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Is A Mechanical Keyboard Better For Gaming?

If you’re a serious gamer, you know that having the right equipment can make all the difference. And when it comes to keyboards, there’s been a lot of debate: Is a mechanical keyboard better for gaming?

Gaming with mechanical keyboards is fun for several reasons and is incredibly convenient. Using mechanical keyboards for gaming is better because they offer faster response times, better durability, N-key rollover, and tons of customization. The cost of mechanical keyboards is slightly higher than that of traditional keyboards, but they are worth it.

In this blog post, We’ll explore the advantages of using mechanical keyboards in gaming. So, let’s go through the article to know more details.

Mechanical Keyboard

What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

Instead of membrane switches, mechanical keyboards use mechanical switches. A mechanical keyboard has a switch underneath each key that registers key presses.

Unlike a membrane keyboard, mechanical keyboards offer a more tactile and satisfying typing experience, with each keypress registering more clearly. Furthermore, they are typically more durable and long-lasting than membrane keyboards.

How Does a Mechanical Keyboard Work?

Mechanical keyboards work by using plastic switches underneath. A switch reacts when you press a key halfway down and sends a signal to the computer. Mechanical keyboards allow you to press several keys simultaneously without affecting your computer’s reception because keys are just pressed halfway down.

Is a Mechanical Keyboard Better For Gaming?

Yes. In general, gamers prefer mechanical keyboards as they are faster, stronger, and more tactile.

A key’s tactile feedback is what you feel when you press it. When your fingers press the keys, spring back, and raise the keycap, you receive feedback through the clicking sound and visual.

Gamers enjoy feedback and resistance when typing, a feature many looks for. A membrane keyboard will appeal to gamers who want a smaller keyboard that takes up less space, is more portable, and costs less.

Advantages Of Mechanical Keyboard To Use In Gaming

Mechanical keyboards have become increasingly popular among gamers due to their advantages over traditional membrane keyboards.

The Programmable Key

Programmable keys are an excellent feature of some mechanical keyboards. By doing this, you will be able to set commands and shortcuts to the keys of your choice.

Pressing a programmable key is easy and fast if you frequently use a combination of keys. In certain games, you can customize the controls for a more efficient layout that improves competitiveness.

Not all mechanical keyboards have programmable keys, so check this before purchasing. Some keyboards require special software, and some companies have better software than others. Setting up a keyboard with programmable keys can be a hassle if the software isn’t reliable and easy to use.

A Highly Durable Product

Compared to traditional rubber dome/membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards are known for their durability and superior build quality. A mechanical keyboard has an independent switch for each key, registering each keystroke separately. These keyboards provide a responsive and consistent gaming experience due to how they are built.

Mechanical keyboard switches are typically rated for 50 million keystrokes, and some companies, such as Cherry, are rated for 100 million. You can use your keyboards for years without noticing wear and tear or performance degradation.

N-Key Rollover

Have you ever had the issue where you press two keys simultaneously and only one register? With N-key rollover, that problem is completely solved. All keystrokes will be registered if you simultaneously press a certain number of keys. An N-key rollover keyboard allows you to press up to six keys simultaneously, and they will all register.

In gaming, N-key rollover is extremely useful. To control your game accurately, you need to ensure all your keystrokes are registered. The performance will undoubtedly suffer if the system only captures half of your keystrokes. People who are fast at typing can also benefit from N-key rollover since they need to press two keys virtually simultaneously. When you know that the keys will always register, N-key rollover makes typing a more enjoyable experience.

A Faster Response Time

Keyboards with mechanical switches have a much faster response time than keyboards without mechanical switches. Whenever you press a key, your system registers it within a certain time.

The design of mechanical keyboard switches provides unparalleled response time. When you press a key, you get an immediate response instead of waiting for the movement to be registered after the keystroke.

Certain types of mechanical switches offer better response times. When pressed, optical switches give milliseconds more time. To make each key press faster, low-profile switches are available that reduce the actuation distance of the switch. There is a trade-off between low-profile or optical switches since they offer faster response times but are less enjoyable to type on.

Switch Customization For Competitive Advantage

Mechanical keyboard switches come in various styles and designs, as mentioned before. You can choose tactile, linear, clicky, heavy, and light buttons. You can use a tactile switch if you enjoy getting feedback from your keyboard.

