience.

So don’t settle for a subpar keyboard – take the time to do your research and find the perfect one for you.