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Lenovo Keyboard Backlight not working

The keyboard backlight issue of Lenovo is quite known and if you own this brand, you might face this too.

Well, when you see the Lenovo Keyboard backlight not working, you can always talk to the Lenovo support team. However, before you spend your bucks, try our methods to fix it- after all, it costs only a bit of time!

Method 1: Using Hotkeys

When you see that your Lenovo keyboard is working but the backlight is not, the first and easiest fix for this one is to go for the hotkeys. With the hotkeys, you can enable and change the brightness settings of your backlight. If you use a keyboard with a backlight, you already know this.

Using Hotkeys

To enable the backlight, you have to press the FN key. Along with this, you need to press the Space key. Make sure you press them together. If this doesn’t work, you must understand that different Lenovo keyboard model has different setups.

Here, you can swap the Space key with the ESC key and go for the same method. All you need is to press the press FN and Esc key together.

Method 2: Using Lenovo Vantage Tool

If the above-mentioned method doesn’t work, you can settle for the Lenovo Vantage tool. For Lenovo users, there is a tool named Lenovo Vantage.

With this one, you can customize the Lenovo product settings. And with the help of this tool, you deal with the backlight of your keyboard! Here’s how to do it.

  • For doing this, you will need the app first. So, the first thing to do here is to download the Lenovo Vantage. Go to Microsoft Store and search for Lenovo Vantage. After you have downloaded it, you need to install it following the proper method. Once the app is installed, run it.
  • So, now the app is running. You have to go for the Device now. Under this option, search for another option called Input and Accessories.
Lenovo Vantage

When you find it, go for it. There, all the keyboard information will be added. Along with this, there will be options for adjusting the keyboard backlight too.

  • All you need is to go through the settings and switch on your backlight. You can adjust the settings and get back the backlight within seconds!

Method 3: Power Draining the PC

Well, if you see that the Lenovo keyboard backlight not working Windows 11 or any other Windows version even after following all the other methods, try this. This method is for the PC in which the power to your PC will be disconnected temporarily.

In this process, your PC will reboot. However, keep in mind that this method works for Lenovo laptops only.

On that note, you will get two different types of Lenovo laptops, one with a detachable battery and another with a built-in battery. We have listed the Power Drain method for both of these laptops. Check them out!

Lenovo Laptop with a Detachable/Removable Battery

  • Firstly, you have to get a hold of your laptop and disconnect the battery as the battery is removable.

After this, you need to check the adapter and take it off. Unplugging the adapter along with removing the battery will help you cut all the power to your laptop.

  • At this point, go for the power button. Press it and don’t leave that button; instead, hold the button for a while. More or less 10 seconds will do the job.
  • Now, leave the power button and then re-attach the battery. Once again, go for the AC adapter cable and plug it in. Once you are done, you can restart your laptop so that the internal system glitches are fixed automatically.

Lenovo Laptop with a Built-in Battery

  • For power-draining the Lenovo laptop with a built-in battery so that you can fix the keyboard backlight, you have to go for the AC adapter first.

As this one doesn’t have any battery that you can remove, you don’t need to worry about the battery at all. Instead, unplug the adapter from the laptop first.

  • Once the adapter is unplugged, just like before, you have to go for the power button. Press it but this time; make sure you hold it a little longer.

Hold the power button for about 15 seconds. In short, you have to hold this button till your laptop turns off, and then you can release it.

  • In the last step, you have to plug in the adapter once again. After this, restart your laptop so that the small glitches are fixed and the backlight problem is solved. Hopefully, the backlight will start working once again!

Method 4: Updating BIOS

When the Lenovo keyboard backlight not working Windows 10 issue pops up, you first need to try and fix all the previous methods we have mentioned. But if none of it works, you can try this out. This will let you know if your keyboard is faulty or not.

  • Firstly, get a hold of your Lenovo and restart the PC. While restarting, the logo of Lenovo will appear. Right when it appears, you have to hold the F1 key. Or you can also press the Enter key again and again.
  • Once you do this, you will enter BIOS. The BIOS screen will look different in different models of Lenovo. However, the menu screen almost includes the same options in a way or so.

At this point, you have to press the hotkeys for switching on the Lenovo keyboard backlight. It can be FN + Space or FN + ESC.

keyboard backlight
  • At this point, the backlight will turn on. If the backlight works in BIOS, all you need is to update the BIOS.

Follow how to update BIOS for fixing the keyboard backlight issue and it will fix your problem. Or you can contact Lenovo for a fix too.

  • However, you need to worry if the backlight doesn’t turn on. This reflects that your keyboard is having issues. It can be related to the hardware being damaged too

Wrap Up

So, now you know what the problems that can cause the backlight of your Lenovo not to work are and how to fix it. All you need to do is follow the steps. In most cases restarting works, as we have mentioned above. Either way, if the hotkeys don’t work, try manually switching on the backlight.