Linear switches provide a smooth keypress. Using a heavy switch can help protect your fingers from impact if you tend to press down hard on your keys. With different switch types, you can customize your keyboard in many ways.

Test out several different switch types to find out what you enjoy most.

 In general, linear switches are considered the best for gaming. Many gamers prefer linear switches because the tactile bump can be distracting when playing games. This doesn’t mean you can’t use tactile switches.

 The WASD and arrow keys are typically used with linear switches, while the rest use tactile switches. I can use a keyboard with hot swaps to make switching out switches easier.

Comfortable For Long Play Sessions

A mechanical keyboard is much more comfortable to type on than a regular keyboard. You can choose the switch that supports your fingers correctly so you can type for long periods without tiring your hands.

You can also purchase ergonomic mechanical keyboards to alleviate wrist and arm pain. Split keyboards can be helpful for extended play sessions or keyboards that provide proper wrist support.

If you experience wrist pain, you can also purchase a wrist rest separately. Mechanical keyboards allow for much customization, making your keyboard extraordinarily comfortable and enjoyable.

Check out different keycap sets because they can make typing and gaming more enjoyable by changing the overall shape of keycaps. Switch types are also important, preventing keys from being pressed too hard.

Whatever You Want, Loud Or Quiet

Mechanical keyboards are often associated with loud and clicky switches, silent switches are also available. While some prefer more audible switches because they can hear their keystrokes, others find the noise distracting.

When you speak over a microphone to friends or have other people in the same room, loud switches can also be annoying. You can get all the benefits of a regular switch, except it’s quiet and less distracting.

Keyboard sound levels are also affected by other factors. It is always possible to install O-rings to your keys to dampen the sound levels if you feel your switches are too loud. The design of your keyboard case is also essential; if it is plastic or poorly assembled, the keyboard will rattle when you type. Make sure you get a well-constructed and solid plastic case keyboard if you decide to get one.

Water-Resistant And Splash-Proof

Spilled water or soda will protect modern mechanical keyboards. Drinking water, soda, or other beverages while playing games can be a great feature since you’re bound to spill something on your keyboard no matter how careful you are.

The keyboards are splash-resistant, not fully waterproof, so don’t fully submerge them and expect them to work. Liquid spilled on the keyboard can only damage the keyboard. A splash-proof mechanical keyboard is an excellent preventative measure to avoid breaking your keyboard the next time you get butter fingers.

Gaming With Backlight

Playing video games late at night can maseeing see all your keys and lege difficulties. You can make your keys visible while playing games by getting a mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting. Furthermore, RGB lighting is fun to use as it allows you to customize your keyboard’s lighting effects and look. RGB lighting can make viewing keyboard legends easier and reduce eye strain, especially at night.

Not all mechanical keyboards feature RGB backlighting, so look for one that does. The keyboard should also have strong software since the preset lighting effects are usually dull or distracting.


A mechanical keyboard is more user-friendly than a regular keyboard. Playing games or typing at your desk is much more enjoyable with the switches. Mechanical keyboards are superior to traditional keyboards almost in every way other than the advantages they bring to gaming.

Clicking a key and hearing or feeling the feedback is incredibly satisfying. Still, the amount of fun you have with a keyboard is subjective.

Is this Budget Mechanical Keyboard Worth It

What Is the Disadvantage of Using a Mechanical Keyboard in Gaming?

Mechanical keyboards have a few potential disadvantages:


The cost of mechanical keyboards tends to be higher than that of membrane or scissor-switch keyboards. Depending on the brand, size, quality, and features, boards can cost between $200 and $600.


A mechanical keyboard’s switches can be louder than those on a membrane keyboard, which may be an issue if you work in a shared workspace or wish to type more quietly.


Generally, mechanical keyboards are heavier and larger than membrane keyboards, which may be inconvenient if you frequently move your keyboard around.

Final Thoughts

Investing in a mechanical keyboard is worth considering if you are a severe gamer. They offer faster response times and better durability than traditional keyboards and come with features like N-key rollover and customization options that can significantly enhance your gaming experience.

While mechanical keyboards may be slightly higher, their benefits outweigh the additional expense. So if you want to take your gaming to the next level, consider upgrading to a mechanical keyboard.